Monday, 30 April 2012

Best Crosswords Apps for Android

Best Crosswords Apps for Android features some old good crossword puzzle applications for Android tablets and smart phones. As Crosswords is a bit more than simple games, we have named our article as Best Crosswords Apps for Android.
How we have selected these Best Crosswords Apps?
While writing and choosing Apps for this post on Best Crosswords Apps for Android, we have taken the following factors in to our consideration:
Innovative ideas
Usage of default Android hardware features
System resource consumption
Abilities and Features
You can type or copy any name of the Apps listed in this list of Best Crosswords Apps for Android and search it in Play using the Search function.
List of Best Crosswords Apps for Android
Shortyz Crosswords:  Shortyz is a crossword puzzle application that downloads a number of free puzzles, and with a paid subscription, the NYT.
Crossword Light:  Crossword Light for Android lets you solve crosswords from around the world, right on your hand held! Over 30 puzzles available, plus hints, clue listings, and tons more.
Crossword Cryptic Lite:  These are cryptic level puzzles, suitable for seasoned crossword enthusiasts.
Crosswords:  Premium version of Crosswords Light.
Guardian Crosswords:  Download the Guardian crosswords when you have an internet connection, play them offline on your phone or tablet, in portrait or landscape.
NYTimes Crosswords: With The New York Times Crosswords, you can play the same puzzles that are published daily in the print newspaper!
We hope you can enjoy some of these Best Crosswords Apps for Android.
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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Windows 7 Theme Noche : Fresh Theme For a Clean Desktop

Windows 7 Theme Noche is Fresh Visual Style For a clean, minimalistic Windows 7 Desktop. Great designing and added tutorial by the developers makes it unique.
Windows 7 Theme Noche is created by kiko11. We published other great works by Kiko11 before.
License: Some rights reserved. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Details about Windows 7 Theme Noche download:
This Visual Style is for Windows 7. Windows 7 Theme Noche works on both 32 and 64-bit. Included system files are for Service Pack 1. Supports top, bottom, left and taskbar. The pack contains the theme itself, Orb for top and bottom, Explorerframe, for x64 & x86 users, Tools like “Add Take Owenership Option”, “Uxtheme Patch”, “Windows 7 Start Orb Changer” “Rainmeter for Noche” etc.
Preview Windows 7 Theme Noche

Download Windows 7 Theme Noche

It is a RAR download, the file is light taking there are other files too, only 4.9 MB in size. Users will need to download ExplorerFrames.dll separately from here for Windows 7 Theme Noche..
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Friday, 27 April 2012

Components of a Motherboard

The mom panel is the important thing of the pc is on it that connects all the pc elements. Components of a motherboard
There are 15 important products on a motherboard:
    Support for processor
    PCI slots
    The AGP
    The ISA slots
    The identical port
    The constant port
    The PS2 port
    USB port
    The chipset
    The energy connector
    The storage space slots
    The poor produce connect (FLOPPY)
    IDE connectors
    CMOS battery
How a motherboard looks like:

