Friday, 28 September 2012

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) : Detailed Article

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a model of cloud computing where the user maintains the server software, SOA and the supplier maintains cloud environment. Previously we described Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in brief, in this article, we will elaborately discuss Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Port in Computer Networking

Port in Computer Networking allows a computer listen or transmit information on these ports. A port is distinguished by its number and corresponds a standard. This port in Port in Computer Networking is also known as the port number. These corresponds to the transport layer of the OSI model.
Please read more: Port in Computer Networking

Facebook Analytics for Your Website : Facebook Insights for Domains

Facebook Analytics can give you important information if you use Facebook Insights for Domains. It sounds easy, but difficult to configure with Load Balancer. Forget about SEO people, they are basically semi literate peoples works like robots. Our work is to use them like manual workers. But these custom high level API based integrations are out of their reach. Just ask them three basic Newton’s laws of motion. 99% will fail to say the Third Law. The UNIX experts will not come to help you, so ultimately you have fix it. The reason for this guide to Facebook Analytics for Your Website is for the webmasters who are using Cloud Servers with Load Balancers as well as those who are using various Asynchronous codes, modified the crap default Facebook Like button code for purification label by W3C.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

FAQs on Ubuntu 12.04 after Upgrading from Windows

FAQs on Ubuntu 12.04 after Upgrading from Windows are for the new users of Ubuntu who are not even aware of small tweaks like activating transparency effect. Ubuntu has official huge source of FAQs on Ubuntu 12.04, this article is not a replacement or copy paste of the official community support page. This FAQs on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is mainly for the Desktop Edition of Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin, not really for the server edition. If you have not upgraded from your Windows PC to Ubuntu 12.04, you can read this guide on how to Install Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin Within Windows 7. All tweaks, tricks comes under GNU 2.0 License.

Database and Database System (DBS)

Database stores data and the data is managed by the database specified model. The most common form of a database system is a relational database system. Database is one the most common wrongly used terminology by the layman. Basically, there is clear confusion between binary files stored on non interactive storage system and served on browser on GET request, like a HTML webpage is served from any FTP server. Only Apache like web server with proper setup is enough to serve so. No Database and Database System is required to process, store such ‘data’. In the same way, a simple PHP webpage will not require any Database and Database System, PHP is a server side programing language, in such case, along with Apache like web server software, PHP is required to be installed on the server to serve the webpage. In both cases, the actual page is physically present on the FTP server.

Please read more - Database and Database System (DBS)

Twitter Header Design Tips Plus PSD Layout

Twitter Header Design Tips to create a great design for a professional profile which will attractive and people will lick it like Mac to become your follower. Twitter has Apple Inspired graphical minimalistic design and in contrast to Facebook’s crap design, it needs more careful Photoshop work for Twitter Header Design of your own, otherwise it will look very pathetic.

Twitter Header Design Tips : Inconsistencies in mention of Image Size

The developers guide in Twitter mentions the maximum size of Twitter Header to be of 1252×626 pixels. But in Twitter design profile it is 1200×600 pixels. Image size will not be a factor even for PNG output from PSD in Photoshop. Again Facebook failed. There is a loose less compression that does not affect the look at all. Compare with Facebook’s compression.
Twitter Header Design Tips : The Steps

We have included a PSD here of 1252×626 pixels with grid suggestive position of your flower like good looking face :

The gray border is of Adobe Photoshop. I have used a Grid Pattern in black background to make it appealing ! The major important point is – the Twitter Header Design PSD file we have included is of 1252×626 pixels, but I discovered while uploading my own Twitter Header Design – it should be 1200 x (auto – nearly 624 pixels or like that) pixels. In other words, resize the width of final PNG output to 1200 pixel. Height will be auto in Photoshop. Here is is how I uploaded Twitter Header Design :

We need no scaling as our design is a final work. The option of Twitter Header is in design option in Twitter. After uploading it, it looks like this :

Add proper gradients to make yours one a bit dark, that white colored text output is automatic. It is important to use same photo everywhere, same name every where, if you have the desire to become a verified author and get an email from Google. As I use the lotus Icon in Twitter, it was important to use my ugly face in Twitter Header Design. Although, it is better to use your face in any case. The softwares recognizes the face and understands that you are you !

Download Twitter Header Design from my deviantArt Gallery.
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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fully functional Apple Magic Trackpad in Windows 7

Apple Magic Trackpad is an excellent state of art hardware. However, it was very difficult to use Apple Magic Trackpad properly in Windows 7 due to virtually non existent good driver program for Windows Operating System.

