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Neuroprosthetics and Modeling of Neurons

Neuroprosthetics and Modeling of Neurons is the next generation thought to make the human life more better gathering the knowledge of Neuroscience, Computing. The term Neuroprosthetics lexically refers to the neural prostheses those interfaces between the nervous system and the connection to an electronic component to clinical applications and medical research. Two important related articles are Cyborg and DNA Computing and Modeling of Neurons.
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Aerogel or Frozen Smoke or Blue Smoke

Aerogel is highly porous solids, where up to 99.98% of the volume is made of pores. There are different types of aerogel, silicate by far the most common. Other materials, for example plastics – or carbon-based are used in special cases. Basically any metal, polymer and other materials can be used as a base. The name blue smoke is due to typical color of Aerogel which most commonly seen. Aerogel is Open Source material.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What is Asynchronous JavaScript Technology ?

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML technique is for developing interactive web using combination of HTML, CSS and others for dynamic delivery of content to user. Double Click for Publishers is an example which currently supports Asynchronous JavaScript loading to make the page loading a faster process.
In JavaScript, there are two ways to handle the HTTP requests primarily done through browser by an user – like loading of this webpage. They may be performed either loading synchronously or asynchronously. Synchronous means that the rest of the page loading execution process stops until that request has been performed. It is obvious that, this programming is simpler to do. JavaScript do not support multiple threading, that is the reason it needs to be loaded to full. Thus, no other operations can be carried out while waiting for a synchronous HTTP request. Now think that Javascript calls a server to display an Flash based Ad (bigger size) and in HTML code the placement is hierarchically higher than other components of the webpage to make it a viewable or readable to the reader.
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is a kind of technology for dynamic web pages which allows the direct exchange and the representation of parts of web pages without the need of loading the entire web page. Ajax programs give the impression that they are running on the user’s computer. To avoid the problem with  synchronous JavaScripts,  asynchronous requests are used. This means that JavaScript in  asynchronous does not waits for a response, but continues with the execution of the next line. In order to process the result of the request may still is passed to the request object also. This form is called asynchronous AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).

What is the advantage of Creating a WordPress Generated Website on Rackspace Cloud Files ?

Rackspace Cloud Files has Akamai Edge Computing behind for CDN technology – this the real next generation cloud where geographically the contents are distributed Worldwide.  Additionally you can basically server a Full SSL website without paying a single dime. It will cost hardly $5 / month for 10K pageviews per day (base price $2 / month). The price is lower, advantages are many, but the work for creating a WordPress Generated Website on Rackspace Cloud Files unless you need a full static website.

Best Music Player Apps for Android : Reloaded

Best Music Player Apps for Android lists some great Music Players for Android Device. This is reloaded version as previously long ago we published another list. Some songs, music become immortal with time, they can a symbol of protest, rejoice and celebration.
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Android, Best Music Player Apps for Android, Apps for Android

How to uninstall programs in safe mode windows 7

After following this tutorial, you will be able to uninstall and remove softwares when you started your Windows PC in Safe Mode.
If you have installed software on your computer and for any reason it gives you issues, the best thing to do is to uninstall it. But what happen if such a piece of software keeps restarting your Windows operating system or worst, disables certain services so that you won’t be able to performs some important operation anymore ? In this case Windows will help you with a special feature called Safe Mode. Basically, in Safe Mode you will be able to troubleshoot your computer in order to fix issues. However, if you need to uninstall and remove some software, you have to know that this kind of “limited state” Mode has the Windows Installer Service completely disabled. Let’s see how to turn it on and uninstall everything; even in the Safe Mode configuration.
Windows Installation Service is responsible for the installation and uninstallation procedure. If you try to access it in Safe Mode you will get the following message: “The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your Support Personnel for assistance”. The following tutorial will teach you how to turn the Windows Installation Service in Safe Mode:


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Creating Own WordPress Theme by Full Modification of Official Theme

Creating Own WordPress Theme can be made easy by full modification of any WordPress official Theme or other theme or theme framework’s Child Theme. Creating own WordPress Themeis easy for a newbie by following modification method of an existing theme.

WordPress and SEO, Creating Own WordPress Theme

Why Official WordPress Theme For Creating Own WordPress Theme ?