The part of these components in a Motherboard
Each aspect is important on a mom panel, some more than others. Here are their uses:
PCI slot: used to connect cards that need few alternatives as the system adaptor or sound cards.
AGP connector: Used to connect quick cards such as video cards.
ISA slot: not found on latest PCs, it is used to connect more gradually cards.
Parallel port: used to connect the pc printer to the mom panel.
Serial Port: Used to connect constant rabbit to the mom panel.
PS2 ports: used to connect the rabbit and key pad to the mom panel.
USB port: used to connect devices such as the latest digital cameras, web photographic camera, etc. What is important about this place is that you can connect devices when the pc is on.
Chipset: This is a digital schedule that is responsible for handling the comeback of information between PC elements. It is in 2 parts: one located to the company known as Northbridge (north bridge) does the company, storage space and the AGP bus, and one located toward the PCI place device video games is known as Southbridge (south bridge) is responsible for PCI bus (and on the old PC’s ISA bus), IDE connect, the poor connect, BIOS, USB place.
Power connector: it provides to connect the energy to the mom panel. It provides the energy required for appropriate doing of the PC.
Memory connector: it can either be a connect SIMM (no time on latest PCs) or DIMM place. Storage is placed top to base on these relationships. The DIMMs fit quickly with a manage.
FLOPPY connector: Used to connect a poor challenging generate produce ribbons connecting a poor produce to the mom panel.
IDE connector: Used to connect an IDE cable that connects a produce (CD or DVD) or challenging disk generate drive to the mom panel.
CMOS battery: a little battery energy power (flat) that does not eat much energy is used to keep a history of the initialization adjustments of the pc. It is also used to work the PC’s inner time so if you see that period is that the damaged battery energy power is not fantastic is it to be customized.
Support for processor
Support for company is the most important aspect. It provides to connect the company to the mom panel. It comes in two types.
There’s the place that seems to be to be a prolonged AGP. It has a rectangle-shaped, the company connects top to base on this way of connect.
The other help is the connect that is rectangular shape with many little breaks (sockets) on it. The two considerable organizations of brand snacks have different electric powered electrical sockets.
If for example you buy an The apple company company and two years later you choose to alter it to an AMD company, you could not do that because the electric powered electrical sockets are different and therefore you have to squash modifying the mom panel and buy one with a connect for AMD.
But what makes the choice of a mom panel even more complex is that each manufacturer company (we are talking about only brand snacks of the apple company and AMD) there are different electric powered electrical sockets.
 To summarize
The mom panel is the most important because it is the foundation that will connect all the substances of the PC like the company or storage space.
This mom panel is not cross-compatible with one company manufacturer to other: The Apple Company or AMD.
Make sure there are all important relationships current on the mom panel before you buy.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Databases Virtualization – Impact and Cost

Previously, we wrote on the Basic principles of Virtualization and Considerable Disadvantages of Virtualization. This time, we will discuss a topic on Databases Virtualization that is associated with the fast success of Databases Virtualization Technological innovation:  an essential change of documentation styles.

The launch of new documentation styles in Databases Virtualization Technology
Introduction of new documentation design in Databases Virtualization area was done by Oracle, truly (based on storage area, a recommendations from guests will be helpful).
Customer’s need of flexible documentation styles for Databases Virtualization has enhanced. A plus cap or metering method was much necessary and luckily provided by the market commanders.
As a result, there may be an essential loss of the expected benefits on Databases Virtualization, or to following restrictions on the specialized performance of Databases Virtualization projects.

Different way of documentation styles for Databases Virtualization
Soft Splitting:  In the sleek partitioning” design, a soft-partitioned web host hosting server with several set up CPUs set up are organized. This was provided by Oracle in Databases Virtualization.
Hard Splitting: Work is quite obvious from its name: in contrast to sleek, it is actually portioned.
Other Unique Certification styles: Ms SQL Server Business Edition is an example where the customers are qualified regardless of the number of cores or brand snacks.

Impact and Conclusion of Databases Virtualization

When less handling power from Databases Virtualization technology is necessary by the End customers: generally it is still difficult to find a appropriate and effective technique from any company.
We can wish that launch of latest companies getting Databases Virtualization will lead to a opponents and enhanced customer's need for different way of documentation styles for virtualization projects will reduce the price.
So, it is crucial, particular for a new end individual company to determine and learn about a particular Databases Virtualization technique from a particular company before actually employing it.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

HTC home: A cartoon pc climate device for Ms Windows 7

Almost every user now knows about HTC House, an excellent no cost cartoon climate device for Ms Windows seven. Those who have skipped it or having difficulty to find out how to use it or from where to obtain it, this guide is suitable for them.
Firstly, you can obtain HTC House from their formal website for free:
” HTC House 2 is first of all a device with a time, climate prediction and genuine movement. You can watch atmosphere hovering across your pc, rainfall falls fall down your screen and even super stunning here and there. The quality and reliability of climate prediction are assured by The Weather Route and MSN and others.

HTC House 2 is similar to the climate device for HTC communicators. The program can be set up to your PC with Ms Windows Windows vista or Ms Windows seven function system (other function systems are not reinforced, although it might work with Ms Windows XP). You can modify HTC House 2 to your flavor with the help of different themes. Shiny or relaxing, useful or simply – you can choose the one that you wish.
HTC House 2 does not mean only climate prediction. It also indicates a schedule, favorites, iPod. “
Installation is quite easy. Just obtain the set up file from the above mentioned link, run it:

It will obtain and set up additional information. The set up is of few Kb size!
On the first run, it will ask you for location and provider. You can modify any setting from the right click selection too:

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Reasoning Processing and Virtualization: Elements Requirements

Computer Elements in common has gone through a fast increase in efficiency within a few year time frames. Objectives and from the Hosting server has improved too. The server efficiency has improved in the modern times too, where as the energy intake of server systems has decreased.
Cloud Processing and Virtualization needs to be specifically tailored to the latest technology and offer stability, scalability and easier control.
Previously we have released several articles on Reasoning Processing and Virtualization.

