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Installing a Very Light CMS on Rackspace Cloud Sites

Installing a Very Light CMS on Rackspace Cloud Sites can give you the ability to create HTML web pages very easily or to use Bootstarp to make it a new CMS. The original CMS is CMSimple and has quite difficult types of License, but fortunately there is a GPL3 version. We are taking about GPL3 version for this Installing a Very Light CMS on Rackspace Cloud Sites guide.
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Do Not Use Host1Free Cloud Server Free or Paid

Do Not Use Host1Free Cloud Server Free or Paid although we previously published guides. This caution is after receiving feedback from few visitors and our experience. We always promote the best and Open Source CMS like WordPress, Open Cloud Computing like from Rackspace Cloud or HP Cloud. We will not responsible if anyone follows our Installing WordPress on Free Cloud VPS from Host1Free guide and gets in to trouble later for their technical issues or anything. Again we are giving precaution – Do Not Use Host1Free Cloud Server Free or Paid service.

Cloud Computing and Multitenancy : Rhymes With Risks

Cloud Computing and Multitenancy has relationship. Both relies on using a single resource and distribution to multiple clients. Risk in both cases depends. The concept of multitenancy should not be confused with that of multiinstance architecture where separate software instances or separate hardware systems are available in different organizations. Physically they are separated in the second case.
Cloud Computing and Multitenancy
Comparison is only possible when there is some similarity, so is for Cloud Computing and Multitenancy. Even if we use virtualization technology of today’s Red Hat, each server can serve a few users on it compared to a multitenant system. Beyond their efficiency, multitenant services can scale easily and by using them you can reduce costs for both the supplier and the customer. Multitenancy if services such as for Facebook, have been able to grow so quickly at the time of their first development to the increase the number users in millions in a short time. In the field of business services is another famous example of multitenancy. For businesses, institutions usually have stricter requirements for the consumers, a multitenant cloud computing platform is full of disadvantages. And developers of these companies has made the idea even worse for several reasons.
Cloud Computing and Multitenancy : Risks and Reason to Go Worser
Suppose you want to have the guarantee that your Gmail account rests only on servers physically located in the United States for legal reasons. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to ensure this with a multitenant platform. Data privacy laws vary widely from state to state, and cloud computing applications often must be performed by data centers located in different countries.
Cloud Computing platform vendors argue that their software if executed properly, will insulate all user data by configuring the information necessary to access differently for each user, but there is always the lurking risk of hitting errors and mistakes of human.
Dragging in other critical case, assume that a hacker is able to break the encryption of a database managed by a provider of a cloud computing service. If it is a multitenant, there is the possibility that the hacker is able to steal data from dozens or hundreds of different business customers, all stored in the same database.
Cloud Computing and Multitenancy :  Conclusion
For many companies and developers, it make more sense to adapt to cloud computing platforms that provide a wide range of choice between functionality enabling the traditional relational database, security and flexibility allows single-tenant software and the flexibility in pricing models of the service.

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Run Ubuntu as Live USB or Virtualization from Pen Drive

Run Ubuntu as Live USB or Virtualization from Pen Drive - the title sounds odd, but basically with a third party single software, you can carry Ubuntu and run. Most Linux enthusiast knows the name of the software – it is known as LiLi. It uses Oracle VirtualBox for Virtualization. Here is a guide to  Run Ubuntu as Live USB or Virtualization from Pen Drive for anyone. (read more) WordPress Plugin and Advanced Tricks WordPress Plugin in general enables you to microdata into WordPress pages and posts. Here is details about WordPress Plugin and more about Organization of Schemas. For more information on snippets, which Google will only consider in future, you can read this elaborated article. The basic intention of this article is to (1) Point you towards the right WordPress Plugin (s) (2) Give additional idea beyond WordPress Plugin things and (3) Advanced information. (read more)

Cloud Computing and Designing Own Truly Scalable System

Cloud Computing becomes fully enjoyable if it is arranged to make a scalable system for the application or CMS or any web software including WordPress. We wrote about scalability in cloud computing before and also pointed out that, Scalability and Service Continuity are not equivalent in Cloud Computing. If you buy a single Cloud Server or custom Cloud Platform but do not arrange to make it to use the scalability, you can not optimize the performance. (read more)

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Why ownCloud is Best Cloud Collaboration Tool

Why ownCloud is Best Cloud Collaboration Tool can be answered by you after using it and knowing about its powerful back end. Let us see what ownCloud has. ownCloud is an server installable Free Software suite that gives a managable storage space with graphical interface with wide plugins or addons. ownCloud was launched in January 2010 by Frank Karlitschek to provide a free alternative software. Before going to details on Why ownCloud is Best Cloud Collaboration Tool, you can read a guide to install ownCloud on Rackspace Cloud Sites and a handy users guide on ownCloud.
Why ownCloud is Best Cloud Collaboration Tool : Features
You can try ownCloud as live demo on their official website :
ownCloud runs on PHP and can use SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL as database. Why ownCloud is Best Cloud Collaboration Tool can not be judged from these points as most online collaboration tool actually are PHP MySQL web application. You can store your files, folders, contacts, photo galleries, calendars on your Cloud Server or Cloud Computing Platform, it supports encryption over HTTP by default. You can increase security by SSL. It has built in support for external cloud storage plus the editing tools, photo viewers are quite good by default. Installation as we have shown in the tutorial is simply very easy.
Why ownCloud is Best Cloud Collaboration Tool
First it is an Free, Open Software with optional paid official support. The support is good point as enterprise users might need a good dev team and instead of bad third party support. The default features, easy installation, mobile device support makes it the best solution.
However, ownCloud has limitation by their own policy of development. It is not acceptable that the free edition lacks features and developers will develop plugins for free and they will lick the honey by supplying as paid product. We observed what eyeOS did – they had almost the same structure of business. Developers must know that, ownCloud can be a second eyeOS by sudden withdraw of the Free version sucking their work. Definitely, nothing can be compared with the structure and policy of

Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards is a newly introduced meta name system for webmasters and authors, a new head tag to increase your headache and this guide will act as painkiller. As you can understand, Google has added and researching so much and getting attention for things, Facebook uses Open Graph Protocol to verify, so it is a prestige issue for Twitter. If they can not increase a bit headache to the site owners, then what is ‘social value’ ? Ultimately we have to use Twitter Cards, either you love or hate the pain, simply because it will probably add some extra on SERP as well.

What is Multitasking in Computing ?

