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List of Free Project Hosting and Code Hosting For The Developers

List of Free Project Hosting and Code Hosting is mainly intended for the Developers of Free Software and Open Source Projects. This is handy tool plus guide. Basically, source code....

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Cloud Computing is Becoming the Norm

Cloud Computing is expanding more than it was calculated. As calculated, Cloud architectures will overtake in the next 3 years, over traditional IT architectures. The reasons are....Cloud Computing is Becoming the Norm

Internet Marketing Plan For 2012-13 with Google’s Services

Internet Marketing Plan For 2012-13 emphasizes on how the Google’s Various Free and Paid Services can be properly used to make your monetization smooth. Actually Google does...Internet Marketing Plan For 2012-13 with Google’s Services

Cloud Contact Center : Operation and Importance

Cloud Contact Center is basically an practical extension of Communication as a Service (CaaS). Let us see what a Cloud....Cloud Contact Center : Operation and Importance

Download Windows 8 Metro wallpaper

Windows 8 metro wallpaper is an excellent quality metro look wallpaper.
Windows 8 metro wallpaper is submitted by rgontwerp.
According to rgontwerp; it is Genuine Windows 8 leaked Metro Wallpaper.
Resolutions included in the zip archive:
1920 x1200 pixels
Windows 8 metro wallpaper, windows 8 metro, windows 8 metro wallpaper, metro wallpaper, metro windows 8

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Download Windows 8 Metro Widget Glass Version for Windows PC

Windows 8 Metro Widget Glass Version can easily be achieved on Windows 7 using a set of desktop Widget without actually changing the theme, RAM and CPU consumption is less. This is what our Windows 8 Metro Widget, running on XWidget can do too. You can read that article on Windows 8 Metro non glassy version itself.
Windows 8 Metro Widget Glass Version for Windows 7
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Micro USB and Mini USB Connectors and Plugs

Micro USB and Mini USB Connectors and Plugs are especially important for the devices with less space like digital cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players and other mobile devices,...Micro USB and Mini USB Connectors and Plugs
Micro USB, Mini USB, Mini USB Connector, Mini USB Connectors and Plugs, Micro USB Connectors and Plugs

Moving to Cloud : Is It Safe For Your Business ?

Moving to Cloud is not simple outsourcing. It means the possibility for the companies to use online applications in all areas such as messaging, desktop, sharing, social networking, HR management, sales force accounting, ERP, etc. and... Moving to Cloud : Is It Safe For Your Business ?
Cloud ComputingCloud Computing securityMoving to Cloud

Running Micro Cloud Foundry on localhost

Running Micro Cloud Foundry on localhost has the advantage of getting a standalone virtualized environment for testing purpose. Here is a brief startup guide. Our Startup Guides and Basics... Running Micro Cloud Foundry on localhost

Monday, 26 November 2012

Cloud That Lights Up : Beautiful Cloud Sculpture Made up of Burnt Out Bulbs

Cloud That Lights Up. Neither anything about nor Coding.It is a sculpture made up of burnt out bulbs and illuminated using CFC with pull switch. It is definitely not a guide on how to create your own Cloud That Lights Up, but definitely some nice ideas are shared here.
Cloud That Lights Up
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Original Source :
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives
Original source: The Customize Windows

Encrypt Files on Dropbox Cloud Guide

Encrypt on Dropbox Cloud to secure your personal files uploaded to Dropbox Cloud Storage. There is no need to learn coding. Simply follow this easy guide. Regular subscribers knows what is Encryption and Decryption – we published an article on Encryption and Decryption technology and...

Apple MacBook Pro 15 Inch Retina and Non Retina Excels At Quality

Apple MacBook Pro 15 Inch Retina and Non Retina Excels At Quality. New MacBook Pro 15 Inch is a powerhouse deigned for the professionals like a luxury sedan. 3-5 decades people used to buy a good typewriter and usually one typewriter served the major part of the professional life of a person.

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How to install Windows XP after installing Windows 7

Well it is not possible … at least not easy to Dual boot XP with 7!
I find it quite frustrating not being able to play games released a few years ago under the pretext that publishers do not want to update their products for Windows 7.
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Burn the ISO images directly in Windows 7

Windows 7 features native support for ISO images (Windows disk Recorder).
There is no need to special software such as ISO-Recorder or ImgBurn or burning software to burn ISO images, if you do not need extra features.
a blank CD (or DVD) disc in the optical drive. Go to the location where your ISO image is saved. We will Expression Studio 4 ISO as example: Burn the ISO images directly in Windows 7
Windows / Windows  7 / Windows  8 / Customize Windows / Windows 7 tutorials