Cloud Processing, Virtualization and Little and Method Organizations business
 Bigger Organizations in the Hosting server market like Dell, IBM, Fijitsu, HP are generally thinking about the Reasoning Processing and Virtualization hardware alternatives for Little and Method Organizations company.
HP Blade System Matrix combines all necessary components for Reasoning Processing and Virtualization: server storage area, system hardware and store and incorporate them together in a single real estate.  Fujitsu has similar Reasoning Processing and Virtualization lightweight real estate solution.

Hardware specifications for Reasoning Processing and Virtualization
It is a major list for hardware usually used by the Conventional companies operating Virtualization. Reasoning Processing will require such several circumstances.
CPU Requirements for Reasoning Processing is based on a Blog released by Amazon EC2.
CPU: Dual-socket Apple Xeon X5550 (Nehalem) 2.66GHz brand chips.
Intel Xeon X5550 brand has 4 cores and each primary is able of hyper-threading.
HDD:  1.5TB+ 7200.11 SATA (minimum) + one PATA Start Drive
Main Board: Apple BOXDG43NB sequence MB (minimum)
RAM:  4GB DDR2 800 RAM
These are simple specifications to build an facilities for operating Reasoning Processing and Virtualization. You will need Power Supply, Change, and other primary components for Reasoning Processing and Virtualization.

Estimated cost for ONE Pc that can run Reasoning Processing Instance

As the prices are progressively reducing it is difficult to estimate cost at one moment. For a complete installation lowest cost for a device able of Reasoning Processing is about $ 8000. For Only Virtualization (one machine) cost can be as low as $1500. Expense of Observe, appointment device, Applications either for Reasoning computing or Virtualization is not provided in the cost described. (Updated Aug 2011).

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Friday, 20 April 2012

Windows 7 Theme Aero Lite 1.0

Windows 7 Theme Aero Lite 1.0 is the best Windows 8 Aero Lite Visual Style available right now. It adds flat style of Windows 8 very realistically in Windows 7.

Windows 7 Theme Aero Lite 1.0 is created by cold004. We published other great works by the developer before.

License: Some rights reserved. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Details about Windows 7 Theme Aero Lite 1.0 download:
You will need universal theme patcher to apply this third party Style. Unzip and Copy contents of “Aero Lite” folder to :  Drive where Windows is (usually C) > Windows > Resources > Themes. Go to Desktop > Right Click > Click Personalize  and apply Windows 7 Theme Aero Lite 1.0.

Preview Windows 7 Theme Aero Lite 1.0

Download Windows 7 Theme Aero Lite 1.
It is a 11.4 MB RAR download, download and install according to your version (32 bit or 64 bit) of Windows 7.

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Thursday, 19 April 2012


Virtualization refers to the methods, which allow a computer’s resources to split. The term Virtualization is used differently in many different applications. There are many concepts and technologies in the field of hardware and software that use this term Virtualization.

The primary goal of Virtualization is to provide the user with an abstraction layer from the actual hardware isolated – computing power and storage space. A logical layer is introduced between the user and resource in order to hide the physical characteristics of the hardware. It is each user is shown that he is the sole user of a resource is / are joined to several (heterogeneous) hardware resources into a homogeneous environment. The user of the invisible, transparent management of the resource is usually the job of the operating system.

Software Virtualization
Virtualization software can be used for several purposes, e g to simulate an operating system or just an application. Classification of approaches to virtualization to create virtual environments in the overall context of virtualization. More on Virtualization Software.

Operating System OS virtualization using container
Approach of ‘OS containers’ for the creation of virtual environments : With virtualization run at the OS level, virtually within a closed container provided, no additional operating system is used, which means that it is not possible another OS to run as the host system. The OS containers represent a subset of the host operating system. The advantage of this approach is the good integration of the containers in the guest operating system. The disadvantage of this approach lies in the containers. From the containers, no other driver is loaded and the kernel is loaded. When the OS virtualization contains only one host kernel there is a special user-mode kernel under the control of the host kernel.