Multitasking is the ability of an operating system to execute a number of tasks concurrently. Generally the processor gives the supporting hardware structure, and we discussed in an elaborated article about Processor Hyper-Threading and related technologies. This is an article more about Multitasking in Computing as a whole.
What is Multitasking in Computing
In case of software or Operating System based Multitasking, various running processes in short intervals are alternately activated, making the ultimate work fast. If a computer has multiple CPU cores, it performs several tasks in really simultaneously, that is what multi-processing is. In modern computers, both methods are used in combination for the perfect result.
Multitasking can be useful for different requirements, in particular to optimize the load and for a balanced environment depending on the objective or priority-based resource allocation. The basic idea behind the former is that in an average computer due to the overwhelming  relatively slow, external events like keystrokes, multiple clicks by the user, majority of the computation time can not be used. This is interactive session and in many cases, in server, we have to use non-interactive session to eliminate this problem. By multitasking, the waiting time of a process with other processes can be used. This is of benefit for interactivity.
Other Notes on Multitasking
Cooperative multitasking is known as time sharing which we have discussed in a previous article. We are not going in to the detail of  cooperative multitasking. The standard method used today is the preemptive multitasking, in which the kernel controls the execution of each process and holding of each process after a certain processing time is in favor of other processes. Then the main process is inactive, other processes can be executed. One popular implementation of the use of a preemptive multitasking is calculation priority and creating a task queue associated with the round-robin scheduling strategy.
Memory protection, Memory swapping are other implemented methods to optimize Multitasking.

How to embrace the Cloud Computing Concept Properly : For Money Making Blogs

Cloud Computing has very high keyword value. Regular visitors are well aware of our sarcastic writing style. Basically you need to copy paste from here and there and ultimately you will understand, it is earning very less – because Google bots are intelligent robots and uses MAS. More intelligent than you. So, hardly 2 – 10 cents CPC for you. It is better to not think How to embrace the Cloud Computing Concept Properly. (read more)

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HTTPS in WAMP Server on Windows PC localhost with OpenSSL

HTTPS in WAMP Server on Windows PC localhost with OpenSSL is quite easy to setup if you follow our step by step guide. You will get self signed certificate. Before setting up HTTPS in WAMP Server, if you have doubt or questions about HTTPS or SSL or OpenSSL, please do a search on the search box in the top of this webpage.
Please read more- HTTPS in WAMP Server on Windows PC localhost with OpenSSL

Teleprompter : Device That Makes News Reader and Pro Speech Natural

Teleprompter is a device that makes news reader and Pro Speech Natural by reflecting the text of the news, preloaded onto a computer in a transparent glass. Teleprompter is arranged in a way so that it sits just below the video camera so that the person performing (delivering speech or reading news) appears as if saying from memory or spontaneously. After knowing this Teleprompter mechanism, you will be able explain yourself why the news readers blink less ! Because they need to read the scrolling text.
How Teleprompter Works
The teleprompter or optical pointer reading is a tool that is used to continue a discourse or text on a screen or mirror, allowing the person to have a support that gives you confidence and security when talking, whether in a speech or a video recording.
In some cases, Teleprompter is controlled via a foot pedal in control to the presenter, when he / she walks on, the text advances and, if he / she stops to step on it, it stops. Thus, the presenter can read comfortably at their own pace.
Mostly, it is controlled by an operator to carry the rhythm of the narrator, so that reading is natural and sounds like a leisurely note. Usually, it must be installed on all the cameras that are used when a transmission.
Advanced Mechanism of Teleprompter
In film, television, corporate videos, concerts and events in general, whether to give a speech to an audience in an auditorium, hall or convention, this Teleprompter provides the direct eye contact with audience which enables the relationship between the two sides. In other words, there is an semantic speaker and listener.
There are two types of teleprompter, the presidential podium and camera Teleprompter. Camera Teleprompter are are for busy TV recordings, video capsules, news and many other applications for television, as well as corporate productions also used for messages, induction courses and videos in general. Such Teleprompter unit is mounted on a tripod that supports a platform on which it is mounted on the mirror, monitor and camera.
The presidential podium or teleprompter units are for the events in which they have a speaker in front of a live audience, whether social events, exhibitions, conferences, lectures, or any other live event. In these cases the speaker can be positioned either on a stage with a podium or without, to refer to the audience. The podium can be totally focused on the stage and also at one end of it. In both cases, the teleprompter makes the speaker always reading with eye contact with the audience.
The work programs or software are what allow Teleprompter to import the speeches or scripts are very simple or extremely sophisticated.
Using Teleprompter needs a bit practice and more sophisticated the hardware is, more easy and natural the readings will be.
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Cloud Computing, IaaS and PaaS and The Borderline Between

Cloud Computing, IaaS and PaaS and The Borderline Between becoming fader, however, such a division is useful. Cloud computing continuing to evolve, changing almost every aspect of the IT industry and it is natural that this evolution will also change over time Taxonomy of cloud services and components of the technology.
Cloud Computing, IaaS and PaaS : The Old Wine
Cloud Computing itself was and to some extent is not fully clear to the mass or even the to the directors of small to medium companies. Larger ones are already themselves getting involved in the Cloud Computing. The word Cloud is not very clear to the mass public. They still searches for what is Cloud in Cloud Computing (published around a year ago on my Birthday !).
If at the beginning of the development of these cloud services were sufficient to differentiate between IaaS, PaaS and Saas  although even now, however such a division is useful, we are now starting to see different shades between these rigid lines of demarcation for Cloud Computing, IaaS and PaaS. On the one hand we see more IaaS vendors begin to move higher and on the other hand we see new categories such as DevOps, which is created to meet the new standards of efficiency and integration of software development. These adds other characteristics of the layers of Cloud Computing, IaaS and PaaS.
Cloud Computing, IaaS and PaaS : It is About Features and Control
Where you will put services like Rackspace Cloud Sites ? It is not IaaS (there is no full control given to the user), it is not PaaS (you can do more than what a PaaS can offer by definition). It is not only exception like already mentioned DevOpps. We can consider as the main factors driving the adoption of cloud productivity is – features and control. There is obviously a trade-off between these two qualities, which was much more pronounced in the past and on which the industry is progressively got more and more concentrated. With the continued maturation of the industry we have in fact witnessed the formation of different levels of trade-off between productivity and control.
So we can see a similar shift that is taking place at the level PaaS, where VMware has launched CloudFoundry. PaaS acting both as a self-service to increase productivity in the development and as an open source project (mostly now) to provide users with more control. There has been the thought of setting up Specification for PaaS Management. That actually is not the answer or solution though.

