Friday, 29 March 2013

Central Processing Unit or CPU

Central Processing Unit or CPU is a machine or an electronic circuit, which controls commands entered through the machinery or electrical circuits. Processor is too broader terminology which actually covers Central Processing Unit too – we mentioned this in our article on basics how the “Processor” works – Central Processing Unit (CPU), CPU should be the preferred term over Processor.…

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Installing WordPress via PHP Script : Cloud Sites and Other WebHosts

Installing WordPress via PHP Script is a very way to install WordPress on your Server via FTP without Shell Access. The script automatically download and unzips the compressed WordPress file from official website and delete the script after the installation is complete. There are two variants of the script – one is for the basic work and another is quite advanced; which checks the compatibility of serverside before installing WordPress.

False Appearance of Cloud by Means of Promotive Ads

False Appearance of Cloud by Means of Promotive Ads. Does it sound closer to Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection? Yes, both has good and bad points. Manslaughter is also a way for forced “Natural Selection”. But it is beyond the question of being really socially acceptable. Any good thing, usually get noticed by the mankind, whatever it is; bad usually get eliminated. Previously we published an article named Weaker Sides of Cloud Computing, False Appearance of Cloud is created by the Providers to hide the weaker points.…

Android Security: Protection Against Viruses and Malwares

Android Security is a kind of different as unfortunately Android is not of exact architecture like other operating systems such as pure Linux or iOS. Android is a Linux-based, but the Linux Kernel is modified. Every successful platform not only attracts more users, but sometime also adds shady characters for bad intentions. Fortunately, the number of Viruses and Malwares is less in comparison with Windows OS. This article on Android Security is for increasing public awareness.…
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Candlelight Photography Tips

Candlelight Photography looks great but taking by a newbie or even by to some extent advanced is quite challenging as it demands higher knowledge and practice. Here are some tips on the requirements and the needed setup for your Candlelight Photography session. In most cases of Candlelight Photography, the model is spouse, it is more challenging in real than can be thought from technical aspect.…
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Monday, 25 March 2013

Cloud Computing and Legal Issues

 and Legal Issues. People has been used with  Computing  Issues, an article named Cloud Computing and Legal Issues is a bit newer to many of the readers and . Cloud computing calls not only the IT professionals and, but also lawyers on the scene and is not very surprising. But it is interesting that legal arguments are no longer primarily the limitations on the new business model, but sometimes even used as sales-supportive, bringing solutions with high availability and reliability to the market.…

Linux : Basics About Unix-like OS

 referred to the usually unix-like Operating systems based on the Linux kernel and is GNU GPL based . The large, commercial distribution was from 1992 through the licensing of the Linux kernel  the free GNU GPL. In 1983, Richard Stallman launched the GNU project with the goal to develop an Unix-like, POSIX -compatible operating . Linus Torvalds is an important person related to development of Linux. The development of the Linux kernel is still organized by Torvalds. Various distributions of Linux exists.…

Customize Windows With XWIdget – Widget For Windows 7, Windows 8

Customize Windows With , one of the best widget currently available for Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can add  widgets as well as dock with xWidget.
This free  to Customize Windows is developed and distributed by XWidget .
Details of this XWidget, the next generation tool to Customize Windows 7 and Windows 8:

This xWidget to Customize Windows actually works like a platform to use several elements like Desktop Widgets and Docks. xWidget provides an editor to edit or create these widgets. You can go to the official website from the above link to see all the available apps.
After downloading, simply  it. If you need help, kindly visit the official website for documentation.
 XWidget to get the idea how you can Customize Windows

Download XWidget to Customize Windows

It is a exe download, the file is 6.9 MB in size.