Friday, 23 November 2012

XenForo Usage Guide : Advanced Tips

XenForo Usage Guide and Advanced Tips is helpful for the basic users as well as the users who want to use XenForo Addons and do Template Modifications. We published an guide on Installing XenForo Forum Software on Rackspace Cloud Sites. We have video guide on YouTube for Installing XenForo Forum Software on Rackspace Cloud Sites too. This XenForo Usage Guide and Advanced Tips is for both the Administrators and Moderators who will use XenForo from user end only for moderation works and for technical users who will work for the backend. For XenForo or any Forum softwares, there will be moderators and administrators who knows nothing about technical part, in fact do not need to know; unlike single authored WordPress Installation. XenForo is definitely better in all aspects than vBulletin, but it will look more better in GPLed form.
If you compare with, XenForo has no such huge free support, documentation plugins, solid core to cost a dime for running on Open Source LAMP server. That is why Matt Mullenweg is Matt Mullenweg. But do not use illegal version of XenForo. The question is not about getting in to legal trouble; the question is about security. To increase security, always buy XenForo, check all the files individually and if needed modify them. You have bought it, you are modifying the core for your own usage. Especially for Cloud Platform, it is important to perform that core work for security. BBPress is quite good for small forum purpose, it has better coding; other is MyBB. These are free Open Source alternatives which you might think when security is a big question. There are calls in source files of legal version of XenForo (and vBulletin) which does arise the question of breech of privacy of server. These are not actually not related to XenForo Usage Guide and Advanced Tips really, but probably you needed to know.
XenForo Usage Guide and Advanced Tips : For Non Technical Users
Never click any link to XenForo within your installation. There are reasons, try to avoid clicks like own AdSense Ads. After login you will get three areas :
We have marked with three different colored bounding boxes – red, green and pink. On this first screen, Display Node Tree is the only option which you will need for management. Node is actually the forums and threads with hierarchy. It is quite easy to use.
The only other thing within the red bounding box you will need is – Users. Click it to open a new options page. Your left sided menu (within the green bounding box) and the main area (within the pink bounding box) will get changed. The options are self explanatory.
XenForo Usage Guide and Advanced Tips : For technical Users
The first thing you will do is, adding an webpage to catch all outgoing links – like deviantArt. It needs basic knowledge of PHP and JavaScript. Apart from SEO, it increases the security as it is not a blog. Basically you can optimize XenForo by making all static contents to be served from Content Delivery Network.
Addons can be added by, downloading the add-on and uploading the add-ons files into your XenForo within the library/ directory in your XenForo installation. From your control panel, go to the “install add-on” page and add the XML file.
Think in the way you do for WordPress. Because that is the normal or may be optimized way of thought. So the Addons should be installed, which we basically need for WordPress. XenForo has very primitive listing of Addons, you can not compare with WordPress Plugins. There are useless junks comes in front and useful Add ons get buried. For example, we found very useful New Registration Email Addon :
XenForo Single Sign On, Mobile Agent Tracer, Sitemap for XenForo version, XenForo Enhanced Search are examples of useful Add-ons. One thing you must remember for XenForo Usage Guide and Advanced Tips – for any Add-ons and themes, you must check each files individually unlike WordPress as there is no practical community standard testing and reporting.
To know more, please visit:  The Customize Windows

Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Name in Google Search For Professionals and Famous Persons

Tips and Tricks : Optimizing Name in Google Search For Professionals and Famous Persons

Here are some tips and tricks for Optimizing Name in Google Search For Professionals and Famous Persons, which must be done by the real person itself or for some points, partial SEO can be hired cautiously. A hugely famous person usually needs not to do anything, still there is definite need to regularly search (once a week or so) with own name to avoid the spammy results. The previously published article on Google Authorship Confirmation Email is very important to read in this context. Here are the points and pros and cons, tips etc. listed :
Optimizing Name in Google Search For Professionals and Famous Persons
  • Always try to have a own domain name with TLD. Dot com is always proffered. If not available, go for dot net, dot org, dot info etc. ccTLD is for extreme cases where nothing is available.
  • Professionals must register own dot pro domain. You can do a 301 redirection towards one active website among these multiple domains.
  • Must have a Google Plus Profile and a Google Plus Page with own name.
  • Must Have a Facebook Page (not profile, Page is more important in this context)
  • You are lucky if you have a Wikipedia page of you. Practically you have to work less.
  • More your contribution on Internet (like in Ubuntu Forum or other high page rank Open Source forum which are usually manually restricted to get backlink) is, more it is to naturally outnumber other name real names.
  • Never delay to do a DMCA against fraud profiles which are coming up.
  • Use the same photo everywhere for profile picture.
  • LinkedIn is great to get exposure, but unfortunately the cost is bomb, specially if they detects you are quite important person.
  • Google AdWords is an important tool to Advertise. AdWords itself increases the SERP of the target page with continuous usage.
  • Facebook Adverts has not much value other than instant boost.
  • Twitter Ads are great but unfortunately is too expensive.
  • Links from dot edu, dot ac, dot gov are quite important and usually easily available to the Professionals
  • Do not ignore any special profile creation invitation – for example, Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange Personalized Invitations.
  • Fix your mind, which version of your name you will use; Google takes a huge time to understand the fact – Dr. Abhishek Ghosh and Abhishek Ghosh is the same person.
  • Always reserve your named free blogs –, bloggers blog are examples. If spammy blogs are found, give citation of your official online publicly available proof of your identity to the authority to take down the blog.
  • Place one Profile image of you at the root of your server. Google will understand its you. You can use yourname-old format in file name to indicate that it was old. It is an undocumented, logical use.
  • Academics, Politicians, Doctors, Advocates, Developers, Artists, Authors by default gets more importance, your work is to link properly. This is undocumented and actually what normal logic of social norms says.
  • I have not not disclosed all, Google will kill me, although no one from Google has told me anything. We offer no professional service for Optimizing Name in Google Search For Professionals and Famous Persons.