How to modify and move for Creating Own WordPress Theme

What is the role of the tools like Photoshop for Creating Own WordPress Theme ?

Sentence Case Converter : Free Online Tools to Correct Cases

Sentence Case Converter tools are automated tools to convert text to upper case, lower case, sentence cases. These Sentence Case Converter tools are useful for converting all caps texts to normal text. These are frequently found in case of typing with Caps lock on, while moderating comments, copying text for citation etc.

Sentence Case Converter and Letter case

Letter case is fully related to orthography and typography. The capital letters are called Uppercase and small letters are called Lowercase. A normal sentence has this sentence like structure. With these free Sentence Case Converter tools we can automatically correct them.

Free online Sentence Case Converter tools

There are several Sentence Case Converter tools are available online and are suitable for normal works. Here are some such tools. : This easy-to-use Case Conversion Tool is designed to allow you to convert blocks of text into any case, which you can then export to a text file or simply copy and paste back to your own document. : Change Text Case – Convert upper case to lower case, lower case to upper case online plus there are other additional tools to convert ASCII Values, encode decode URL, BASE64 etc. :  Quick, easy, web-based Sentence Case Converter tool.

Computer and Internet, Sentence Case Converter tools

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Install AjaXplorer on Rackspace Cloud Sites to Extract Zip Files

Install AjaXplorer on Rackspace Cloud Sites to Extract Zip Files and manage files and folders on Browser with smooth Ajax powered Mac OS X like interface. The basic problem most Rackspace Cloud Sites users faces is the problem to Extract Zip Files on SFTP. Except PHP, Perl etc. scripts the function is pathetic. We supplied another such script which basically does the wget function to download WordPress zip folder and extract it on Rackspace Cloud Sites. We noticed that, lot of visitors are searching such function for Joomla!, Magento etc. Instead of creating separate scripts its obviously great if we have a great software that can extract anything. This is the major reason to write this guide on how to Install AjaXplorer on Rackspace Cloud Sites to Extract Zip Files.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Tips for Creating Inspiring Facebook Timeline Profile Image

Tips for Creating Inspiring Facebook Timeline Profile Image has some marketing strategies behind. Because it reflects your or your page’s overall attitude. Just like Web Designing, Tips for Creating Inspiring Facebook Timelinecan increase your brand image and conversion rate. Even if your target is not directly related to marketing, Tips for Creating Inspiring Facebook Timeline can work for creating a neat and unique profile of you.

Internet load balancing and Multiple Internet Connections

Internet load balancing uses multiple Internet connections by increasing the reliability and performance with the chance to achieve the result at a lower cost. It is possible to increase the Internet connection bandwidth with Internet load balancingalthough it is not an absolute statement.…

Best First Person Shooter Games (FPS) for Android

Best First Person Shooter Games (FPS) for Android lists some amazing and entertaining 3D games for your Android Tablets and Android Smartphone. Although the specific hand-held gaming devices are known to deliver the best gaming experience, Android offering exciting adventures that can be considered as a opener of a new era of gaming on mobile phones.

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

WP Super Cache With Rackspace Cloud Files CDN (Open Cloud)

WP Super Cache With Rackspace Cloud Files CDN guide is an update due to change of technology by using Open Cloud. Old one was Configuring WP Super Cache With Origin Pull or Origin Push CDN. One visitor commented recently in one of the articles on Page Speed Optimization that, he can not believe that his website is loading so fast just by following the words. So the things are actually working. Thats too, without the need of any Page Specialist’s fees.

Amazon Glacier : Low Cost Storage Service for Archival Purpose

Amazon Glacier is a Low Cost Storage Service for Archival Purpose newly has been introduced by Amazon and pricing is on Pay as You Go model like the others. Amazon Glacier is for mass data storage with low configuration hardware behind and is not intended for serving files using GET request, unlike CDN. Amazon Glacier is probably more better if you have very volume of storage need as a backup service.