Mac TextEdit Tips and Tricks

Mac TextEdit Tips and Tricks can reveal some of your unknown or little known features than by default we usually use.We love or hate, TextEdit is a part of OS X and both and for unknown reasons think, the default text editor should be like they are, although TextEdit is many times better than default text editor named Notepad. Mac TextEdit Tips and Tricks exists for that reason – it is far better than you actually know.…
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Red Hat Virtualization : Beyond 2013

Red Hat comes in to question for their work on and open source solutions which fostered innovation, adoption of virtualization and cloud. There is a word in Shi’a Islam – Qayāmat. It denotes that Almighty will raise mankind for Judgment. Whether it will true in real life, one might raise doubt but definitely for Microsoft, Red Hat really cornered in various ways. From Server Operating System to Cloud Computing. There are quite serious efforts from Red Hat in Cloud Computing in recent past and apparent the users, at least for our website; appears to be happy with Red Hat’s Free PaaS solutions. Even a developer had not much connection with Red Hat before Red Hat OpenShift. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Where is Cloud Computing, there is obviously Virualization solution behind.…

Friday, 22 March 2013

What Artificial Intelligence Can Do?

What  actually can do ? Is it possible to exactly replicate in the way a professional skilled human can work ? These are usual questions what the general people usually think, ask and search for. Before going to answer the question, What Artificial Intelligence actually can do, we need to understand what our mind can perform and what a  (in broader sense) is capable to do.
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Get Started With Command Line Tool for Red Hat OpenShift PaaS

Get Started with Command Line for Red Hat OpenShift PaaS with minimum required knowledge in order to do more which Red Hat PaaS actually offers. Previously, we published the basic guide for Installing Command Line Tool for Red Hat OpenShift PaaS on OSX. This time, we will be presenting some important and must to know information and commands for working with Red Hat OpenShift.…

Kensington Security Slot and Lock for Laptops

Kensington Slot and for Laptops are intended to deter or to some extent prevent stealing of based or MacBook Pro with steel cable. It is officially known as the Universal Notebook Security Cable.  based laptops are practically a joke by build, but this Kensington Security Slot actually has a metal plate extension to the only one metal board on which all the things are actually screwed, in some models. For some devices, the holes for the lock are machined only in plastic, so that breaking out is very simple.
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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Opera 11.10 RC4 Beta alias Barracuda : review

Opera is always innovative and comprehensive browser which stands out as a reference. Its speed, its many features, interface and now the arrival of extensions and highlighting its strengths could make him win market share with the public. To discover them, you will not regret it!
“Barracuda” is also the code name of the upcoming 11.10 version of the Opera browser. This is the first of a series of Opera versions where each one will have an associated code name.
- Haavard
Opera runs on a variety of personal computer operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD. Editions of Opera are available for devices using the Maemo, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, and operating systems, as well as Java ME-enabled devices. Approximately 120 million mobile phones have been shipped with Opera. Opera is the only commercial web browser available for the Nintendo DS and Wii gaming systems. Some television set-top boxes use Opera. Adobe Systems has licensed Opera technology for use in the Adobe Creative Suite.
The free Opera browser and platform is still required as a reference in a highly competitive field. As teams of Google Chrome , , Internet Explorer and Safari, the Norwegian Opera Software focuses on the integration of web standards, optimizing the loading of pages, the browser and of course modernization of the interface more simple and ergonomic.  Noteworty to mention Håkon Wium Lie, chief technical officer of the Opera Software company is also the co-creator of the CSS web standard.
However, Opera is still characterized by the integration of many ideas and innovations such as the ‘Turbo’ to compress pages to speed up their display on the small connections and make savings on 3G packages, “Opera Unite “offering the possibility of transforming the browser server to share multimedia content or hosting a forum. It is also a manager of e-mails, customer BitTorrent , the management of HTML 5 video tag and SVG filter modules of content and changing the style CSS and many personalization features like complete themes, widgets and Now extensions.

What is new in Opera Barracuda

Opera barracudaThis new version introduces support long-awaited extensions developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, the Norwegian browser will finally have an official library and an integrated real extension manager. Based on the W3C specifications, these extensions can be quickly ported to, but also imported from Google Chrome and Safari browsers which share the same technology. They can be quickly installed, configured, uninstalled without restarting the browser and will have a graphical interface, will in the background and can be deactivated with a click when viewing secure sites through an HTTPS connection.
On ergonomics aside, we note the arrival of an evolution in the management of the tabs. It is now possible to overlay multiple tabs by simply dragging and dropping. We may collect and separate double clicking on it, but also display fast previews of each tab, flying over this new item with the mouse cursor. The aim is obviously to facilitate the management of many native open tabs, but also saves space on the screen. The manager of integrated mail advantage of some improvements. In addition to correcting bugs in the traditional past, the client is faster and scroll bars have been redesigned. Managing saved queries and filters are now combined in a section called “Labels”. Fields of research has been simplified and in turn will create a sort rule from a simple query. Finally, we note a support still further web standards, optimizing the JavaScript engine as well as the prominence of mouse shortcuts.

