Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) : Detail Article

Service Oriented Architecture or SOA is an architectural pattern of information technology in the field of distributed systems for the services to structure of IT systems. A special role is played by the focus on business processes, their levels of abstraction are the basis for concrete service implementations : Forgive the loan for example, is located at a high level; behind it hides a banking enterprise, a business process with some of the people are involved and the information systems (Open the business relationship, Create one or more accounts, credit agreement and so on) are carrying the customer in to a service at a lower level. By assembling (or orchestration) of the services of lower levels of lower abstraction level, the whole system can be made quite flexible which allow maximum re-usability of higher abstraction levels. Previously we published an article on How Service Oriented Architecture Ties Cloud Computing, that is basically an example of  implementation of the Service …

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