Install Password Generator on Rackspace Cloud Sites

Install Password Generator on Rackspace Cloud Sites to generate your own strong password without any third party online tools. More Tips to secure it. Previously, we published how to Install QR Code Generator on Rackspace Cloud Sites, How to Install Barcode Generator on Rackspace Cloud Sites, they went quite popular among the readers, but this guide on how to Install Password Generator on Rackspace Cloud Sites, is definitely one of the most useful guide for anyone. We will actually use a PHP based script for this How to Install Password Generator Guide.
To know more, please visit our website:  Install Password Generator on Rackspace Cloud Sites

Virtualization Software for Mac OS X to Run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Virtualization Software for Mac OS X to Run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is mainly targeted to run Bare Metal for OpenStack Private Cloud Software,but it will work for all. One user was asking in our YouTube Channel for OpenStack Swift Video guide, this first guide will probably help him. As for usage, we are slitting this guide Virtualization Software for Mac OS X in to two sub headers – Virtualization Software for Mac OS X to Run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is for those who will run OpenStack or DevStack and Virtualization Software for Mac OS X is intended for normal users who wants to run Windows 8, Windows 7, Ubuntu or any Operating System on their Mac OS X.

For this guide on Virtualization Software for Mac OS X to Run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, we are using our 15″ Mac Book Pro with Retina Display, Solid State Drive and 8 GB of RAM. This is the maximum possible hardware configuration for Mid 2012 MacBook Pro 15″ model. MacBook itself will not get that much heat as the whole body dissipates the heat, still it is better to use a colling pad to ensure the bottom of the Macbook pro is nicely off from the table to ensure rapid dissipation of heat. Solid State drive itself does not create a problem for running any Guest OS. Tailor the amount of RAM as per your need. For bare metal Ubuntu, as low as 512 MB of VRAM can run nicely, but for Bare Metal for OpenStack or rather DevStack, you will need more RAM. Do not allocate in a way so that your Mac has less than 2 GB RAM.
There is a Windows Utility, which we wrote in our guide Virtual Machine From Physical Machine Using Disk2VHD; you can exactly ‘copy’ your Windows and run on Mac OS X. Microsoft’s insane licensing policy however prohibits to run Windows as VM with one license, you can not run Windows on any Virtualization Software legally without purchasing the backseat for your car, same is for their OEM version.
To more infoemation-

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Installing CloudCrowd on Cloud can automate your Multimedia Tasks

Installing CloudCrowd on Cloud can automate your Multimedia Tasks written in Ruby like Encoding video, Resizing Images or Migrating a large database easily. There is another same named service named CloudCrowd, which should not be confused with this one mentioned in our guide for Installing CloudCrowd on Cloud For Automating Multimedia Tasks. Installing CloudCrowd on Cloud Server is quite easy, you need basic packages and this one.
Installing CloudCrowd on Cloud For Automating Multimedia Tasks
In this guide for Installing CloudCrowd on Cloud, we are assuming that, you have enough grip to run SSH commands or use git to install web softwares. We are not describing as a step by step guide, rather as a mainframe. Apart from the needed standard packages, for Installing CloudCrowd on Cloud, you will need to clone the Git repo from Github :
You have to install the Ruby Gem :
sudo gem install cloud-crowd
You can follow the excellent Wiki Guide by the developer :
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Windows XP theme for Windows 7

Requirements, advantages and disadvantages of installing 64-bit version of Windows 7

64-bit architectures were created long ago for professional environments where performance and the need to increase hardware resources is essential to handle large flows of work and heavy duty applications.

The entrance to the household sector in this type of applications (video editing, 3D modeling, database management server webs, etc..) Has made nearly half of users of Windows 7 , has opted to install the 64-bits.