Webmasters: Providing tailored content in your Speed Dial entry

There are a few new ways to provide tailored content and styling to Speed Dial entries for your own website: view-mode:minimized in CSS, the X-Purpose HTTP header, and autoreloading. You will get the needed source code from Opera team here.

Using Apache mod_rewrite to redirect all Speed Dial requests for any URL for your website

You can create a  custom html document and use apache’s mod_rewrite to provide unique and custom speed dial entry. The needed code is:

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Multimeter : Tool for Measuring Voltage, Current, and Resistance

Multimeter is a handheld electric instrument to directly measure active electrical quantities such as Voltage, Current and Resistance or has other capabilities. The measurements can be performed for direct or alternating current and in various measuring ranges for each. The analog multimeter variant was initially used and subsequently digital multimeter has been introduced, whose function is basically the same with some variations.…
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Monday, 18 March 2013

Stepwise Strategies for Adapting Private Cloud

Stepwise Strategies for Adapting Private Cloud is needed for many companies as the first step. Private cloud is changing the way of determining IT strategies of a non-IT non-Cloud Computing companies. On technical level, they will ensure to deliver virtualization technologies optimally. This allows the IT services to run accurately and get a highly scalable system delivered. What services are exactly needed ? This is where, Stepwise Strategies for Adapting Private Cloud is needed to be implemented.

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Raspberry Pi : Better Single-Board For Development

Raspberry Pi is small sized single-board computer, it was developed by Raspberry Pi Foundation for promoting understanding of basic computer science in schools. Basics is the same like Arduino, but there are many differences, Raspberry Pi is fully fledged computer capable of running Linux, has better capability to handle graphics and cost lesser. However, these are debatable topics, our primary work is not to compare Raspberry Pi and Arduino, but to give information on Raspberry Pi. If suits your intention, use it.

Friday, 15 March 2013

RISC or Reduced Instruction Set Computing

RISC or Reduced Instruction Set Computing is a type of design of Central Processing Unit which are generally used in microprocessors or microcontrollers. After our article on ARM Architecture, it appeared to us that; there are quite good number of readers who are interested in the topics of core computing. Practically, the in last two decades; the computing on commercial side, created a kind of new users. We can not blame this segment of new users, they actually has been injected the buzz of Giga Hertz clock speed, instead of knowing what we need and what is enough for our usage. Before reading this article on RISC or Reduced Instruction Set Computing; those who are newer to computing (using computers after 1990), consider to read the article on Microcomputer.…

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Quick Tips for Great Pictures

Quick Tips for Great Pictures shares a little know-how and experience. Read our tips to get success your photos and experience them with your digital camera. Previous article named Tips for Improving Skill of Digital Photography was of different taste. This on Quick Tips for Great Pictures is really for quick result. Quickness definitely does not build quality, but sometimes it becomes the way of choice.
Digital PhotographyDigital Camera, Skill of Digital Photography

Installing AppFog PaaS Command Line Tool on OS X 10.8.x

Installing AppFog PaaS Command Line Tool on OS X 10.8.x is actually not that easy for any level of user. Its a Ruby Gem and our method makes it very easy. When we are saying our method, the question will obviously arise – which method ? We are describing the method for easy Installing AppFog PaaS Command Line Tool on OS X 10.8.x with link to older tutorials.