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Neural Modelling with PHP and PostgreSQL : My Practical Opinion

Neural Modelling with PHP and PostgreSQL will be the best way for implementation. As pointed out by GENESIS, we need upgrade in coding. Here is the key points. As I have decided to accumulate all the codes, articles and other things written or developed by me related to Neural Modelling or Cognitive science to my .pro domain, this is probably the last article related to cognitive science and Artificial Intelligence. There will be some publications but in digested format without any core topic. All Source Codes are licensed under GNU GPL 3.0, fully free but at the same time we must be aware what Richard Stallman pointed out long before – the imperialistic companies can steal our developments and take patents.

Neural Modelling with PHP and PostgreSQL : My Hypothetical Model

My hypothetical model is the practical deployment of Neural Modelling with PHP and PostgreSQL as Free Software and Hardware project. Suppose my right thumb got amputated, it went in an way, that we can not restore it or rather allow the normal healing process. As unlike some other known species, my thumb which is trained to perform professional skill, will not grow itself. So the easy outline is, install a functional micro computer, custom sized to get inserted inside the marrow cavity of radius. As radius bone is vulnerable to injury, particularly while the orthopedic procedure needed to implant such, it is not actually like femur. we need to reinforce it. Essentially the microcomputer will run with an ARM processor with multiple sources to run itself. As the nerves supplying the muscles of thenar eminence and the all distal muscles to it for motor actions are known, we can connect them easily with this microcomputer. Up to this there are already some similar devices controlling sphincter actions. We can reconstruct a fully mechanical thumb with servo motors (already such things are in use) and the coding will be required for translation of neural impulses (definitely it is of two or multiple ways, there are functions like proprioception which needed to be delivered in opposite direction, i.e. proximally towards the CNS and PNS). For the natural look and feel, we can use skin grafting or partial transfer methods done in General Surgery. There is quite important surgical crafting needed for proper arterial supply and venous drainage.

I used Thumb as  practical deployment of Neural Modelling with PHP and PostgreSQL as it has almost all the movements, circumduction is probably the most complex and ideally must match the tests done for checking cerebellar functions.  The importance of our Neural Modelling with PHP and PostgreSQL is – as higher functions of brain will not accept it as the normal thumb, we need faster response time, exploiting the already known normal unskilled actions of Neural Modelling can be simulated without relying on brain-nerve-microcomputer connection. As the brain has the data to perform (i.e. move) the corresponding distal 2 joints for skilled actions, we basically need not to get the mind uploading part to think at all.

The most important thing is, whether the carpometacarpal joint is working or not. In other words, has been chopped out or not. Simulating opposition will require quite great effort. People count numbers with this action.

The terminology artificial thumb should not be used as there is artificial thumbs in Jackson-Rees T-piece. For reference, X-Finger is the first artificial finger developed by Daniel Didrick, it is however primitive.

Neural Modelling with PHP and PostgreSQL :  The Reason for PHP and PostgreSQL

First we need practical application of simulation, doing simulation like playing computer games has no real value. The  function of GENESIS 3, after admitting the fact that GENESIS 2 was oddly old, is this, this is official diagram :

MOOSE is definitely better option, but they are basically designed for only on computer simulation.

Neural Modelling with PHP and PostgreSQL : Getting Help from Developers of Different Niche for Rapid Development

PHP and PostgreSQL in combination used by default in MyBB forum software. WordPress though supports PostgreSQL, it is basically for MySQL. PostgreSQL  is fast. We need the GUI only for debugging externally. We need to use the PHP framework of them for an object independent framework. Basically we will install the needed parts as plugins. As PHP is most known to all open source web developers, it is easier to get helpful person than Python. Python can be run as PHP (PiP) :

$a = "test";
$b = true;
$c = 50;
$d = 60.4;
$code = <<<EOD
import php
a = php.var('a')
b = php.var('b')
c = php.var('c')
d = php.var('d')
print a, b, c, d
print a, d / c + b, a

 Neural Modelling with PHP and PostgreSQL : My Hypothetical Model is patented (for now) by me and should not be reproduced still I release it. Along with it there is a Law. The Law has 4 major points. One is – Brain will always act faster for a skilled pathway of work than execution of a code. This Law explains why a supercomputer has more failure rate than a professional chess player. Codings are for the communication gap, acting as a failsafe measure etc.

Data Center and Choice of Storage

Data Center and Choice of Storage for public cloud, Private Cloud or traditional data center, strategy can make the difference in performance and cost. Of course, this advantage not only depends on the cost of purchasing the hard disks, but it goes beyond to cover other features. The personalization and the division of workloads into different tiers in an infrastructure, known as storage tiering; it takes place by tuning the hard drive according to the type of application and its usage, helping to manage the quantity of data which is constantly increasing, more efficiently; optimizing energy consumption, cooling, storage density and performance.

Data Center and Choice of Storage : Storage is No Longer a Commodity

Storage is no longer a commodity and is of interchangeable type. It is a key component for the entire infrastructure not only the data center, consequently it adds value in the growth of data storage in the cloud. Analysts have predicted that eighty percent of the next generation application will be hosted in the cloud and that over a third of the costs in IT will move off premise in 2014. In this regard Data Center and Choice of Storage is quite important than it was before.

Data Center and Choice of Storage : Newer Approaches

Data Center hyper scale – in which tens of thousands of servers coupled to make them capable to host petabytes of data and applications such as search, social networks, big data analysis, content sharing, online banking – are all designed with the assumption that operational expenditure (OPEX) are believed to be critical as capital expenditures (CAPEX), and that both the problems and the costs are fixed at the level of data center.

One of the most significant costs in the data center is formation, as described in previous articles is cooling. New hard disks available in the market uses 24 per cent less watts per gigabyte and support multiple modes of consumption of energy in order to limit the wastage of electricity as heat. When power modes which are set to idle or standby mode, the RAM uses less than one watt of power while keeping data online without producing virtually any energy costs.

The Storage Tiering is another practice that can operate efficiently on a large data center for cloud computing, as well as in a small internal data center. The tiering of storage meet the application needs of a company and the work-flows.