System Virtualization using Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM)
Approach of a virtual machine monitor (VMM) to create virtual operating environments: With virtualization using a virtual machine monitor (hypervisor), the waiting native (= real physically available) system is distributed intelligently. This can be done by hardware emulation, hardware virtualization or par virtualization. Each guest systems in each case has its own complete computer with all the hardware components (processor, disk drives, memory, etc.) made ​​up a system. The advantage is that in the operating systems themselves (almost) no changes are necessary and the guest operating systems all have their own kernel, which entails a degree of flexibility.

Examples: VMware Workstation, Microsoft Virtual PC, Virtual Box, Parallels Workstation.

Hardware emulation (misleadingly called full virtualization)
The virtual machine simulates the complete hardware and allows an unmodified operating system that is designed for a different CPU, operation.

Examples: Bochs (in this simulation instead of emulation), PPC version of Microsoft Virtual PC, QEMU.

Hardware virtualization (native virtualization, full virtualization)
The virtual machine guest operating system provides the only parts of the physical hardware in the form of virtual hardware. This is sufficient, however, to run an unmodified operating system on it in an isolated environment. The host system must be on the same CPU type to be designed.

Examples: VMware , x86-based version of Microsoft Virtual PC , KVM , Xen 3.0 on processors with hardware virtualization technology Intel VT-x or AMD Pacifica.

In paravirtualization, while an additional operating system is started virtually as new, but no hardware virtualized or emulated, but the virtually started operating systems use an abstract management layer in order to shared resources (network connections, disk space, User or used in) access. The operating system needs to be able to be ported to run on the virtual machine (VM), which can reject the owners of proprietary operating systems for strategic reasons. The port, however, simplifies the structure of the VM and allows their virtual machines to improve performance. VMware or XEN also used the VMI interface that acts as a “mouthpiece” between the virtualization layer and host operating system.

Examples: Red Hat Fedora 5 with Xen 3.0 , SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Xen or VMware ESX 3.5 Update 1 as, Citrix XenServer , KVM , PikeOS real-time operating system for embedded systems.

Application Virtualization
Application virtualization (application virtualization) is the local performing desktop and server applications, without requiring them to be installed. The virtualized application to a virtual environment is generated that contains all the registry entries, files and other components needed to run the program. This virtual environment acts as a buffer layer between the application and the operating system and avoids conflicts with other applications or the operating system.

Examples: Microsoft Application Virtualization (formerly SoftGrid) , Citrix Application Streaming , VMware ThinApp , Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization, Altiris SVS, Thinstall VS , Sandboxie , Evalaze, Cameyo, Ceedo.

In case of Hardware Virtualization, either the whole system (partitioning with LPAR , Domaining) or individual components such as CPU ( Intel’s Vanderpool or AMD’s Pacifica ) are virtualized.

Processor Virtualization
When the system or operating system virtualization, the virtual machine monitor received commands from host systems (virtual machines) to be executed on the native hardware. Before the introduction of processor virtualization had to be modified in certain (possibly safety-critical) instructions, which were from the host system via the Virtual Machine Monitor sent to the hardware.
Through virtualization, the processor from AMD and Intel can usecommands without modifying the virtual machine monitor to be sent directly to the processor. The processor takes care of itself for the distinction between the guest system processes and VMM processes. By eliminating the modifications of the VMM, a higher performance is achieved.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Cloud-Computing-in-HealthcareCloud Computing in Healthcare is a topic where my opinion has more value than anyone else. Probably I am the only doctor who has grasp on both fields. So in this article Cloud Computing in Healthcare, I will provide the information of current situation on this aspect and what I or person exactly like me can predict or do in future – Cloud Computing in Healthcare.

Cloud Computing in Healthcare in current state

Most doctors do not understand Cloud Computing. In order to integrate two disciplines – Health and Technology, there are doctors needed who has excellent grasp on technology as well. Otherwise Cloud Computing in Healthcare will always remain in an otherwise underutilized condition, which it is been now.
Cloud Computing in Healthcare holds a lot of possibilities and opportunities, which is right now used only to host medical websites or to process some data. That is rather a clerical part of Cloud Computing in Healthcare and I am not really interested to discuss about this part of Cloud Computing in Healthcare as simply its very rudimentary thought.