Installing Nginx With PHP5, MySQL on Rackspace Cloud Server

Installing Nginx With PHP5, MySQL on Rackspace Cloud Server using Debian Sqeeeze needs only few steps. This guide is for Next Generation Cloud Servers. If you need for WordPress, you can follow this guide keeping in mind it is for old generation Cloud, so the screenshots are different from this one. And you can read about nginx HTTP Server Basics if you are relatively new to follow this guide for installing Nginx With PHP5, MySQL.Read more:

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Using https URL of Rackspace Cloud Files for WordPress

Using https URL of Rackspace Cloud Files for WordPress needs some extra steps for more secured delivery of Static Content of your SSL enabled WordPress site. Previously we published how to use SSL Certificate for WordPress on Rackspace Cloud Sites. But, all of us..

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Windows 8 Metro Look For Windows 7

Windows 8 Metro Look can easily be achieved on Windows 7 using a set of desktop Widget without actually changing the theme, RAM and CPU consumption is less. This is what this Windows 8 Metro Widget, running on…

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Embedding Streaming Video From Rackspace Cloud Files in WordPress

Embedding Streaming Video From Rackspace Cloud Files in WordPress needs few copy paste and click works to properly show on your webpage without any plugin. Most of us do…

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Samsung Galaxy S Boot Screen for Windows PC

Samsung Galaxy S Boot Screen for Windows PC will change your Windows 7 Boot Screen with a Samsung Galaxy S startup screen like animation.

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DNA Computing and Modeling of Neurons

DNA Computing is the application where replicated organic compounds like DNA, RNA are used instead of traditional inorganic chips for parallel computing. Richard Feynman the founder of...

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Facebook Security : Tips and Guides

Facebook Security is a non existing concept. Still there are some extra measures to make a normal Facebook Account or Admin’s or Developer Account Secure. In our previous article, we have written about Blocking People in Facebook and this is one of the big loop hole, and you must read that article as well. Probably a book can be written on the possibility of the exploit of this blocking feature.

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What is Artificial Immune System (AIS)

Artificial Immune System (AIS) is a class of algorithms used in computational systems with the principles of the immune system of higher class of vertebrates. The algorithms of Artificial Immune System (AIS) typically exploit the characteristics of the immune system in terms of learning, memory and as a means of solving problems. The simulated operations in Artificial Immune System (AIS) include pattern recognition, hypermutation, clonal selection of B cells, negative selection of T cells, affinity maturation etc.

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Virtual Circuit

Virtual Circuit is usually synonymous with Virtual Connection in a communication network. On each of these logical channels, separate bit of stream can be sent. The concept of virtual connection has the advantage that, during the bundling process of the packets, a multiplexing gain is achieved and the bandwidth of the line is used more effectively.

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Monday, 20 August 2012

How to Perform a Clean Installation of WordPress on a Live Domain without Maintenance Mode

Its quite easy to perform a Clean Installation of WordPress on a Live Domain without Maintenance Mode but it will take time and we will suggest to test it on non important other website of you first.
WordPress is a content management system. Physically there is no directory which actually present like this :

Installing CorneliOS Web OS on Rackspace Cloud Sites

Installing CorneliOS Web OS on Rackspace Cloud Sites is easy as the ultimate Cloud Platform is quite easy and very much flexible. Here is step by step guide. You might be interested to real the guide…

Keyboard cum Leather Casing For Android Tablet : Who Will Need It ?

Things should not be done whimsically, otherwise there are many proverbs to describe what happens next. Keyboard cum Leather Casing can be a need in certain situation, this guide is for them. The major reason is to buy a Keyboard cum Leather Casing For Android Tablet is, you need to type a lot of text, that is basically difficult using the touch keyboard.

Angry Bird icon for PC Mac iPhone iPad

Angry Bird Icon set is here for your download. Your Favorite Angry Bird Game icon now can can be used as your own folder icon or as avatar.
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Friday, 17 August 2012

Mind, Theory of Mind and Computing

Mind is capable to do functions, among which a computer can not do all right now, human nature is to gather knowledge, to make us living from cave to a modern apartment. Just think for a moment, what differentiated that great great great grandfather caveman and you, we do not know whether he was a common relative of you and me. So, scientists, philosophers, spiritual persons tried to define mind, developed Theory of Mind and yes, we have been able to relate mind with computing, with Artificial Intelligence we have successful to emulate some functions a human mind. The philosophical and to some extent spiritual thoughts came closer to computing because of a specific field - Cognitive Science.