Minimalistic Pastebin with 256 bits Encryption : Ideal for Cloud Sites

Minimalistic Pastebin with 256 bits AES Encryption, needs no MySQL or any database, most importantly this is a Free Software runs on PHP. What you want more ? We previously published other Pastebin applications like a simple Pastebin and an advanced Pastebin, but none weighed just 92 KB when compressed. It is ideal for sharing a large size snippet, specially when you do not want to mess up your WordPress post or want to keep secrecy. This Minimalistic Pastebin with 256 bits AES Encryption is Alpha version, so might get some extra features in future.

Minimalistic Pastebin with 256 bits Encryption : Advantages and Disadvantages

First you can download this Minimalistic Pastebin with 256 bits Encryption from Github :

Advantages are quite clear; it is light, you can make it loading more fast by uploading the static components on Rackspace Cloud Files, practically just a drag and drop web application – no skill for installation is required. But the disadvantage is – it is a Free Software (mentioned as opensource) but the License is not clear and Syntax Highlighting is not available by default. The absence of clear cut standard license makes it difficult to modify and distribute. But it is undeniable that this Minimalistic Pastebin with 256 bits Encryption does the work nicely.
Minimalistic Pastebin with 256 bits Encryption : Installation Guide

Maximum three steps :

1. Open your Rackspace Cloud Sites desired website’s www folder and probably you will want it in a subfolder. Create it using any SFTP software like WinSCP.
2. Uncompress the download and upload all the contents.
3. Navigate to the root of that subdirectory and your Minimalistic Pastebin with 256 bits Encryption named ZeroBin will be running.

Build Your Own Private Cloud with FOSS-Cloud Free Software

Build Your Own Private Cloud with FOSS-Cloud Free Software in very easy steps. FOSS-Cloud has own documented website and the software supports various features. We wrote about vCider before for Virtual Private Cloud, but this FOSS-Cloud software is actually more advanced and gives more control. We found FOSS-Cloud from Source Forge while uploading our own developed application, it is an accidental discovery and worth writing about it. This Build Your Own Private Cloud with FOSS-Cloud article is not a guide or tutorial, it is an introduction.

Build Your Own Private Cloud with FOSS-Cloud : Introduction

FOSS-Cloud is actually not so unknown name, at least should not be – IBM Switzerland is System Integrator for the FOSS-Cloud. For some reasons, it is probably less known the End users, at least for now. You can check to Build Your Own Private Cloud with FOSS-Cloud Free Software at their official webpage :

Google’s attempt for implementation of newer and as heard to go for devaluation of Wikipedia in SERP will probably sanitize the search results within a year. The reason to mention this, while writing on the article to build your own Private Cloud with FOSS-Cloud is, searching with related keywords actually returns valueless topics of Wikipedia. Thanks should go to Source Forge, GitHub, Google Projects like Open Source repositories, for whom we can discover and inform our readers about their existence.

We have not tested FOSS-Cloud, this is an screenshot from their Source Forge project.

Build Your Own Private Cloud with FOSS-Cloud : The Points You Must Know

You can install FOSS-Cloud over many Operating System versions including Ubuntu. Actually it is a Bare Metal setup. You can do Single Node Installation or Multi-Node Installation. Single Node installation is quite easy, you will find the guides to build your own Private Cloud with FOSS-Cloud on their official website :

For FOSS-Cloud, there is only one virtualization layer unlike Open Stack, which actually makes a virtualization over virtualization, this factor makes Open Stack to have more system requirement than FOSS-Cloud. Although, except the word Private Cloud, they actually can not be compared.

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Cloud Computing Brought the Success of Tablet Model of Computing

Cloud Computing Brought the Success of Tablet Model of Computing because of high speed load balanced Internet connection and various Software as a Service. Although today the word Tablet is almost synonymous with the iPad or Android, before the new Apple devices there have been some attempts to market this device. In 2002 the tablet had Windows XP, it was known as the Microsoft Tablet PC, but the result was a commercial flop, despite from the processor architecture was mobile version of desktop processors, at least for some models; but the ARM processor based frankly bigger version of smartphone won the game. Today, few reads our guide – Build your own Windows 7 powered Tablet PC in under $500. No one reads because at $500 you can buy many good portable computing device today and  Cloud Computing has brought the success of Tablet Model of Computing through various ways of implementation, some quite obvious, some are hidden behind.
Cloud Computing Brought the Success of Tablet Model of Computing : Evaluation of the Hypothesis
Cloud Computing Brought the Success of Tablet Model of Computing is becoming like an hypothesis from several points, mostly it actually gives the way to analyze how Cloud Computing should progress ahead.
The first tablet have had no luck as they were heavy, there were problems getting the software to run on their hardware normally designed for the desktop and most importantly, within them there were too few available applications. When Apple reshaped the concept of tablet through iPad designing and launched it on the market, they already has added a new App Store, ready two years before the release. This has allowed the customers to have as a reference point for the device, an ecosystem of apps, games, maps, already designed, tested, implemented and adopted by the other customers. Second is Apple’s strategy of forcing to use certain network only. The technical reason was, those ISPs had the service delivery through quite advanced load balanced servers connected within them by load balanced Internet. VPN was forced. This made the Internet connection to have Mbps level, not of Kbps any more.
If you think carefully, actually Nokia Symbian S60 smartphones were the actual ancestor of this wide mobile computing idea. The devices were stable, the operating system was (at that time) highly customizable, custom softwares were available. There was problem with Symbian itself plus the connection speed, no Cloud based Apps hindered and killed Nokia. Still today many users dreams of Android on Nokia. Nokia being the one of the leader of communication destroyed themselves just because of not understanding this simple hypothesis - Cloud Computing Brought the Success of Tablet Model of Computing.
Cloud Computing Brought the Success of Tablet Model of Computing : Add Free Softwares and Open Source
You can not force anyone to suck a bitter tablet, this model of treatment does not work. Either the patient will spit it out or body will refuse it as vomit. You have to deliver in a way that is widely, in free mind is acceptable.  The key factor that has enabled the tablet computing to definitively overcome its limitations and learn about global adoption is cloud computing. And ‘this technology to is the glue cum sugar coating. Although the tablet is an ideal platform for many functions, their form factor severely limits the computing power and the total memory available to it. It is this limitation makes the tablet and the app in them the presence of cloud computing so important.
Because the most important data can be stored in the cloud, nothing happens disastrous if you forget your device somewhere, also being the cloud is compatible with any platform, you can access from any access point, at any time, from any device, making the same tablet just a convenient window to access the cloud.
Now about Applications on the Cloud as Software as a Service or even Infrastructure as a Service. With an iPad or Android Tablet, you can actually deploy a cloud server on Rackspace if you need more computing power of a full computer and use it as VNC remote desktop – like we guided in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Rackspace Cloud Server as VNC Remote Desktop. Cost is few cents per hour.
Computer and Internet, Cloud Computing, Tablet Model of Computing