Cloud Computing in Healthcare which can be materialized

Cloud Computing in Healthcare can offer a big promise – Healthcare as a Service (HaaS). It is not me who has coined the term Healthcare as a Service (HaaS) in context of Cloud Computing in Healthcare. Another person (I can not find the person right now) said about it one year back on the relatively same topic - Cloud Computing in Healthcare. HaaS is my dream and can be discussed later in another article, now just think about Cloud Computing in Healthcare in a broad view.

da Vinci Surgery is a Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgical system where the surgeon works from a console separated from the real operating field. The major barrier is the cost of disposable units. It has itself little to do with Cloud Computing in Healthcare in current state. The reason I mentioned da Vinci is to show the state of surgical art.

Most of you already know Telerobotics, Artificial Intelligence and about some humanoid research which were to build better orthosis and prosthesis for human beings.

Cloud Computing in Healthcare does not mean only file transfer like primitive works, Cloud Computing in Healthcare means faster processing of the MRI images like now used HP’s DICOM format (Adobe Photoshop CS5 supports DICOM by default), utilizing Cloud Computing in Healthcare and AI can predict the possible differential diagnosis, otherwise not possible for a human (read surgeon) to notice or read.

Using Cloud Computing in Healthcare can reduce the cost of da Vinci system like prototype MIS units by using Telerobotics. The challenge in implementation of Cloud Computing in Healthcare are varied. First, intelligent surgeons who can help coding and robotics are needed, second, probably no private health service provider will love the idea of HaaS nullifying real application of Cloud Computing in Healthcare with hundreds of odd reasons.

Simply HaaS or such idea of real applied Cloud Computing in Healthcare will ruin the biggest local business on this world.

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Benefits of Desktop Virtualization for Business

Virtualization is becoming an indispensable technology. We already have 
pointed out that Cloud Computing is just a product of Virtualization 
Technology. And now think the number of Virtual Private Servers used 
today. This article will give an overview on the topic Benefits of 
Desktop Virtualization for Business. What are the  benefits of desktop 
virtualization for an Enterprise? Do the companies have a significant 
advantages by using desktop virtualization or should wait before changing 
their IT infrastructure as part of virtualization?
The aim of this article is precisely to these questions and help you to 
take the decision for or against Benefits of Desktop Virtualization for 

Basics on Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

Previously, we posted an article on Cloud Computing and Desktop Virtualization.The objectives of desktop virtualization are : a consolidation of the clients in the enterprise, minimizing the costs and thus to minimize the administrative burden. That means, Benefits of Desktop Virtualization can simply and logically divided into two wings – one is Administrative and another is a good return of investment.

Benefits of Desktop Virtualization from Management point

Desktop virtualization can bring companies an enormous advantage with respect to the management. By implementing a centralized desktop model, many administrative problems can be circumvented. For a local PC support costs are very high, since an individual assistance be provided for each individual user and his job must be personalized. Benefits of Desktop Virtualization from Administrative point of view does not encompass only the this part, but also it is a fact that, from a centralized data center, the activities can be monitored.
Benefits of Desktop Virtualization includes Resource Optimization
We crudely stated above, among the benefits of Desktop Virtualization, return of investment is another point. But the fact is that among the benefits of Desktop Virtualization, it is the optimal usage of resources that brings a good ROI.

Resources mean Money, Materials and man Power. Benefits of Desktop Virtualization, from monetary point of view can be summarized as -

Resource Optimization : We are whipping a horse to work at the level best. ‘Whipping a horse’ sounds inhuman, but without virtualization, a even 50% of a processor’s power is not used. Benefits of Desktop Virtualization begins with efficient system resource usage.

Energy Efficiency : 5 individual computer will require more than 4 times electricity than one computer running Desktop Virtualization.

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Monday, 16 April 2012

Windows 7 Theme Smoothie

Windows 7 Theme Smoothie is shiny Visual Style has a clean frosted glass appearance. The themes comes in two versions – dark and light versions.
Windows 7 Theme Smoothie is created by cold004. We published other great works by the developer before.
License : Some rights reserved. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Details about Windows 7 Theme Smoothie download:

This Visual Style is for Windows 7. Windows 7 Theme Smoothie works on both 32 and 64-bit. Included system files are for Service Pack 1. Please note that, you have to replace ExplorerFrame.dll, Caption buttons, start orb etc for the full look.

Preview Windows 7 Theme Smoothie

Download Windows 7 Theme Smoothie

It is a 7 MB RAR download, download and install according to your version (32 bit or 64 bit) of Windows 7.

Windows 7, Computer and Internet

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