Basically and simply, installing Windows 7 64 bit provides greater data processing performance per clock cycle, better memory forwarding , ability to run numerical calculations faster and the potential hardware scalability, because as you know, the version 32-bit Windows 7 only recognizes 3 GB of RAM maximum, rather than in the 64-bit increases significantly.

Another advantage of installing Windows 7 64 bit software is compatible with 32-bit architecture, so many of the disadvantages of migrating to 64 bits are compensated.

On a practical level, installing 64-bit version of Windows 7 will provide better management of memory heavy applications and programs such as video editors, 3D modelers, or any other program that requires a level of high hardware requirement.

As we have seen the benefits of installing Windows 7 64 bits are quite interesting, but not all that simple. Before deciding to migrate to 64-bit version of Windows 7 must take a number of very important things as the availability of compatible programs or what is even more important: your computer (processor, graphics card, sound card , network card, etc..) is prepared for this architecture and there are drivers or drivers to work on it into account.

Applications and programs: Not all programs and applications leverage the benefits of 64-bit architecture, that is, even operating system has a very powerful and effective, the software we use must be optimized to take advantage of these values, so that Otherwise you will get improvements in these aspects.

To ensure that a particular program is a version compatible with Windows 64 bits, you can find on the official website or use the online tool Compatibility Center in Windows 7 .

(click to enlarge after the page loading is complete and a border around the screenshot appears)

Hardware Compatibility: More important than the software compatibility with Windows 7 64 bits, hardware compatibility and availability of drivers or drivers for this. The first thing to check is that our processor is ready to work on 64 bit architectures. A good tool to learn this is the System menu of the Windows Control Panel. Note that 64 is present the processor specifications.

Hardware Drivers: As we prove that the components of our team are ready to run on Windows 7 64 bit, we need to update the drivers or drivers to adapt their understanding of the new operating system version.

To do this, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and look for the package or 64-bit drivers also use the Windows Support Center 7. Remember that any time we make a choice of 64-bit Windows 7.


64-bit versions are, as we said at the beginning, ready to withstand heavy workloads and run faster than 32-bit versions. If your hobby your work requires more RAM or higher performance processes, install Windows 7 64 bit is a good idea. If instead you do not need much power, I recommend not to migrate for any problems or inconveniences that we have listed in this writing.

upgrading to windows 7, windows 7 full version, free windows 7

Red Hat OpenShift PaaS : Configuring your computer

We hope you have upgraded from Windows to Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin. If you are still using Windows with some false hope, you have to follow this guide and all the hyperlinked guides for the setup. Cursing Microsoft has real threats, you can watch it later :
Or read it :
Any way, the main thing is about Red Hat OpenShift PaaS. Everything is written nicely on their official website :
Ultimate thing is, you have to either directly use that shortcut in console (the screen shot, not the literal meaning of console) to create App or Environment, for WordPress like CMS, that is the final step. But in other cases, as usually you need to use git to deploy your App.
To read more, please visit- Red Hat OpenShift PaaS : Smart Guide to Host Your App

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Net2FTP is a PHP MySQL based FTP software

Net2FTP is a PHP MySQL based FTP software, you can install it on your subdomain of any domain and access it on browser. We do not recommend to use Net2FTP on their (or hosted on any others’ domain/server) for maintaining tight security. Net2FTP itself is secure and renowned, but basically it is always good to have the full grip for your serious work. So, ultimately the option for FTP Client For Mac OS X to Access Rackspace Cloud Sites became FileZilla, that is what Rackspace, MediaTemplate recommends too.
softwareMySQLNet2FTPMac OS X

Cloud Block Storage : Basic Introduction

The choice of Cloud Block Storage is expanded from the limited preview from April, which was launched at the time with five other cloud products. The major feature of Cloud Block Storage is its flexible storage pricing model in which users are billed as post usage like other Rackspace products, calculating usage in per gigabyte instead of I/O operations per second. It is obvious that, Cloud Block Storage is also based on Open Stack Swift.

This new model Cloud Block Storage, Rackspace allows the users a more reliable storage connected to the cloud, offers the most robust and reliable performance for file systems, databases or for running heavy duty applications at $0.70 per GB per month charge for SSD. The pricing model, along with the quality of Cloud Block Storage, gives another potential slap to its largest competitor; Amazon Simple Storage Service, which applies different rates depending on the region and it charges its customers and storage for the transfer. The first potential slap was Load Balancer service from the underlying technology.

Cloud Block Storage users can choose between a standard option ($0.15/GB per month) or SSD option that offers higher performance. The standard option is designed for customers who need large amounts of storage every day, while the SSD option is most suitable for those customers who require higher levels of performance than the standard drives. Both options are characterized by flat rates no cost of I/O and designed for distribution with Cloud Server.