We have found a German geek, who has developed a nice . Net based application to use the Apple Magic Trackpad in Windows 7 rightly.
He has named it Apple Magic Trackpad Control Panel.

It has a bug after hibernating Windows 7. It get fixed after restart.

The developer has written how to use the Apple Magic Trackpad software in Windows 7 in English in his blog here for easy understanding.

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Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack, Ubuntu Cloud and Juju : What the heck you are saying about ?

Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack, Ubuntu Cloud and Juju can be used to setup your own Private Cloud or a Public Cloud. This is a preface article on Rackspace and Juju. A bit off-topic but its quite interesting fact Juju in Bengali language is an arbitrary monster, the name word Juju is still used to control nagging children by the mothers. But it is definite that Rackspace with Open Stack and Ubuntu Cloud with Juju, has definitely showing and shown the real Juju (the Bengali meaning) to Microsoft. It is a matter of fact, Ubuntu is now most used guest OS on Rackspace, Amazon, HP and Windows Azure as Official Ubuntu Cloud Guests.
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Juju Package Manager for Cloud Computing

Juju is a Package Manager, service orchestration management tool developed by Canonical for development of Cloud Computing of your own. Juju was formerly known as Ensemble. This free tool Juju is developed by Canonical it is an open source project, closely related to Ubuntu and is hosted on Launchpad. Juju is released under the Affero General Public License (AGPL).
Please read more- Juju Package Manager for Cloud Computing

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Google Authorship Confirmation Email : Google is Serious About Who Writes

Google Authorship Confirmation Email hit my Inbox saying officially that I have established my Authorship. Google Search reveals good information for writers. Searching first revealed old methods which basically many of thoughtful peoples are saying. First part is about getting the ticket to executive class (read Google Authorship Confirmation Email), even if not of executive class, at least among the first batch of ticket of free economy class. - read more

Angry Birds Games for Android : Collection of Best Angry Birds Games

At the end of 2009, game developer brand Rovio introduced a new game to bring more fun to the smartphones. In this way the Angry Birds Games�born. In order to give the this Angry Birds Birds game�the appropriate place, we have selected the best Angry Birds games created for Android Tablets. Previously we posted Angry Birds Iconswhich became very popular too. That download file contains high quality Angry Bird icon available in 256 x 256 pixels, 128 x 128 pixels, 64 x 64 pixels, 32 x 32 pixels. There are PNG files and ICO files. You can have a look on that as well. - read more

NoSQL : Not Only SQL Database

NoSQL Database stands for Not Only SQL Database is not a special database itself but a class of database which stores data, do not require fixed table schemas. In the academics, they are often called as structured data storage. If you have heard of Google’s BigTable, Amazon Dynamo, CouchDB, Apache Cassandra or MongoDB – all of them belongs to this NoSQL database group.
Please read more- NoSQL : Not Only SQL Database

How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera

How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera is really a big issue to any level of user. Most Photography lovers tries to spend the maximum they can afford. This phenomenon is well known by both the online and real life sellers. This is often nicely exploited in real shops by their most efficient to push products sales person, who typically arrives as a third person to ‘help’ both you and the first sales person. In case of online shops the risks are more as an average user will do the action as the seller wants, in over 60% cases. As many of our regular subscribers of asks this question – How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera, this an article dedicated for really How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera.
How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera : The major wrongs most does
There are few things, which should never be bought from any online shop. This include the body and Lens (if applicable) of a Digital Camera. The major reason is, have sensitive components and can sustain injury which might not be apparent initially. Always try to buy a Digital Camera and its Lens from a reputed bigger shop. The hands on experience, checkup is very very important.
Second point is, everyone has a budget. The example of appearance of a  sales person, who typically arrives as a third person. These are kind of drama like setting to convince the most. Basically when you go to buy a remarkable thing in life, you loss some sense of judgment. They tries to get your approximate maximum budget which actually you might be hiding inside your mind, secondly they tries to judge your level of knowledge about the product.
How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera : The To Do List
Fisrt point for  How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera is, know about the Digital camera and Digital Photography first. If your need to buy a camera is an emergency, buy an entry level point and shoot camera. You can start from our section on Digital Photography, most important basic articles are already published, we always keep the articles to up to date. It will meaningless to tell you, do not buy an entry level DSLR, think trice, unless you yourself can judge the points.
Second point is already said, always buy a Digital Camera from a physical shop. It is not like buying a grocery item, it is quite sensitive and it is a big pain to get the money back or to get a replacement if you have received a compromised or defective product. You are not so busy that you can not visit 5-6 bigger shops within a month to get an idea.
Third point is, find a proper forum of your country on Digital Photography, people usually gives the feedback of a seller. Sometimes there are extra freebies given by a particular dealer.
Forth point is, never appear to the sales person as a noob. You truth or lie is, you do have a camera, you are buying this for parents or partner. Take a Tablet PC if possible to quickly check any question using our old good Google Search. This is important to know the batch data of a model. The shops will always push older stock.
Fifth point is typically for the consumers from India, India has quite high GDP and people buys stuffs on debit card or cash, not using credit card. There is a good chance to get more headache if the full is paid on spot. Try to buy with Easy Monthly Installment Scheme (EMI) – most sellers makes EMI like an bigger legal procedure as the EMI has the basic advantage despite paying the extra bucks as interest – If your product becomes faulty due to their problem, simply ask the help of a Lawyer (or ask in any Law Forum), how to complain as a consumer and how to legally stop paying the EMI. The material (camera) and money is also within your control.
Sixth point is bargaining. Not everyone is efficient at bargaining. This point of negotiation is also not possible to do in an online shop. Also in this sixth point, it is good to take a friend or relative with you who has good knowledge about Photography.
Seventh and Final point is quite important. Always ask the sales person to bring a new box pack. Do never allow them to open. Take the box package and check for any possible manipulation mark indicating prior opening. The shops usually opens from the bottom of the box package. Make it sure. Check the date of manufacturing, that should not be more than of 2 months. If you have doubt with the appearance, you can check on your Tablet PC. Keep the biggest point in mind – the shop owner and the sales person has more interest to sell than you have to buy.
This is all about How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Colored Text with Syntax Highlighting Translucent Console for Windows