How we have chosen these Best Android Apps for Birthday

Best Android Apps for Birthday features the right apps and widgets to send birthday greetings and set birthday reminders. The most prominent problem of Android Market Place is to find out the right App or Widget among so many Apps and Widgets. Furthermore, one have to install and check manually whether they works in the desired way or not. Best Android Apps for Birthday will help you to pinpoint some useful apps and widgets instantly. It is quite obvious, there might be some new apps added later and we miss an update, so whenever you are searching with the named apps or widgets from this list of best Android Apps for Birthday, always look for the related apps or widgets too.
How we have chosen these Best Android Apps for Birthday
While writing this post on Best Android Apps for Birthday, we have taken the following factors in to our consideration :
  • Capability of running on an average Android device
  • Quality of coding
  • System resource consumption
  • Ease of usage
  • Frequency of update
You can type or copy any name of the apps listed in this list of Best Android Apps for Birthday and search it in Android Market Place using the Search function.
EboBirthday : Maintain birthdays and anniversaries. It is a very advanced app which can synced with the contacts’ notes and grab birthday data from Windows Mobile, Facebook, CSV, Phonebook,
Easy Birthday Reminders (FREE) : It is an Birthday reminder widget.
Birthday Calendar : A widget with a digital clock and a calendar. Birthdays marked on the calendar. A widget (4×1) with a digital clock and a calendar (also available 3×1 with a calendar only).
Birthday Postcards : Lovely postcards, weekly updates – pick from lots of carefully selected birthday pictures, add your text, and send via MMS, e-mail and more.
Birthday Countdown Widget : Countdown to birthdays in special ways such as: “After 480 roses”.
Zero Calorie Cupcake : Make someone’s day with a Zero Calorie Cupcake. Have fun designing your own in seconds!
We hope that you have got the right App or Widget you were searching for in this list of best Android Apps for Birthday.

Cloud Computing – Average Cost of Commonly Used Cloud Models

For some reason, as much as 200+ visitors daily search with the phrase Cloud Computing Average Cost or something closer to Cloud Computing Average Cost. I tried for the past 3 hours to understand what they actually wanted to know by searching with Cloud Computing Average Cost, perhaps this article will quench their query thirst.
So we need to define what we are going to explain with this eccentric title of this post – Cloud Computing Average Cost. What we thought, probably the visitors are searching the average monthly cost of the most commonly used Cloud based applications and platforms. Platform is not the right term – it should be Cloud Computing Models.
Before we start the main article, which might look like a restaurant’s chart, we must mention, the average cost of commonly used Cloud Models and applications might rise with time, with time means next year it might be higher than this year. The reasons behind this paradoxical rise instead of decrease in price is due due several probable factors – with increasing users, the consumption of electricity might increase as well. That might influence the cost.
Which we will consider in this list to be in the Cloud Computing Average Cost list
As our capacity is limited and this post will not look nice if we make a list like a stock market paper, we will mention only the major usages (right now) and we have tried to give a range of the cost.
Cloud Computing Average Cost
Cloud Computing Average Cost of Hosting related services:
  • Standard Cloud VPS – $ 30 – $ 50 per month (default price)
  • Standard WordPress, Joomla optimized fully managed Cloud Based platform – $ 150 (Only available from Rackspace as Cloud Sites which we are on.) Extra Computing Cycles and Bandwidth are not taken in to consideration.
  • Standard Cloud Based CDN and Cloud Based Online Space – $ 2 / GB on an average.
  • Standard Cloud Load Balancer – $ 10 / month.
  • Managed Private Cloud – Depends on the usage and needs. Can start from $ 200 / month and upwards.
  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS – Depends and mostly decided after a chat with the brand. Google App Engine is a PaaS, which is free up to a certain level.

404 WordPress Plugins : Top 6 WordPress Plugins for 404 Error

404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP response code which indicates that the browser was able to communicate with the server, but the server could not deliver what was requested from it.
Why we will use these  404 WordPress Plugins ?
Major benefits of using these 404 WordPress Plugins :
Some of these 404 WordPress Plugins can Repair the 404 Errors
Some 404 WordPress Plugins can automatically redirect to similar page/post
Few 404 WordPress Plugins can generate report of the 404 Errors.
List of 6 404 WordPress Plugins
Redirection : Probably the oldest and most downloaded WordPress Plugin among these 6 404 WordPress Plugins. This plugin can monitor the 404 errors and captures a log of 404 errors, it can redirect automatically and has lot of features.
TentBlogger 404 Repair : Among all 404 WordPress Plugins, TentBlogger 404 Repair is relatively more easier to use for the beginners. It can repair the 404 Errors.
AskApache Google 404 :  This Plugin has some unique features among all these 404 WordPress Plugins! It displays a very helpful and Search-Engine Optimized Error Page. The default displays Google Search Results related to the keyword.
Smart 404 : Automatically redirect to the content the visitor was most likely searching for or shows suggestions.
404 SEO Plugin :  This WordPress plugin will give you a customized 404 error message. It will automatically display links to relevant pages on your site.
Google 404 : Again it has unique feature among the 404 WordPress Plugins mentioned above. It allows you to add a Google 404 widget to your blog. You need a Google webmaster account  to ensure the Google 404 widget works rightly.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Creating Custom Facebook Tab For Your Facebook Fan Page

Creating Custom Facebook Tab For Your Facebook Fan Page actually follows the same principle we described for creation of a Facebook App, with some extra steps. There are various existing reasons for creating Custom Facebook Tab, one of them is to engage the visitors. How you will engage visitors; i.e. what content should go there is a bit different topic and we will discuss in details later in a separate article, this guide is for the technical aspects of Creating Custom Facebook Tab For Your Facebook Fan Page.
Creating Custom Facebook Tab For Your Facebook Fan Page : Read Our Old Articles First
The best way is get started with the basics from this guide for Deploying a Facebook App With Heroku Cloud. Heroku Cloud has the advantage of getting Free SSL / HTTPS url. We have many articles for deploying various types of Facebook App, best is to use WordPress - Deploying WordPress as Facebook App With Heroku Cloud. With WordPress, that Custom Facebook App will act in the way you want, you can allow comments, you can basically rewrite the titles in an attractive way to catch visitors with excerpt, you can offer Email subscription form etc.