Server Hardware and Software : What Makes a Computer a Server

Server Hardware and Software itself makes a Computer a Server. When there is question of networking to pull data from one main computer it becomes a server. In our previous article, What is a server, we wrote the basics of a server and in various articles we wrote about specific kind of server machines like Blade Server, Rack Server etc. But it is probably a big question that why we need these special Server Hardwarethat costs a huge but apparently has not much difference in configuration than your desktop.

What is Hardware Emulation

A hardware emulator is an electronic device that a system such as a printer or a microprocessor can replicate functionally, electrically or mechanically including housing and pins. The connection to the processor module is using base and created a matching plug. Special kind Hardware Emulation is our  previously written In-circuit emulator.
Today’s most common Hardware Emulation is used are for printers. Many large-format plotters are emulated on modern Operating System. A virtual machine (VM) is often mistakenly referred as an example of Hardware Emulation. In a virtual machine, a large part of the instructions but is forwarded to the host system. The VM manager assumes no Hardware Emulation as such.
A Hardware Emulator allow the development of machine-oriented software, the target system is faked, but usually a special hardware allows the software running in a real environment.

WLAN or Wireless Local Area Network

WLAN or Wireless Local Area Network describes a local radio network with a standard of the IEEE 802.11. The narrower meaning is synonymous with Wi-Fi. Unlike the wireless personal area network (WPAN), WLAN have greater power levels and ranges and WLANgenerally offer higher data transfer rates.

Using Rackspace Database as a Service to Boost WordPress

Using Rackspace Database as a Service can boost WordPress hosted on unmanaged Servers either internal or external at a low cost simply you are billed for usage. There are few things those points an average user need to know before

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Windows 8 Edition : Comparison and Criticisms

Windows 8 Edition actually comes in three flavors Windows 8 edition, Windows 8 and Windows Pro RT. Let us compare with other advanced Operating Systems. Most of the unofficial blogs are written and published by Microsoft MVPs, to promote various Windows 8 Edition. We have compare with Open Source Operating Systems and Other Operating Systems as unlike Microsoft MVPs who gets these Windows 8 Edition for free, you or me have to pay the hard earned money to get any one Windows 8 Edition for one PC.

Details of Various Windows 8 Edition
You know about Windows 8 Beta and other details. Officially Microsoft itself has a chart ( Announcing the Windows 8 Edition ) The chart can be confusing to normal users as X is used for feature present and blank for feature not present. There are reasons to do such peculiar work. Anyway, here is a better version :

To me only good thing is we can install Windows 8 on Android Tablet.

Comparing Windows 8 Edition with Other Operating System
Forget about any Windows 8 Edition – Few Billion Dollars businesses are running on WordPress, few Billion Dollars businesses are deploying Open Stack, Open Cloud, free Linux OS.  Saying about Open Cloud will sprinkle salt on Microsoft’s wound.
Buying any Windows 8 Edition for business or personal purpose has very low Return of Investment in my honest opinion. Why we need to buy a $300 (no official pricing is available for any Windows 8 Edition but its definite that Microsoft will not give it as Open Source Software!) where the basic need is done by free Linux plus almost free from Virus.
Ubuntu has good supportive forum, Debian is one of the most stable distro. Its your money, you will decide which Windows 8 Edition to choose, but definitely try these free Linux distro once in life.
We have not said about Mac OS X in this Windows 8 Edition article, it uses core of UNIX.

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UMTS or Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

UMTS or Universal Mobile Telecommunications System is a 3G standard with significant higher data transfer rates than the wireless standard of second generation. Previously we wrote about the functions, features and types of USB Modems and we mentioned that some of these devices support Universal Mobile Telecommunications System(UMTS).

RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Disks

RAID is the acronym for Redundant Array of Independent Disks used to organize multiple physical hard drives in computer to function as a logical drive. RAID allows a higher data availability in case of failure of individual hard drives. RAID is an practical implementation of Storage Virtualization.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Kernel Based Virtual Machine (KVM)

Kernel based Virtual Machine (KVM) is a Linux kernel infrastructure for virtualization and runs on x86 hardware with the hardware virtualization techniques from Intel (VT) or AMD (AMD-V) like Virtualization Capable Processors and on the Systemz architecture.…

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Right Cloud Service : Determining the Right Cloud Provider

The Right Cloud Service should be selected for you work or business like selecting the right partner. Here is the best process for determining Right Cloud Provider. What is your need from the Cloud Service, understanding that point, understanding what Cloud Computing can actually do for you and most importantly, discussing with others, taking others opinion has great value for choosing the the Right Cloud Service.
The Right Cloud Service Should be be at one shot
You can read our whole Cloud Computing section, there are various in depth articles on Cloud Computing. The major advantage of Cloud is the pay as you go model with practically non ever ending resources. Like we said in our article Overview of Cloud Market, Cloud Server and Cloud Storage right now has quite good competition (which can actually help you to choose the Right Cloud Service from the right provider as well). And the company’s history, current situation, technology and your basic need matters.
Selecting The Right Cloud Service is like selecting the right life partner
What is the need ? If it is the storage, then the factors are quality, uptime, pricing and security. For less storage on budget, a CDN can work fine. While medium-sized businesses are increasingly turning to the cloud, privacy and compliance requirements become increasingly important.
Now come to directly to Cloud Servers. Distinctly, there are various types of services, and for a newbie it is difficult to choose the right one. Budget should never compromise security and quality.
As rightly said by Luis Delabarre on the topic Cloud Computing Benefits for Small Business, Cloud computing is undeniably one of the major technological advances of recent years offering small companies a very promising outlook and previously unimaginable future for profit. The move to Cloud differs from one company to another and it is essential in all cases to ask the right questions and be aware of potential risks instead only the pessimistic thought for Cloud Computing Benefits.

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Biomedical Engineering and Scope of AI

Biomedical Engineering is the application of engineering principles and rules in the field of medical science for diagnostic, therapeutic reasons and for rehabilitation. As the approach of science is to make  a better quality of human life and medical science human can not progress, many decades ago, a doctor thought after watching a big roomful desktop that, if this machine can be used for our analysis purpose, we can progress faster towards killing the diseases. This is how the basic  concept Biomedical Engineering took birth. Today, due to complexity of the subjects, Biomedical Engineering has been divided and subdivided in to various streams, most of higher streams needs post doctoral degree, the crude usage of Biomedical Engineering, like producing a hip joint replacement has been pushed towards Instrumental Engineering as we need mass production. Division of Biomedical Engineering, which are associated with mass production of medical devices, like a Pacemaker or a insulin pump, will not be discussed here. These part of Biomedical Engineering is rather crude as they have no connection with the latest hypothesis, research works.

Preface for Biomedical Engineering and Scope of AI

Devices produced by Biomedical Engineering for mass usages, those are prosthesis, mainly used by surgical sciences. There are specific Laws (for US and India, I am not aware of other countries) Medical devices are regulated and usually classified in to categories. First category are nothing but those has very elementary function in human body, if properly  not supervised, can be devil - a bandage can be evil if not sterilized properly . Second category is the already approved complicated devices produced for the mass through Biomedical Engineering those includes no-logical devices like a prosthesis for Total Hip Replacement and devices with Fuzzy Logic like a Pacemaker. The usual laws employs Quality Control and proper usage by various methods, for some device implantation, a certified person of the manufacturer company must have to be present physically. The reason is quite obvious, the device might not work properly due to manufacturing defect or might get damaged while in transport.
These are the grocery shop like part of Biomedical Engineering. We basically primed the reader about what is actually done.
Now, the third category has devices that needs a premarket notification or needs more paperworks. This includes the rest which has not sufficient meta analysis data for safety. Let us come to the Artificial Intelligence part. Employing AI, a significant progress can be done (in fact is done) particularly for total limb prosthesis, wheel chairs etc. And our "dangerous" thought of mind uploading is also in the list.
Deploying AI in Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
I know how actually your index finger moves. But for creating an prosthesis, which will seamlessly work more better than now, needs the knowledge of Mechanical Engineering and most importantly, someone need to code in UNIX to run them, this why Medical computer science took birth separately from Biomedical Engineering.
If the doctor has no idea about these higher knowledge of Biomedical Engineering, computer sciences, the companies will manufacture fake products and push them. The ultimate goal of these companies involved with Biomedical Engineering is to make huge profit. This is marketing part.
The reason to create the branch of  Medical computer science is to create some employees who will understand some part of Medical Science. The inventor, frankly the doctor needs no degree, Sir Isaac Newton had no specialty on optics.
Adding  AI in Biomedical Engineering does not mean that instantly it will create an artificial limb which will work to defend oneself by hitting, when the person having the implant is sleeping. We will rather try to make the existing simple hip joint prosthesis a bit intelligent - most of these implants gets under  attack by the body's defending cells as they are not of our body parts - you must have heard of transplant rejection. One of my currently attached project is to create small mini-scale robots which will create friendship with the cells of our body !
It seems very difficult, but actually it has an gap of knowledge thats creating a big problem. I mentioned mind uploading for this reason. The patient consciously know that his implant is for good. His brain has the record. There is an communication gap as these protective cells are primitive, like amoeba. But they work following ant colony theory. Like Dr. Ray rightly said, they must have some fuzzy logic of their own, which we do not know still.
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View webpage as it will appear in iPad,iPhone,Mac from Windows 7