Colored Text with Syntax Highlighting Translucent Console for Windows. That means a Console that gives colorful text, works as SSH Client, Git Bash, do wget etc. Basically there is no meaning of working or thinking for Windows OS, it is better to use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or a Mac. Still those who are determined to use Windows and uses SSH/Telnet Client, Git Bash, needs many UNIX commands like wget, curl this odd titled article Colored Text with Syntax Highlighting Translucent Console for Windows will make them to feel the power of UNIX like OS.

Running Any PHP MySQL Based App on AppFog Cloud : Principle

Running Any on PHP MySQL Based App on AppFog Cloud is basically quite easy. Here is basic method to run any PHP MySQL Based App on AppFog Platform as a Service. First read the step by step guide to Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS. That is the building block.…

Enabling Apache mod_rewrite, Curl, SQLite etc. components on WAMP Server

Enabling Apache mod_rewrite, Curl, SQLite etc. components on WAMP Server makes almost all web softwares to run on your local computer. Here is a guide for it. There are most commonly missed things which creates a bit problem to a new user.

Rackspace Cloud Sites php.ini details, Apache 2, Modules Information

Rackspace Cloud Sites php.ini details, Apache 2, Modules Informationare sometimes needed to be known for installing certain CMS. Here is how to know it clearly. The method old but many are not aware of the full thing.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS : Step by Step Guide

Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS by following this easy Step by Step Guide to get your self hosted Free blog with 2 GB allocated RAM. Yes, all is free. We are taking that you are still using Windows PC and follow this guide to get started for the initial step to Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS. However, we will not use command line at all.

Please read more- Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS : Step by Step Guide

Virtual Private Cloud : Basics on VPC

Virtual Private Cloud or VPC is a cost effective solution to create a Private Cloud Computing environment on a Public Cloud. It can be created by the end user or served as a solution by various Cloud Computing Companies. For the newbies, the basic article on Private Cloud might be helpful before reading about Virtual Private Cloud. - read more

What is Virtual Private Cloud ?, Benefits of Virtual Private Cloud, Application of Virtual Private Cloud

Tips to save yourself from Domain Hijacking and DNS Hijacking

Domain Hijacking and DNS Hijacking are sophisticated thefts, former is changing the registration of a domain name and later is the deliberate alteration of DNS. These state of robbery of Domain Hijacking and DNS Hijacking quite obviously happens with medium to bigger well known websites. - read more

What is Domain Hijacking ?What is DNS Hijacking ?,
Tips to save yourself from Domain Hijacking and DNS Hijacking

Thursday, 20 September 2012

What is a Fixed Focus Lens ?