Text Editors for Mac OS X : Best of the Bests yet Free

Text Editors for Mac OS X are required for more advanced functions than the default text editors like helpful syntax highlighting, macro and tabs. We are in favor of Free Text Editors under GNU GPL or Compatible License. There are GPL-ed and Free from the beginning Text Editors for Mac. Do not use any closed source paid Text Editors for Mac OS X (many website promotes) and if possible try to contribute to make the good free Text Editors for Mac OS X more better by contribution. The paid and / closed source softwares are creating problems and confusion among our users. We will try to avoid writing about the paid and obviously demote them. The reason of demoting is, a person or a group of person if can give any software for free, its inhuman to publish a single line about the paid and / closed source softwares.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Platform as a Service (PaaS) as an Alternative to More Costly IaaS

Platform as a Service (PaaS) can be a good option for the authors and webmasters who need a good quality webhosting at less cost. Here is an overview. We are not saying anything new on this website; we have said many a times through various articles that, for a smaller website, Platform as a Service is more better options than a tradition shared web hosting when compared by pricing or a cloud server when compared by providers. But obviously there are points of sacrifice, points to think more, this the basic reason behind this article – Platform as a Service (PaaS) as an Alternative to More Costly IaaS.

Windows 8 M3 Webcam Capture application in Windows 8 M1

This Windows 8 M3 Webcam Capture application in Windows 8 M1 trick is submitted by andreascy. It will will enable you to use Windows 8 M3 Webcam application in Windows 8 M1.
Instructions for activating Windows 8 M3 Webcam Capture application in Windows 8 M1 using batch file
Just copy the provided file in the download package to your Windows 8 M1 desktop and double click the batch file. This batch file will enable Windows 8 M1 to use the Inbuilt Windows 8 M3 Webcam Capture application.
Manually activating activating Windows 8 M3 Webcam Capture application
Do not use both method at the same time! Use the above or this one alone.
  • Go to the following key in Registry Editor :HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\GRE_Initialize
  • In right-side pane, create a new DWORD value RemoteFontBootCacheFlags and set its value to 4111
  • Now you can run the Windows 8 M3 Webcam Capture application by launching webcam.exe command

Google Search Command Line Interface : Web Interface and CLI Script

Google Search Command Line Interface is possible – a basic Perl script can list the websites or you can use an unix-shell like web interface to perform search. Goosh is the prototype example of such Google Search Command Line Interface. For unknown reason, the Google Project page of Goosh is not available anymore. However there are forked versions.…

Wedding Photography : Useful Tips For The New Users

Wedding Photography takes courage to be photograph in such an important situation, success will inspire and here are some evergreen tips for the new users. Obviously, we are not even thinking of those who are too much brave due to complete absence of sense of art. Those who like to experiment with Wedding Photography themselves will have been safely wondered whether they are even take the risk.…

Virtualization on Mac with Parallels Desktop 8

Virtualization on Mac with Parallels Desktop 8. Possibly it was an expected publication for the regular readers to get an update on this Virtualization software. There are somethings to say before we begin the song.
Computer and Internet, Virtualization, Software, Mac
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Monday, 11 March 2013

Cloud Computing : Your Concerns and Thoughts of Richard Stallman

Cloud Computing as terminology raises the eyebrows of some users who are associated with academics and computing for many years. There are certain reasons for publishing this article. Few days ago, one of our follower on Google Plus raised an important point – that is the security points of Cloud Computing. Definitely, security is a concern; but there are other concerns as well. Basically these points are written many a times. Our view on Cloud Computing is – Lick the honey, but do not chew the spoon. That definitely needs quite good knowledge about Computing itself. Keep in mind – science is always free; there is no copyright for any remarkable Law or Hypothesis associated with science.
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AppFog Cloud PaaS CLI : Getting Started Guide

AppFog Cloud PaaS is quite popular both for free quota to host websites and applications as well as the flexible platform they delivers at an affordable price. AppFog is a multi IaaS enabled platform as a service. That gives AppFog more flexibility than Heroku Cloud or OpenShift. The biggest advantage of Heroku definitely the free SSL. However, SSL is not required by all. With a website running WordPress with ~ 300 visitors per day will run quite fine for free on AppFog Cloud PaaS. Previous guide on AppFog was on installing WordPress through GUI. This is an introductory article on the command line interface of AppFog. This is a text based guide, we will later publish video tutorials on AppFog. For some, AppFog can be a better alternative to Rackspace Cloud Server (unmanaged) for reduction of cost, though it is a PaaS not IaaS; direct comparison from technical point is not right.
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Hypertext : What is Hypertext ?