You may be a webmaster or blogger who does not have iPad, iPhone touch or a Macbut need to have a preview of your website how it will appear in those gadgets after installing some plugin (Like WordPress does provides such plugins) or just a curious geek.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

What is Cron ?

Cron is a program that needs to be installed on the server to use the feature. Cron is a job control program mainly developed for UNIX or UNIX like operating systems including Linux, BSD, Mac OS X . Cron job is automatically set work via scripting which will run at a specified time.
Cron is not necessarily only for UNIX OS, there is Cron for Windows too.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cloud Computing Risk Analysis

Cloud Computing Risk Analysis is an important administrative and marketing task. ENISA itself has a pdf guide on Cloud Computing Risk Assessment. However, we will cover a generalized idea on Cloud Computing Risk Analysis. Those who want to download the free pdf of ENISA can click this link to visit the official website to download the pdf for Cloud Computing Risk Analysis. Plus, you can read related articles with this article on Cloud Computing Risk Analysis – First is the article on Risks of Free Public Cloud and the second is more generalized – Risks associated with use of Internet. We can not use Cloud without Internet access.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Rich Snippets for WordPress

Rich Snippets for WordPress are great toolkit by which Google Search readily give the right credit in SERP. Rich Snippets increases the chance of CTR in SERP. Google is rightly giving importance to Rich Snippets to end the game of backlinking based SEO. Quite obviously, the only way for Google Bot before to give importance to a site from an external view was backlinks. It was how Page Rank was constructed.

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Monday, 6 August 2012

7 Tips For Writing Better Articles For Blog : Articles That Works

7 Tips For Writing Better Articles For Blog brings motivations for blogging by article writing for creating really helpful website that will last for decades. Getting momentary 50 thousands visitors for few months and constant fall thereafter clearly open ups a big fact – Google has detected it is made to make Ad revenue and is useless to rank it higher. These 7 Tips For Writing Better Articles For Blog will not only help you to get a constant growing visitors, but also will help the users, who are in need.

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Best Android Apps : List of 50 Free Android Apps

Best Android Apps�is judged by the quality, usefulness of the apps as well as the ratings. Here is a list of 50 Best Android Apps. There is nothing to explain more about the post best Android Apps.

Best Android Apps – System Tools

We have listed some good and useful apps in this Best Android Apps list. Definitely, there are many unknown apps deserves to be in the Best Android Apps list.
3G Watchdog – 3G Watchdog data counter monitors your Mobile Internet (3G/Edge/GPRS) data usage, shows a status icon (green/orange/red) in the notif bar and a detailed report page.
Apps2SD – Moves already installed apps to memory card. Best among the Best Android Apps.
Android Assistant – 17 features to help you easily and efficiently manage your android phone.
Astrid Tasks – Everyone’s favorite todo list. Nice app, that is why we have added in the Best Android Apps list.
Astro File Manage – Best file manager among these best Android Apps. Second best among the Best Android Apps.

, android icon, android app icon, free android apps download unknown, games and apps icon android