Fixed Focus Lens have a fixed focus, so they have a constant distance setting. In Digital Photography, Fixed Focus Lens almost always found in Mobile Cameras. In older days, Fixed Focus Lenshad a better position, because Fixed Focus Lens is now actually used to reduce the cost. - read more

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Installing WordPress on Windows PC using WAMP

Installing WordPress on Windows PC using WAMP has several advantages like using the command line tools if you use other softwares like Ruby for Windows. Previously we described other two ways to install WordPress. First is Installing WordPress on Windows PC using XAMPP, Second way is Installing WordPress on Windows PC using AMPPS. This the third and a bit advanced way for Installing WordPress on Windows PC. - read more
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Guide for Using AppFog from Windows PC using Command Line Tools

Guide for Using AppFog from Windows PC using Command Line Tools is intended for the users who are still using Windows PC and can not use shell commands easily. We wrote an introductory article on Free Cloud Computing Platform as a Service (PaaS) from AppFog. This is a getting started guide to use AppFog. - read more

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Data Security and Privacy for Digital Media

Data Security and Privacy for Digital Media is important as the digital world invading more and more into everyday life from banking to taking simple photos. Contacts all over the world through social networks are quite open to the devices like Android. However, this new way of life also has downsides.The issue of Data Security and Privacy for Digital Media as well as its control, now is more important.

Basics on Data Security and Privacy for Digital Media

The terms in the phrase Data Security and Privacy for Digital Media are fully technical and organizational measures are needed to prevent the combined unauthorized access, usage, deletion of data and information. Only authorized persons may have access to sensitive information and data. Integrity in Data Security and Privacy for Digital Media means ensuring the correctness of the information and data they need to be complete and unaltered.

Issues and Agenda for Data Security and Privacy for Digital Media

Organizational deficiencies indicate hazards arising due to faulty or inadequate planning. Processes, procedures, requests and other complexes act of daily life involve risks, vulnerabilities, and carelessness. Viruses by definition do not describe any independent routines whose only purpose is to cause harm to a host system to change towards the unacceptable. Not infrequently, viruses depend on the code of already existing codes in supposedly clean programs. This makes it difficult to detect.

As more and more attempts are made to protect data encryption is becoming increasingly important. An important component of Data Security and Privacy for Digital Media is firewalls. The implementation is different in many cases, as well as the structure of the firewalls.

Backup systems are used to secure existing data. This backup can allow for a data loss, the restoration of lost data. Even in the private sector is a need for Data Security and Privacy for Digital Media. It is not good if you think that a program can switch on your laptop’s camera without any indication and sends them as video to a remote server. In this way, Data Security and Privacy for Digital Media is not remaining only on the hard disk but becoming a matter of privacy and security concern of your bedroom.
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WordPress Heroku Blog as Facebook App : Updating the App

WordPress Heroku Blog as Facebook App when needs a complete re-installation or a fresh update, it open the problems with Heroku Cloud, simply follow this guide. We wrote the guide how to deploy WordPress Heroku Blog and create a Facebook App. Take that, the person has a Facebook App that is not WordPress. But the user wants make it WordPress Heroku Blog as Facebook App. The user will get the Free SSL of Facebook and Free Cloud Hosting of Heroku. This is where we will help you to do it yourself.
WordPress Heroku Blog as Facebook App : The Points which are taken as you already know

We are taking you are using Windows PC as it is probably most difficult to use command line tools of UNIX, you are using Heroku Toolbelt or ang Git Bash software.
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DIY RAID : Organize Multiple Physical Hard Drives

DIY RAID allows a higher data availability in case of failure of individual hard drives at cheap cost,as an practical implementation of Storage Virtualization. Previous we wrote the theoretical aspect of about RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Disks.
DIY RAID : Practical Aspects
For redundancy of your DIY RAID setup, at least two hard disks will be needed and at minimum one RAID 1 mirror will be needed. Apart from paid softwares, Linux LVM like software based RAID solution adds of flexibility to handle volumes. Physical cards are expensive but the real setup.
RAID 5 is most commonly used for various reasons. You have to define your need from your DIY RAID.
On Board board SATA RAID controllers in terms of stability are cheap substitutes and might put your data in a complicated situation. However full optimal setup for DIY RAID will actually will make the DIY Raid Project quite costly, indeed.
  • Hard drives
  • SATA cables
  • RAID controller (if are not satisfied with software based solution)
  • Housing
  • Cooling unit
  • Separate Power Backup Supply, if needed
The needed setup will be found on fully dedicated DIY Hardware enthusiast forums, there are many complicated steps anyone will face. SATA HDD RAID enclosures are available too from various brands with variable quality. If you already have one or two hard disks, for your DIY RAID project SATA HDD RAID enclosures can be very easy solution as practically you will need to simply insert the hard disks.
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WhatsApp for Android : Details of WhatsApp and Extra Addons

WhatsApp uses Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, which is an open-standard communications protocol for texting sharing photo, video and audio files. It is a kind of smaller version of Unified Communications , the protocol ad devices, usages are different. WhatsApp for Android is from WhatsApp and it is a proprietary software for the common mobile platforms.