Hypertext is a text with a net-like structure of objects of information linked by cross-references or hyperlinks between the hypertext nodes. Hypertext is written with the markup languages, the statements provide the commands for the hyperlinks, the most famous is the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) for web documents like you are reading this webpage.…
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VMWare Fusion or VirtualBox for Mac ?

VMWare Fusion and VirtualBox both are virtualization softwares. First is a paid software and second one is a Free Software. Which one is right for your Mac ? It is not that a Free software is of worse quality than a paid software and also the reverse is true – not all fields have enough good free softwares or a minimally paid software works great.…

Friday, 8 March 2013

Creating and Deleting Server Instance on Rackspace Cloud : Video Guide

Creating and Deleting Server Instance on are two most basic points that any new user must get used with it. You can practice the full process to master it. Once you delete the server, there will be nothing. So be careful. The charge for Rackspace is based on hourly usage basis. For one such practice, it is actually around 50 cents at the end of the month or starting of the month, based on what is the plan you are using.…

Installing WordPress via localhost Virtualization on Guest OS : Basics

Installing WordPress via localhost Virtualization on Guest OS is a practical, robust and clean way to keep your development or backup of WordPress organized. Previously we published a guide on how to run WordPress Virtual Appliance to get all the features of a typical localhost installation. Installing WordPress via localhost Virtualization on Guest OS is a frank more basic way to run WordPress on localhost without installing WordPress, which avoids various difficult terminologies which a new WordPress User, might not be used with.

The Reasons Why One Will Think for Installing WordPress via localhost Virtualization on Guest OS

The very first question that will come on anyone’s mind is – Why we will opt for Installing WordPress via localhost Virtualization on Guest OS, when various solutions for installing WordPress on localhost is available. The major reason is; we need not to have install the server components on our Mac, Windows or Linux PC. That means, we do not have to think about whether any unnecessary process or daemon is / are running while we are actually not using WordPress. Another point is security. As the port 80 becomes open; i.e. accessible to anyone publicly over Internet with the static IP or IP range, it is actually a security risk, as we are actually not using a server, there are files, folders and information which needs more care than a server.
Although the security needed is more for Windows OS than OS X, FreeBSD or Linux; it is great idea to use this method whenever possible. Third point is, you can keep the installations version wise separate by saving the image files with different names. For development, this is a great feature, indeed.

Installing WordPress via localhost Virtualization on Guest OS : Steps

There is a free and good software for running any guest on via Virtualization on your virtualization enabled processor. Most newer Macs satisfies this criteria. The software is VirtualBox :
You are running the Host Operating System, so download the version according to your Operating System. Install it normally like a software. Download Ubuntu Linux (12.04 LTS preferred for now, obviously you can use 12.10 or higher) :
It is an iso image of desktop version of Ubuntu Linux. Watch this video on how to run Ubuntu using VirtualBox :
Although this is shown on Mac, the basic thing is same for any Operating System. So, this part is done. Now you have to make your Ubuntu running inside VirtualBox running WordPress. That part is nothing, but simply installing WordPress on localhost like we wrote a guide on that topic before.

Security in the Cloud

Security in the Cloud grows from knowledge of the intelligent crowd. Finding critical vulnerabilities, controlling spam can solve problems faster than before. Previously we published two critical articles in the series of Security in the Cloud; first one is Visibility and Control of Security in the Cloud and The Divided Responsibilities in Security in the Cloud. Here is another important article on the same series – Security in the Cloud, it is more bold and more obvious.
SaaS (Software as a Service ) are now often referred to as the Security Service offer, particularly to the small and medium enterprises as it inherits the capabilities to ensure security without a lot of professionals and sophisticated infrastructure. We, however, were forced to keep the concept of pure security appliances – the offer in the security of the cloud is restricted from many providers despite full expressions.

Security in the Cloud begins with Anti-spam and security for the mail

In own company no installation or maintenance and care of the security solution is required; but the dangerous files and the mail softwares receiving incriminating spam messages are not only limited in its own network. By using certified data centers and Service Level Agreement (SLA), a secure e-mail operation is possible; additional modules such as an e-mail archiving provide additional benefits when it comes to compliance. Companies using such a security solution from the cloud must be able to trust the seller. This can be regulated by SLA. In addition, here; as opposed to a fully hosted email solution such as those in Microsoft Office 365 offers – only the selected security services are operated in the cloud. Additional modules such as virus protection and e-mail firewall offers other security services that can also be managed through a web interface.