Cloud DNS : How and What Are the Tools to Manage

Cloud DNS in a highly distributed environment direct users to point towards the right place easily and very fast. Placement may vary depending on your needs. Previously, we published a basic article on Cloud DNS as well as advanced guide on How to Make DNS Propagation Faster and Save From DNS Hijacking. From another unrelated video guide, How to Perform Automated Installation of WordPress on Rackspace Cloud Sites, you will notice that under 5 minutes we have purchased a domain, installed WordPress on it. It was not possible 8 years ago – DNS Propagation took few days itself. Apart from the fast work with Cloud DNS, there are other points which needs to be mentioned regarding Cloud DNS. read more

Magento : your first and only port of call for ecommerce platforms

Magento is one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms, with more than 110,000 merchants choosing the solution for their online business needs. Its open-source and feature-rich offering is fantastic for companies of all sizes.
As such, it should be your first and only port of call for your ecommerce requirements. Magento Enterprise package is the premiere platform for larger firms that run international online operations. read more

HTML5 Mobile Video Adaptive Streaming on Cloud

HTML5 Mobile Video Adaptive Streaming on Cloud is possible with Kaltura Player for Device Detection and Device Support for Enterprise grade Streaming Video. In our just previous article on Rackspace Cloud Files and Flowplayer, we mentioned some methods. Thanks to excellent informative feedback from our reader (please read the comments on that webpage) and more information on jPlayer, Flowplayer and the issue of HTML5 Mobile Video Adaptive Streaming on Cloud. Apparently, HTML5 Mobile Video Adaptive Streaming on Cloud with Device Detection and Device Support will not work with Flowplayer – Flow will not Flow on iOS ! Read more

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Skulltrail : Amazing Windows 7 Theme with exceptional details

Skulltrail is a third party Theme or with exceptional details on every part starting from buttons to address bar.
Skulltrail is created by x3remes.
License : Some rights reserved. This work is under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License.
Details about Windows 7 Theme Skulltrail: Amazing Windows 7 Theme
Read more: Skulltrail : Amazing Windows 7 Theme with exceptional details

The easiest way to boot in to safe mode is pressing the F8 button before Windows 7 starts to boot.But it may not always work or you may need enable or disable advanced settings for the Safe mode. As the tutorial is intended for advanced users, we are not presenting screenshot on every step. Please read more: How to start Windows 7 in Safe Mode without pressing F8 button

The easiest  to boot in to  is pressing the F8 button before  7 starts to boot.But it may not always work or you may need enable or disable advanced settings for the .
As the tutorial is intended for advanced users, we are not presenting screenshot on every step.

Windows 8 Theme For Windows 7 – Modern And Metroish

Theme For Windows 7 is modern and metro-ish with new caption buttons, , title bar buttons,sharp Window edges and like close button.
Windows 8 Theme For Windows 7 is designed by fediafedia.
License : Not Mentioned
Details about Windows 8 Theme For Windows 7 download:
According to the designer of Windows 8 Theme For Windows 7, he has changed some more elements in Windows 8 Theme For Windows 7 to give it more modern and metroish look. Some components, however was improvised, so the artist has asked for the feedback for Windows 8 Theme For Windows 7 from the users.
One note regarding Windows 8 Theme For Windows 7, one user reported that a recent windows update may have restored uxtheme, which will make any custom themes stop working. Just simply you need to re-patch uxtheme again.
This Windows 8 Theme For Windows 7 is Beta 2 now.
Features of Windows 8 Theme For Windows 7 in detail:
  • Caption buttons on light background
  • Squared taskbar previews
  • Revised explorer command bar background
  • Caption font size increased
  • Metro Squared start button pack added to Windows 8 Theme For Windows 7 download
  • Glow from title bar buttons are removed and made some slight adjustments
  • Start menu is no longer rounded
  • Glitch in the frames is almost invisible now
The artist has used the original aero.msstyles from Windows 8 in this Windows 8 Theme For Windows 7, this theme for Windows 7 includes the wallpaper from Windows 8 as well.
Read more: Windows 8 Theme For Windows 7 – Modern And Metroish

How easy and how much one can make money from a blog or forum?

Not at first, but after a certain time.
This is the power to earn money online. You have to work really hard on the blog at first, after a while, you can make money without doing virtually anything.
We do not care anyway because we enjoy adding content for now. If you want to make money online, we would suggest to choose a more profitable topic , a different niche  (may be due to the large amount of competition or that people ignore our niche advertising for our blogs): hundreds of Windows forums, blogs, thousands of SEO websites, it is obvious the market share gets divided.
The best bet for making money online is to find a arena of which you enjoy writing. This enables you to combine a hobby with earnings, this is the best motivator to keep going when you have a lot of money.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Text to Speech Server

Text to Speech Server are ideal to be deployed on Platform as high quality, natural voice needs quite good computing power on demand. It was good if we had an article on Text to Speech and Text to Speech Server itself. Because building a Text to Speech Server is not that easy and we will definitely want to remain with Open Source. So here is a reference article on Text to Speech, Text to Speech Server, the mechanism of human speech, mechanism of Text to Speech, deploying Text to Speech Server on Cloud and most importantly, the practical usage of Text to Speech Server. For this article, we will take The Rackspace Cloud as The Standard for Cloud Platform and API reference will be of Rackspace or Open Stack, content management software is WordPress.