Why OpenStack is the Best Choice for Both Private and Public Cloud ?

Why OpenStack is the Best Choice for Both Private and Public Cloud as we always say ? Here is the explanation one must consider OpenStack to avoid vendor lock. Right before, we discussed about Private Cloud Platform Selection, where we mentioned about OpenStack and yes, in an separate article plus through various guides and tutorials. But this article is not a guide, but to answer our own raised question - Why OpenStack is the Best Choice for Both Private and Public Cloud ?
Why OpenStack is the Best Choice for Both Private and Public Cloud : The Free Software Advantage
At a time of strong growth of Cloud Computing, both in terms of public services, both for companies that who want to create a private cloud or provide a software solution to implement a platform for a web software. There are essentially two ways you can go, the first is that of proprietary vendors, which provide their own solution, fully integrated to operate immediately with a cloud environment, the second is to choose an open platform, such as OpenStack. We have devoted several articles to OpenStack and today we recommend to companies that who want to work with an open source platform, expandable and ready, now for a production environment, should go for OpenStack.
First OpenStack is supported by over 150 companies worldwide, the code base comes from the contribution of  The Rackspace Cloud and NASA and after other developers who made OpenStack based software for specific need, from computing, storage, networking.
OpenStack has a complete set of APIs that allow you to integrate the management of cloud instances within your control panel. Of course bigger Free Software Repositories like GitHub, Source Forge has more softwares developed by fully independent developers, some times just only out of joy of creation.
Why OpenStack is the Best Choice for Both Private and Public Cloud ?
Free Softwares are not always good because of lack of integrity. But with several Linux distributions and WordPress, we have seen the huge success that actually made any paid solution to fail – there is no paid blogging platform which can even come closer to WordPress. And in an article on Cloud Computing, Open Source and Developers; we mentioned that the most important speculation or rather word of caution by Richard Stallman against Cloud Computing. Open Stack does break that dangerous vendor lock in if you stick to OpenStack solution from The Rackspace Cloud or HP Cloud. We can not find any third company who can even come closer with so flexible hourly based plans.
Why OpenStack is the Best Choice for Both Private and Public Cloud has three answers – to get rid of vendor lock in, to save cost and to have the possibility to use more free softwares with Open Stack.

Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting Magazine – Announcement

This is an official declaration from the owner and co-owner of The Customize Windows Media Group regarding publication of the first print magazine in India on Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting. This press Release copywriting is in draft, I am publishing this Announcement on behalf of owner and co-owner of The Customize Windows Media Group.
Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting Magazine – Features
It will the first ever published print magazine specifically on Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting Magazine in India.
Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting Magazine will be initially available as online order, later The Customize Windows Media Group will make it available on every major cities in India. The magazine will be available to abroad as well as the technologies – Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting can not be limited by a region or country.
The Customize Windows Media Group has already arranged for experts from the specific fields. However, The Customize Windows Media Group invites others as well.
The magazine on Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting will explain the current news and technologies as well as offering from various web hosting and Cloud Service providers.
Print version of Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting Magazine will sport full colored, 200+ pages published every month.
Opportunities for the companies and Brands for Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting Magazine
Brands and providers related to Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting brands and hardware, software brands are welcome for sponsored Ads and space ads.
Front cover, Back cover, Half Page, Full page and other smaller standard print magazine Advertisement space will be available for Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting magazine.
Expected price of one Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting magazine
Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting Magazine
The Customize Windows Media Group will try to keep the price as lower as possible. Expected price will not exceed INR 150 or $ 5.00 per print copy. pdf copy will be available online for both the offline print copy customers and separately opted for only online version. Online only version of Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting will offered at a reduced price.
Expected date of first Edition of Cloud Computing, Virtualization and WebHosting magazine
The Customize Windows Media Group expects the first edition to be released on December, 2011.

Google Apps Settings Including Settings for Premium Google+

Google Apps Settings Including Settings for Premium Google+ is not easy to tune especially if you are using another managed service like of Rackspace Cloud. And just take our instance – a simple farm to full fledged Private Company migration, 3 AdWords accounts eventually created, separate AdSense Account, one separate Google Display Network client account, one DFP account (thankfully there is no chance to get DFP without AdSense), 2 YouTube Accounts, 70+ domains, it will be over 100 if sub domains are calculated, I personally manage two edu and one ac website behalf of other, 80% Cloud Services are from managed The Rackspace Cloud, including emails except for this domain. Forget to add that I have all Google Services enabled, including books, scholars etc. It can happen that you are in the same situation, at least partially. As an owner (at least by thought, if not legally), you need to merge all somehow. Logically you will say – change all to that AdSense account’s one. But, that is not my named account, it is of my father (who is quite in ill health as I wrote in my personal blog). Add that – I am Google verified Author. I can not delete or forget that account. Most importantly, it is insecure to ask any of my employee to work on it, it is I have to setup first. The reason (again) for writing up this guide on Google Apps Settings Including Settings for Premium Google+ is, to decrease your pain as I needed to work at a stretch for 5 hours with quite experienced hand, and two laptops (one to plan properly !).
Computer and Internet, Cloud Computing, Google Apps

Friday, 19 October 2012

Customize Windows With XWIdget – Widget For Windows 7, Windows 8

Customize Windows With XWIdget, one of the best widget currently available for Windows 7 and Windows 8.You can add desktop widgets as well as dock with xWidget.

This free tool to Customize Windows is developed and distributed by XWidget .

Details of this XWidget, the next generation tool to Customize Windows 7 and Windows 8:

This xWidget to Customize Windows actually works like a platform to use several elements like Desktop Widgets and Docks. xWidget provides an editor to edit or create these widgets. You can go to the official website from the above link to see all the available apps.
After downloading, simply install it. If you need help, kindly visit the official website for documentation.

We have posted another nice Widget tool like Kludget, using which you can run any real Mac widgets on Windows 7.

Cyberspace : What is Cyberspace ?

Cyberspace is made up of two words – Cyber and Space. This is used to indicate a space over internet where online communication can be done. The first serious formulation of the concept of Cyberspace can be found in 1964 in Stanislaw Lem’s book Technologiae Summa, where the concept of cyberspace is described under the name Peripheral Phantomatik. Another serious formulation of the Cyberspace concept can be found in Oswald Wiener’s book, the improvement of central, novel of 1969, notes the sections on concept of the bio-adapter. Literal meaning of cyberspace came in the short story Burning Chrome (1982), an American science fiction by the author William Gibson. Gibson describes cyberspace as a consensual hallucination in a computer-generated graphical space.