Security in the Cloud and Secure storage in the cloud

Those who uses the software like of Dropbox , Google Drive and Skydrive, must keep an critical eye open. Although the vendors promise unison to keep the data safe and often they also offer an encrypted connection to its servers for secure storage but these are not sufficient. To exchange data within organizations and workgroups were made ​​popular by Dropbox, it is popular because of the independence of location and platform and almost a kind of informal standard.
The provider of the solution must have the full confidence of users – also with regard to the continuity of the service. In a short practical test, it can be convinced that the solution can be managed easily via the web interface.

Software Update is important

It is a good idea for users in the SME environment to offer a simple solution to the patch and update reliably, it regulates the direct connection with the anti-virus client software. Important points are - Automated updates of operating systems and applications, Distinction between highly-critical, critical and non-critical updates.

Using only the reputed services

Everyone knows that a reputed band, although never fully protects; but to keep their brand value, at least invests the effort more than the others. Unfortunately, many companies still misses the protection of social media applications. They are by very principle, designed to be independent from the terminal and most completely work on cloud. The more difficult it becomes to find and use the appropriate safety measures. Blocking connectivity to Facebook, Twitter and various Google applications can not be a long term solution.

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tips for Improving Skill of Digital Photography

Tips for Improving Skill of  - some less known practice can make your photography more better. These are not magics but will definitely work. There are some possibly helpful words for you and links to few (really not a lot) articles may be will able to provide you more ideas apart from this article – Tips for Improving Skill of Digital Photography, so that part is included in the next paragraph.
Tips for Improving Skill of Digital Photography : Looking though the rear mirror
Actually we have a stable number of regular readers for Digital Photography section. It is not that, we very plan-fully created the section on Digital Photography. Our primary idea was to just publish the informative articles of Digital Photography which has direct relationship with technology – like Sensor, Image Processor etc. Its the visitors’ comments and questions that made it bigger and serious one.
Whatsoever, this prototype article Tips for Improving Skill of Digital Photography is nothing new, few quite related but written from different perspective possibly will be helpful for some of the readers :
This is it. Nothing more. You can read them later after finishing this one, the core part actually starts from the next subheader.
Portrait session means more and photographs
The first tip is actually the one that is closest to the hand. To get better with photography, one will have to take as much pictures as possible. Henri Cartier-Bresson once said that “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst”.
Mr. Henri Cartier-Bresson stated rather drastically. But still there is something. In photography, you learn with every shot you take and that is why it is important to take pictures anytime, anywhere. Always remember: The more you photograph, the more you learn from what you are doing. Learn from mistakes.
Sit down with your results, critically
Look at your results accurately. You will love the good pictures and just tempted to very quickly press the Delete key. But you are making a serious error. Of course it is nice when you have had good pictures only. But you still give the effort to analyze why this is so good. “What have I done right, making the image over other to good”. This is important, so that you exactly count these points in future and also apply at your next pictures. Equally important, this also for the poor shots. Filter out what is bad. Why does not you like the picture? What is exactly the wrong?
Look, look, look
Theoretical knowledge at the beginning is very important. But looking at examples are more important. And that Internet has made it easy as it was never before. There are so many photo communities, forums and so many photo sites where you can watch endless number of images.
From other pictures you learn extremely much. One can see how perfect images are constructed, we discover the opportunities for image editing or simply get a new image creation ideas. Analyze why you like the pictures as well. Trying to discover what makes the picture feel you awesome is a big point.
Photography for an amateur is a different aspect versus a professional. Its quite easy to find an amateur becoming worse with time, this point must be kept in mind.