Read more: Cloud Computing and Own Text to Speech Server : In Depth Article

Opening Webcam to Use With Old Film Camera

Opening Webcam to Use With Old Film Camera is an easy, very cheap way to make a DIY digital film back to test whether it works for you. Here is DIY guide. Previously we published an article on how to Convert Film Camera to Digital Camera, this time a hands on guide to test it with a simple cheap webcam to understand the working mechanism, focal length etc. technical points. We have written this guide for Opening Webcam to Use With Old Film Camera in a way so that anyone can follow it.Read more: Opening Webcam to Use With Old Film Camera : DIY Guide

Cloud Hosting and ISP

Cloud Hosting and ISP is the Backbone of Ecommerce and Commercial Blogs. Without these two elemental points your business or earning money is always at risk. Not all Cloud Hosting and ISP has either the quality of products or services nor they have the quality of customer care. These two elements, Cloud Hosting and ISP are the backbones of an online business and if any of them are not serious at emergency moment, your Ecommerce website or commercial Blog can be at risk. It can turn to be bottlenecks.
Read more: Cloud Hosting and ISP is the Backbone of Ecommerce and Blogs

Computer Network Basics

Network Basics is an article on computer network, data communications network and is a collection of connecting computer hardware and software. A Computer Network is designedto send and receive electrical signals, electromagnetic waves or other means to transport of data in order to share information, resources and provide services.Please read more: Computer Network Basics: Components, Software, Hardware

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Creating YouTube Videos for Guides needs some special recipe

Creating Videos for Guides needs some special recipe that can the videos looking Professional and yet good earner being YouTube Partner. One video of 10 minutes for a guide takes over 2 hours to as raw video , edit them. Uploading process can take another 2 hours. But Creating YouTube Videos for Guides has two major advantages – getting more revenue as YouTube Partner and definite value of converting YouTube to Web Site visitor. That is the reason why, while Creating YouTube Videos for Guides, one must take care of the biggest fact – they must stay with time for the huge effort.…
Read more: Windows 7,Cloud Computing,Virtualization,Wordpress,SEO,Google,Themes
Original Source :
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives
Original source: The Customize Windows

Cloud Computing Non-Existent Border Between Open Source

Non-Existent Border Between Open Source has been prominent in recent years. Open Nebula, Open , Eucalyptus becoming the main stream. The of Amazon’s computing opened the as a boom in the IT sector with powerful and flexible ever available on the . Now the same technology is entering the market of the major corporate through Open Source cloud computing. In recent years, organizations like Open Nebula, Open Stack, Eucalyptus and offering several alternatives for the creation of own cloud computing platform, for both private or public Cloud Computing.…
Read more: Windows 7,Cloud Computing,Virtualization,Wordpress,SEO,Google,Themes
Original Source :
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives
Original source: The Customize Windows

Reliance 3G Tab

Reliance 3G Tab is more restricted when it is not Rooted and Unlocked both from unused resources point and bloated . This is intended for starters. We have not discovered any new method for Rooting and Unlocking Reliance 3G Tab ZTE V9C. This article cum is only to bridge the basic of Reliance 3G Tab ZTE V9C so that they can use the provided by the to root themselves.…
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Original Source :
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives
Original source: The Customize Windows