What this Cyberspace Actually is ?

With time in real, the vague, ill-defined terminology cyberspace by any means do not suggest a world on Internet composed of virtual reality, Virtual Reality is a fully different service or structure and often uses different web based software for a target audience. The confusion with the terminology Cyberspace went to be more intense in early nineties of past century when Autodesk launched a product named Cyberspace.

Cyberspace and 5 Layer Model

2 years back, in October 4, 2010, an article was published on ; they described the flow of information in to have 3 characteristics – semantics (the meaning of information), syntax (information flow) and lexical (stock information).

They describe 5 stages or layers in this way :
  • The cybersocle
  • Cyberprimaire: the emergence of human language and meaning
  • Cybersecondaire: the emergence of writing and mathematics
  • Cybertertiaire: global interconnected men
  • Cyberquaternaire: the man-machine convergence
 It will be an transliterated republication (which we avoid) if description is given, you can read in details about these 5 ayers of Cyberspace with the help of Google Translate :

Probably you got more confused with the meaning of Cyberspace now after reading this article. That is normal as various meta morphological things are revolving around it. But clearly, Internet is not Cyberspace – this was what we wanted to point out.

Basics of Supercomputer

Supercomputer is super as it is the fastest computer of its time. It does not matter, which architecture a supercomputer is based on. A typical feature of a modern supercomputer is its large number of processors on the common peripherals and a partially shared memory access. Supercomputers are often used for computer simulations and in the field of high performance computing. This article is named as Supercomputer Basics as there are many tit bits of a Supercomputer which can not be covered in one article in details. We will give an idea of a Supercomputer in this article, which is understandable to any class of reader. Later, as usually we will go in to details of Supercomputer.

Basics of Supercomputer

It is quite important to understand how the processor of a computer works. There can not be any special build fast processor for a supercomputer, that is why all the supercomputers are parallel computers . A parallel processor is a computer, in the operations simultaneously on multiple CPUs will be distributed in order to increase the operating speed. For the optimal use of a super computer programming must therefore be matched as closely as possible to the individual, parallel processors. Originally, the outstanding performance was achieved by maximizing the utilization of available technology, the number of processors was more moderate. The major problem of adding numerous processors is huge electricity consumption and resultant heat. ISRO and Indian Institute of Science, India is in the way to develop the fastest supercomputer which can perform at 132.8 exaflops. SAGA-220 is also by ISRO, performing at 220000 220 TFlops. It actually uses ~400 NVIDIA Tesla 2070 GPUs and 400 Intel Quad Core Xeon CPUs. This will give you the real image of supercomputer.

Features of a Supercomputer

A supercomputer has processing speed of billions of floating point instructions per second, can handle up thousands of users in large network environment, require special facilities for air conditioning industry. It is very important in the field of research, as it provides high-speed calculations processing, for example, can calculate the human genome sequence with a very low margin of error and they can cost up to tens of millions of dollars for each.

Operating System of Supercomputer
Mostly Linux and Linux-derivatives.

Usage of Supercomputer
Supercomputers are used to address complex problems or can not be performed well in the physical world, either because they are dangerous, involving things incredibly small or incredibly large. Using supercomputers, the researchers modeled the climate of past and present and can predict of far future climate. Astronomers and space scientists use supercomputers. Most common usage of supercomputer is in military and higher health researches.

Computer and Internet, Cloud Computing

On Demand in Computing : What On Demand Means ?

On Demand in Computing, specially in Cloud Computing this word on demand is frequently used. On Demand has more than its literal meaning. In cloud computing, on demand does not always actually means - if the owner own a certain limit – that is the demand. No, that on demand is basically literal meaning, the phrase on demand in computing has more deeper meaning.

On Demand in Computing : Beyond Cloud Computing

On Demand is not only for Cloud Computing, it is for networking, it is for any science which runs on logic and a pattern of equation can be written. In case of distributed computing, on demand is a general terminology that is used for request served from a server computer to a client computer. It is usually on HTTP GET request. When the user is not using, the demand is lost. Demand lost means – increase in computing resource pool. There can not be any computer or server setup in this World with endless computing resources. On Demand is like an equilibrium with a certain number of users who will always use, it is the absolute number, not specific user; certain number will suddenly increase the work burden. This is the reason, on demand depends on Scalability. Mystically, Scalability and Service Continuity are not equivalent. This is the reason why, most high end research universities, who needs high end computing resources, are using Cloud Infrastructure over distributed computing as in distributed computing the on demand is actually limited too much. On demand is not unlimited in cloud but assured to have virtually endless computing resource.

On Demand in Computing : Examples

The Cloud platform this website is on, has practically endless computing resource. It is impossible to use 30 GB of RAM, 5 load balancers. They are resting as there is no demand. When we will publish this post, there will be a sudden gush of visitors from various social networks, it is configured in a way, the provisioning will also increase proportionately. As Server means hardware, if the hardware behind is crap, the network connections are not optimal, no theory will work.

Another good example of on demand computing is – the technology today’s most mobile broadband uses in HSPDA or higher configuration. If you are not doing anything, like just loaded this website and no other active internet activity, you will notice that, despite your HSPDA can give 7.2 Mbps speed, it will fall back to few kbps. When you will open YouTube, that on demand will work to boost up the speed to few Mbps. They do not always use the phrase on demand, sometimes uses speed throttling synonymously. This is why with Internet Load Balancing, one can virtually have endless dependable speed only bounded by physical hardwares.

Our body has millions of distributed computing system and not all works – fever, pain are on demand as the end response. If I slap you, your adrenaline glad will pour its content on demand in your blood stream and in return, you will get more energy (more glucose in circulating blood, rise in BP) to slap me more hard, the end result what we say – my head got hot. It gets hot on demand to execute an emergency work. Head actually gets hot literally, if you get angry, test by putting your hand over your head, it will feel warm. The energy produced is lost as heat plus there is more circulation of blood on demand. If you get scared, reverse will happen, on demand system by default will fail. How there will be provisioning for escape, that is a separate story.