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Google Plus Cover For New Google Plus Design

Plus Cover dimension has not only changed, one can use multiple gif components now. In fact this redesign in March 2013 a big change for Google Plus. The redesign is towards a more modern style, the genre of minimalistic design we are getting used with. It was really quite difficult for the designers to cleverly use the basic color schemes of old Google with the new design, but they have really worked fine.
 New Google Plus Design is beyond Google Plus Cover redesign
For Twitter, we actually received the new cover, which Facebook actually introduced with the name Timeline Cover. Google Plus has combined and improved the ideas from both while making the new design more smart.
It appears that Google Plus is more interested to show the About page as default over Posts pages like before. It was an expected step. As can be seen that the Google’s branded color schemes has been used as smart looking Profile page’s About section.

Google Plus Cover : The New Things

While the whole thing got a big redesign; somewhat towards a bit Bootstrap genre of design, the Google Plus Cover is a significant point where the Google Plus users will need to open up Adobe Photoshop.
Google Plus Cover is now dynamic. At the time of writing this post, possibly this is the first second post on Internet (Mashable has published just few minutes before us) to pin point few new features, you can discover the multiple features :
  • The textual title and description overlay practically resembles Twitter
  • There are actually multiple animated gif can be discovered on Google Plus Business Page :
Yes, the icons are separate dom elements. We have checked with Opera Dragonfly. Although we have no idea how they have been inserted or can be used. As Mashable is claiming that Google might introduce Google Display Ads, it might happen, they are testing something new.
But it is important for the users to change the dimension now. Minimum height of the New Google Plus Cover is 160 Pixels. There is apparently no pixel sized dimension mentioned (we will update with free PSD on this post, please bookmark it) in CSS, its set to 100%. So a bit calculation is needed.
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4G or Fourth Generation Mobile Telecommunications Technology

4G or Fourth Generation Mobile Telecommunications Technology is not that clear cut like our conventional 3G. LTE is 3.9G, LTE Advanced is taken as a part of 4G. This confusion is the basic reason why we wrote on Long Term Evolution or LTE separately from 4G. 4G is also taken a part of Next Generation Mobile Networks, of which Next Generation Networks is itself a part. Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) is a project of mobile phone companies and mobile equipment vendors to develop the next generation of mobile communication devices. This generation is known as 4G. With the adoption of the standard LTE-Advanced , the project achieved its primary objective. So this is the basic.
4G or Fourth Generation Mobile Telecommunications Technology : Introduction
NGMN is based on previous UMTS infrastructure and therefore a rapid and cost-effective expansion of the existing 3G mobile networks is possible. One of the advantages over the existing networks with High Speed ​​Packet Access (HSPA) is achieving a up to 100 megabits per second, it is much higher speed. The end device used can be permanently connected to the Internet (“always on”).
This will be achieved with a more efficient utilization of the available frequency spectrum, which is also intended to provide for a simpler network architecture and lead to latency of about 10 milliseconds. The network coverage needs not to change. NGMN is based techniques such as WiMAX and Flash-OFDM on OFDM . In contrast to the mentioned method, the frequencies at NGMN however assigned adaptively, so the user at a time distance of up to 0.5 milliseconds can assign each of the network resources required. Thereby a better delay performance is possible than on OFDM systems. Since early 2005, the standardization of NGMN runs through the standardization body.
4G or Fourth Generation Mobile Telecommunications Technology
The “Next Generation Mobile Networks” (NGMN) is a project of mobile equipment manufacturers and mobile operators to develop the next generation of 3G that is 4G. The current standard is the 3G mobile standard, which build on the 2G and the 1G-0G standard. 0G-2G to the standard leads from the root of mobile communications to GSM standard.
UMTS offers the ability to download data under optimal conditions up to 384 kilobits per second. Interference and bug fixes this rate diminishes, but have now thanks to several extensions of the standard ( like HSDPA ) which offers much higher speeds. A high data rate is important for services such as video telephony and mobile internet usage. With the next generation 4G again, significantly higher data rates will be available.

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sun and Cloud : The Story of Sun Cloud Computing

Sun Cloud was an on-demand Cloud computing service at one dollar per hour charge. The diversity and complexity of cloud in the past three years since that time. Sun Cloud was for enterprise grade resources over the Internet, enabling the developers, researchers, scientists and businesses to accelerate innovation without investment in IT infrastructure. Sun Cloud closed officially on a Sunday, on March 7, 2010. It has been 3 years since then.