Methodology hackers use for an intrusion to a network

This article aims to explain the methodology generally used by hackers to break into a computer system. It does not explain how to compromise a system but to understand how it may be better able to withstand them. Indeed, the best way to protect your system is to proceed in the same way that hackers to map the vulnerabilities of the system. So this article gives no details on how vulnerabilities are exploited, but explains how to make them identify and correct them.
Overall methodology:
The hackers who intend to break into computer systems looking for a first time faults, that is to say, harmful to the security vulnerabilities of the system, the protocols , the operating systems , applications or even the staff of an organization! The terms of vulnerability, breach or language more familiar security hole are also used to designate security flaws. To implement a feat (it’s the technical term meaning exploit a vulnerability), the first step of the hacker is to get as much information on the network architecture and operating systems and applications running on it. Most attacks are the work of script kiddies trying stupidly exploits found on the internet without any knowledge of the system or the risks associated with their act. Once the hacker has established a mapping system, it is able to implement deeds relating to versions of the applications he has identified. First access to a machine it will expand its efforts to retrieve other information, and possibly extend its privileges on the machine. When an administrator access (root is the term generally used) is obtained, it is called compromise of the machine (or more accurately root compromise) because the system files may have been modified. The hacker then has the highest level of duty on the machine. If it’s a cracker, the last step is to cover his tracks, to avoid any suspicion on the part of the network administrator and compromise so that they can keep as long as possible control compromised machines.
Recovering system information:
Obtaining information about the target network address, generally referred to as fingerprinting, is a prerequisite for any attack. It is to gather as much information about the communications infrastructure of the target network:
* IP addressing
* Domain Name
* Network protocols
* Enabled services
* Server architecture
Consulting public database:
By knowing the public IP address of a network host or just the domain name of the organization, a hacker is potentially capable of knowing the address of the entire network, that is to say range of public IP addresses belonging to the target organization and its division into sub-networks.
Consultation Search Engine:
Mere consultation search engines can sometimes glean information about the structure of a company, the name of its main products, even the names of certain individuals.
Scanning the networ:
When the network topology is known by the attacker, he can scan (sweep the term is also used), that is to say, determined using a software tool (called a scanner) what IP addresses are active on the network, open ports corresponding to services available, and operating system used by these servers. One of the most popular tools for a network scanner is Nmap , recognized by many network administrators as an essential tool for securing a network. This tool works by sending packets of TCP or UDP to a set of machines on a network (determined by a network address and mask), then analyzes the responses. According to the shape of the received TCP packets, it is possible to determine the remote operating system for each machine scanned. There is another type of scanner, called passive mapper (one of the best known is Siphon ), to know the physical network topology of the strand on which the mapper analysis packages. Unlike previous scanners, this tool does not send packets on the network and is totally undetectable by the intrusion detection systems . Finally, some tools can capture X connections (an X server is a server that manages the display of machine type UNIX ). This system has the characteristic that they can use the display of the stations on the network, to consider what is displayed on screens and possibly intercept the keys entered by users of vulnerable machines.
Banner reading:
When the network scan is finished, just the cracker to examine the log file (log) tools used to find the IP addresses of machines connected to the network and open ports on them. Open port numbers on the machines can provide information on the type of service and thus open the invite to ask the service to obtain additional information about the server version information in so-called “banner”. Thus, to determine the version of an HTTP server, simply connect to the Web server telnet on port 80: telnet 80 then ask the homepage: GET / HTTP/1.0 The server then responds with the first lines: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Mon, Fev 3 , 2011 6:22:57 p.m. GMT Server: Apache/1.3.20 (Unix) Debian / GNU The operating system, server and version are then known.
Social Engineering:
The social engineering (in English “Social Engineering”) is to manipulate human beings, that is to say, to use exaggerated naivete and kindness of network users, for information on it. The method includes contacting a user of the network, usually posing for someone else to obtain information on the information system or possibly directly to obtain a password. Similarly a security hole can be created in the remote system by sending a Trojan horse for some users. Just a user executes the attachment to an internal network access is given to the aggressor outside. That’s why the security policy must be comprehensive and incorporate human factors (eg user awareness to security issues) because the security level of a system is characterized by the level of its weakest link low.
Identifying vulnerabilities:
After establishing the inventory of software and possibly hardware, it is the hacker to determine whether vulnerabilities exist. There are scanners and vulnerability allowing administrators to submit their network penetration testing to see if some applications have security vulnerabilities. The two main vulnerability scanners are:
* Nessus
It is also recommended that network administrators to check the sites regularly maintaining a database of vulnerabilities:
SecurityFocus / Vulnerabilities:
Thus, some agencies, particularly the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team), are responsible for capitalizing on vulnerabilities and federate information on security issues. CERT STI community dedicated to Industry, Services and Tertiary French, CERT IST dedicated to the French administration, CERT RENATER dedicated community members GIP RENATER (National Network of Telecommunications for Technology, Education and Research).
The intrusion:
When the attacker has compiled a resource mapping and machines on the network, it is able to prepare his intrusion. To enter the network, the attacker needs access to valid accounts on the machines he has identified. To this end, several methods are used by hackers: Social engineering is to say by contacting some network users (by email or by telephone) to extract information about their login and password. This is usually done by posing as the network administrator. The consultation of the directory or messaging services or file sharing, to find valid usernames The exploitation of vulnerabilities in the Berkeley R commands *. The brute force attacks (brute force cracking) of trying to automatically different passwords on a list of account (eg identifier, optionally followed by a digit, or the password is password or passwd , etc.).
Extension of privileges:
When the attacker has obtained one or more network access by accommodating one or more accounts poorly protected, it will try to increase its privileges by gaining root access , one speaks well of extension of privileges. Once a root access has been obtained on a machine, the attacker has the opportunity to examine the network for additional information. It is possible to install a sniffer , that is to say, a software capable of listening (the term reniffler, sniffing or English, is also used) network traffic to or from destination machines located on the same strand. Using this technique, the attacker can hope to recover the username / password allowing access to accounts with extensive privileges on other machines on the network (eg access to an administrator account) to to be able to control a larger portion of the network. NIS servers on a network are also prime targets for hackers because they are full of information on the network and its users.
Thanks to the previous steps, the hacker was able to compile a complete map of the network, machinery therein, their flaws and has root access on at least one of them. It is then possible to expand further its activities by exploiting the trust relationships between different machines. This spoofing technique, called spoofing allows the hacker to enter privileged networks to which the compromised machine has access.
When a hacker managed to infiltrate a corporate network and to compromise a machine, it can happen that he wants to return. To do this it will install an application in order to artificially create a security vulnerability, it is called backdoor.
To Remove:
When the intruder has obtained a level of control over the network, it has yet to erase the traces of its passage by deleting the files it created and cleaning the log files of the machines in which he introduced is to say, by deleting lines of activity on its shares. Moreover, there is software called “root kits”  to replace the system administration tools for modified versions to mask the presence of the hacker on the system. Indeed, if the administrator connects together the hacker, it is likely to notice that the pirate services launched or just another person that he is connected simultaneously. The purpose of a rootkit is to deceive the director in him hiding the reality.
It is up to any network manager connected to the Internet to ensure its security, and therefore to test faults. That’s why a network administrator must be aware of vulnerabilities in software they use and to “get into the shoes of a hacker” to try to break into his own system and to be continually in the context of paranoia. When skills within the company are not sufficient to carry out this operation, it should be an audit by a company specializing in computer security.