Computer and Internet, Cloud Computing

XenoForo Should Follow the Trend of Free Software for Survival

XenoForo Should Follow the Trend of Free Software for Survival or rather to deploy the biggest possibility of catching up the market in Forum Software. Free Forum Softwares which has better possibilities to get a big market are MyBB and BBPress. XenoForo basically followed the old marketing model of paid software of vBulletin which invariably will not work in next five years. It is what statistics is saying – CentOS versus Red Hat, competition less WordPress, the rise of Ubuntu, Android OS, Open Stack, Rackspace Private Cloud Computing software aka a version of Open Stack, Open Swift deployment, Red Hat’s Open Swift. vBulletin is useless in terms of solid HTML output, imbecile licensing costs and important XenForo is in backfoot.

Why XenoForo Should Follow the Trend of Free Software for Survival

MyBB, BBPress and SMF – three big blasts in 2012, in terms of coding has progressing very rapidly. MyBB by default offers three database options – PostgreSQL, MySQLi and MySQL. XenoForo is good looking, option rich and suitable on the Cloud. Three important related articles to this post will be :
  • Installing XenForo Forum Software on Rackspace Cloud Sites
  • Review of Next Generation Best Forum Software
  • List of Open Source Forum Softwares Based on PHP MySQL 
XenoForo Should Follow the Trend of Free Software : Unlimited Developers and Less Legal Dispute

The major trend of Internet (in Google Search World) was backlinking and huge number of posting. That has been slashed by Google with latest intelligent authorship based, rich snippet based ranking. Those are old domains running vBulleting will probably not suffer due to a constant supply of visitors from social media, but definitely, today one successful WordPress owner with Google Verified Authorship will think 5 times whether to use BBPress or MyBB. This is because the codes are clean and safe – they are open and can be modified easily. I personally do not use any Forum Software as our platform is blogging.

vBulletin however, trying their best to knockout XenForo from legal ground (check WikiPedia article on Xenforo). But vBulletin’s idea is wrong. Just two days ago we tested MyBB for tutorial purpose and we were quite astonished with their progress. We have been used with space, line break free HTML output from WordPress. XenForo is closer but needs solid coding. Kier Darby has 1261 followers, Mike Sullivan condition is worse – 598 followers. They could easily follow the path of Matt Mullenweg, instead thought of temporary gain of wealth but killed the impassibility of becoming hero.

Hundreds of good paid softwares died before or got sold, if XenoForo does not follow the trend, their death is inevitable, today or tomorrow.
Computer and Internet, Cloud Computing,

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Installing MyBB Free Forum Software on Rackspace Cloud Sites

Installing MyBB Free Forum Software on Rackspace Cloud Sites needs some extra work compared to WordPress like PHP MySQL based softwares. Here is full guide. MyBB is Open Source Free Software, we published guides to install XenForo and vBulletin before, but both of them are paid. MyBB recently got in to focus for very rapid development and the fact that MyBB supports MySQL as well as SQLite and PostgreSQL. We will write the difficult points for Installing MyBB Free Forum Software on Rackspace Cloud Sites, the difficulty of any Forum software is due to the fact, it can not be cached like our WordPress. There is WordPress Plugin for BBPress, which makes the installation easy and there is practically no need to avoid WordPress if BBPress is considered.…

Changing Color Schemes, Transparency of Ubuntu Terminal

Changing Color Schemes, Transparency of Ubuntu Terminal is quite easy in Ubuntu Terminal to make it refreshing looking and for easy reading of the fonts. Most of us probably wants a transparent black Terminal with easy to read Green Font. Here is how make the Terminal of Ubuntu 12.04 looking more good than default. Here is detailed guide to for Changing Color Schemes, Transparency of Ubuntu Terminal along with few basic commands.…

Is It Reasonable to Consider Google Paid Cloud Services ?

Is It Reasonable to Consider Google Paid Cloud Services ? When it is about Paid Hosting Services from Google Cloud, definitely it is a bad option unlike free. When the industries began to crowd around Cloud, in all countries the large providers launch their own solution in the cloud, but the world’s number one til now Amazon. We analyzed the costs and how to use Google Compute Engine. We have not missed one important aspect: the performance and the network of Google Cloud. We wrote about it before comparing in Page Speed score openly with Akamai – it is crap when compared to Akamai for delivering static contents.

OpenStack Private Cloud on Your Laptop with DevStack Guide

OpenStack Private Cloud on Your Laptop with DevStack Guide is a complete Guide with needed video for setup of private Cloud using your laptop as Bare Metal. We told you to get your Ubuntu to ready for Private Cloud ! There is not to much to say about this guide on OpenStack Private Cloud on your Laptop with Dev tack Guide, the word ‘laptop’ in title we hope will make people more interested. Total cost is zero up to the point we have shown you. OpenStack Private Cloud is deployed with DevStack using your computer / laptop as bare metal like a data center.

Tools for Using Dropbox Cloud for Web Hosting Easily

Tools for Using Dropbox Cloud will help you for using Dropbox Cloud Storage easily for Web Hosting serving HTML webpages with Javascript, CSS or Bootstrap LESS. Dropbox is a Freemium Cloud Storage and basically HTML pages should not get rendered on HTTP GET request on browser due to absence of POST header. But for some reasons, Dropbox actually makes the POST header for index.html webpage inside any folder which in turn inside the public folder. We in case of Rackspace Cloud Files, have shown you how to modify the header to render it as HTML webpage. Although, Cloud Files should not be compared with dropbox, it is Jungle Disk which can be compared with Dropbox.  Tools for Using Dropbox Cloud will basically make the process easy, that is what it is. In other words, our previous tutorials for creating various things on Dropbox can be made easier with the usage of  these Tools for Using Dropbox Cloud.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How to check when your Windows 7 was installed?

It is possible to find out the date when your Windows 7 was installed using command prompt. Open Command Prompt by clicking Start button, typing "cmd" (without quotation marks) and then hitting Enter key from the keyboard. Command prompt will open, type:
Please read more- How to check when your Windows 7 was installed?

DSLR Camera and Needed Accessories

DSLR Camera and Needed Accessories seems not heavy from the title but which accessories are must, which one should be added later have to be understood by the user. Most Digital Photography related websites earns few thousand dollars to few millions per month just because of pushing the link to affiliate websites. It is probably even better to rely a sales girl than many blogs when it comes about buying accessories for your DSLR Camera. Here is the logical approach in this article titled DSLR Camera and Needed Accessories to create a to do list customized for your need.…
Please read more- DSLR Camera and Needed Accessories