Sun Cloud : Cloud computing makes no IT expertise superfluous

Experience shows that the companies whose executives intensively worked for the underlying technologies and not only for the cost aspects of cloud computing interest, usually successful in the implementation of the first initiatives and projects. So it turned out that CIOs and cloud project with a strong private development and technological know their administration teams and software developers much more likely to convince them of the new offerings.

Regarding the various cloud operating models, i.e. the manner in which the underlying IT infrastructure stacks are constructed and operated, the operational reality is at midnight’. So just medium and large enterprises only in parts – for example, for certain classes of workload – willing to share their computational power of public IaaS platforms. In general, there are clear requirements for managed environments, their SLAs are similar to those of the classic Enterprise hosting.

Sun Cloud is an Example that only Service level agreements do not protect against failures

 However, the SLA deceives and also hide the fact that SLA per se is not a protection against failures and poor availability. You can compensate for only part of the costs incurred, and only the significant part of non-delivered IT infrastructure services. The hard costs of failure continue to the user.

SLAs play a central role, but it can be seen as a flag of credit, the importance of the cloud service provider is customer satisfaction and how much they relies on their excellence. We can recall our old writings on Sun Cloud Computing, but unfortunately, the service is closed forever.

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Monday, 4 March 2013

Why Use Google Adwords : Truth and Myths

Why Use ? The simple answer is, for any return you need to invest. How you will invest, what is the expected ROI these should be calculated too. We actually have a good amount guides and articles on Adwords too. On one such article, one visitor asked few days ago, why we are giving more importance to Google AdWords now over SEO itself. The first thing is that, AdWords is a sure shot service with a proper SLA, but SEO can not have any SLA. We invest 3-4 times more on AdWords than in SEO and today, that is the rule for any online business. When we are saying “that is the rule” the question again bounces back – Why Use Google Adwords ?

Framing, Resizing, Adding Signature in Your Digital Photograph

Framing, Resizing, Signature are not that much discussed in any Photography related websites than tips on usage of Photoshop for Post Processing. For an artistic good quality image, these points – Framing, Resizing, Adding Signature are very important and most newbies constantly does the wrong. You can read a and example on Post Processing in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Photography here or watch a video guide on Post Processing in Adobe Photoshop here. As I am not a person from literature, it is basically difficult for me to express these processes of Framing, Resizing, Adding Signature in text. Although the maximum will be tried for you.
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Limit Facebook Apps or Games Notifications : Video Guide

Limit Facebook Apps or Games Notifications to be shared only on your profile or two or multiple friend(s) as per your desire level is. Here is a comprehensive guide. This is one of the most important security point that must be properly configured, not only for the things you possible do not want to share publicly, it avoids various security issues. Most of the regular readers of this website, possibly can recall two important guides in this regard – one is How to Create a Custom Friend List in Facebook and another is the potential security risks Facebook never told you and some ways to fix them. Before we go through this guide on how to Limit Facebook Apps or Games Notifications, there are some important practical and theoretical points needed to be mentioned.…
Facebook Apps, Facebook Games
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How To Duplicate Entire MySQL Database From Command Line

How To Duplicate Entire MySQL Database From Command Line is a frequently asked question as we often need to backup the database or restore the database quickly. In this short guide on How To Duplicate Entire MySQL Database From Command Line, we are giving example with Rackspace Cloud Server. It will definitely work with any other standard webhost.

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Cloud Computing for High-Performance Computing : Potential Field of Application

Cloud Computing for High-Performance Computing has been researched and tested by various individual and non-it universities as it is technological outsourcing. Cloud computing and information technology itself, such as change the understanding of IT as a service, is in use for a long term. Organizations relates the cloud computing as the possibility of rapid provisioning of IT processes which are flexible, scalable, on-demand as a service. Many start-ups and established organizations already use the dynamic processing power and storage capacity of the cloud, without having to make large investments. But what is the potential lies in the cloud services for complex, data-intensive calculations for science and research ? Can organizations use the services of commercial cloud providers for high-performance computing ? Particularly in HPC often complex and costly infrastructure are necessary. can we can replace it with a service ?
Cloud, Cloud Computing, Technology, Computer System
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