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What are hub,switch and router

Network equipments
These three components are used to connect computers together and networks. For that, we must be able to connect to computers using Ethernet cables RJ45 or USB cables. It is also possible to connect to WiFi.

It’s The Camera and Computer Not The Photographer That Matters in Digital Photography

It’s The Camera and Computer Not The Photographer That Matters in Digital Photography – Simply Program your DSLR, view live on Laptop and Edit in Photoshop. People believed in many wrong things before – people thought this Globe is flat like a Plate. For saying the truth, that the Sun never actually spins the Earth, a person became a criminal. If It’s The Camera and Computer Not The Photographer That Matters in Digital Photography was not truth, the photographers who takes for taking images, would never invest so huge on buying the top notch DSLR, Top notch accessories, a Mac Book Pro with Adobe Photoshop. He / she would work with a mid range or entry level DSLR (if DSLR was the choice for changing lens) with a Inkjet Printer. That is not so easy – no formula of composition will work with a entry level camera mobile’s camera.

Cloud Computing, Load balancing, Scalability, Redundancy and Performance

Cloud Computing, Load balancing, Scalability, Redundancy results Performance. Cheaper or a costlier an option is not the factor when performance is judged. An ideal capacity increases linearly adding hardware. In this , if a car have a 1200 cc cylinder, adding another will double it too 2400 cc and we are adding another should theoretically double our capacity. If instead we have three cars and we are working capacity is expected to increase by at least 50%. This ability is called scaling. From the point of view of an ideal faults is not revolutionized by loss of a server. Losing a server should simply decrease the capacity of the by the same amount added by the same server. This ability is labeled as redundancy. Redundancy are usually obtained through load balancing (load balancing).

How To Get Access Via Command Line Tool for Cloud Servers and Git

How To Get Via Command Line Tool for Cloud Servers and Git is intended for the beginners who has no idea how to login to a Cloud Server or Git. We will not go in to very deep on the topic How To Get Access Via Command Line Tool, as it is fully related to networking and will confuse the new users. Our target is to educate the newbies via this How To Get Access Via Command Line Tool who has never used or even heard of Shell Access, Telnet, SSH etc.

Installing WordPress on Heroku Cloud : Video Guide for Help

Installing on Heroku Video will assist you to install WordPress using PostgreSQL from GitHub Repository. It is an add on post for the main . Installing WordPress on Heroku Cloud Video Guide has been created for getting a visual idea for Installing WordPress on Heroku Cloudeither for standalone usage or for Facebook App.

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SQL is a database language

SQL is a database language for defining data structures in relational databases and to edit, insert, modify, delete data and serve query based on saved data. It is just a beginners guide, you can read or follow Pinal Dave’s writings for mastery on SQL. Probably he has the highest number of single person authored writings on SQL counting more than 2200. The SQL language is based on the relational algebra, its syntax is relatively simple and semantically similar to the English vernacular in logic.  Almost all current database systems support SQL – albeit to varying degrees and with slightly different dialects.…
Computer and Internet, Cloud Computing
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