WhatsApp for Android : Basics on WhatsApp

Before going to the topic of WhatsApp for Android, some basics on WhatsApp will probably give the users some idea of what they are using. Cisco Unified Communications Manager is an enterprise-class IP telephony call- processing system and really can not be compared with a small app server powered app. But it does have many security features which lacks on most mobile messaging softwares. With a VPN connection for the Android Tab, it becomes very nice for sharing photos, texting within the App. WhatsApp synchronizes with the phone contact, so to add the user a real phone number is needed. This is the only differentiating point with Skype. Within 10 months, using WhatsApp over ten billion messages has been sent per day. The newest version of WhatsApp sends messages in encrypted way not as texts. Depending upon the service provider WhatsApp, WhatsApp for Android can be blocked, the flexibility of Unified Communications can not felt. It is actually an Ad Free paid service, but is free for the first year and later charged one cent less than one dollar, annually. Do not share your passwords using WhatsApp or too much sensitive data, the VPN of your ISP is not yours, the communication server of WhatsApp is also not users. So basically 3 points needs to be passed.

WhatsApp for Android : The Apps

Apart from the only app, WhatsApp for Android has some extra Apps for enhancement. Download only from Google Play.

WhatsApp Messenger : The main app.Official App.

WhatsApp Wallpaper : The default mosaic like wallpaper can be change, it is official app.

Z – WhatsArt for WhatsApp : You can share drawing within the App.

Paint for Whatsapp : Works somewhat the above Addon.

Z – WhatsSound for WhatsApp : Helps to send sounds directly from WhatsApp.

SmileyDraw for WhatsApp : The name is self explanatory.

Help Whatsapp : Short introduction that you will help you to get WhatsApp using smoothly.

Kisses for WhatsApp : Do not blame us !

WhatsApp Statistics FREE : WhatsApp Statistics creates comprehensive and interesting statistics based on your usage.

WhatsApp Phrases : WhatsAppPhrases changes the default greeting message.

WhatsApp for Android is really a good solution if you want to have a conversation like Android Text messages, in conversation format without the charge of text messages.
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Diskless Node or Hybrid Client

Diskless Node or Hybrid Client is a computer without any working OS on HDD and uses operating system from server usually connected in the network for loading. Previously we discussed about Fat Client in Client Server Architecture, Thin Client and a guide on using Ubuntu with GUI on Rackspace Cloud Server as VNC Remote Desktop. - read more

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Ant Colony Optimization and Artificial Intelligence

Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) are algorithms inspired by the behavior of ants and defined mathematically, simulated and applied for combinatorial optimization. We mentioned about Ant Colony Optimization in DNA Computing and Modeling of Neurons, Artificial Immune System (AIS) and in the article on Mind, Theory of Mind and Computing. - read more

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How to search multimedia files in windows 7

It is of utmost importance to organize the media files in any computer. Otherwise, you will have all your favourite music, video files in your computer, but, cant find out in the right moment.
There are two ways of organizing your media files. First one is through player interface, making them arranged in Artist wise, Album wise manner.
Second way is to organize through Windows explorer interface. The main benefit of the second way is that, in case you have format and re-install Windows 7, you can back up easily by just copying the “Music, “Videos” folders.

I will guide you through the second way here.

change contributing artist windows, organize multimedia files windows 7, how to change contributing artist in windows 7

Best Android Apps – Fun and Games

Though games should not be among the Best Android Apps list, but they are actually apps!
Abduction! -Your friends have been abducted by aliens, and it’s up to you to save them!
Air Control – You are the air traffic controller helping the planes safely to ground.
Alchemy – You can create a Life, Beer, Vampires with five elements.
Amtalee – Addictive puzzle game
Angry Birds Season – Angry Bird, thats it. Also see our Angry Birds icon set.
Angry Birds Rio – Seems more nice.
Bebbled – Addictive Game.
Bubble Blast – 2000+ addictive levels !
CopyCat – Memory Test Game.
Diversion – Great 3D Game.
EVAC 3D – Great arcade game.
Floating Image – Images float across your screen from Picasa, Flickr, Facebook and your phone.
Game Dev Story – Work hard and you may reach the top of the video game industry!

How to change from windows live mail to yahoo mail

You can use your Windows Live Mail, which you can download free of cost from the official website, to check all your free accounts, without the need to open the page and login individually.
However, among these free email accounts, you can not reply from Free Yahoo! mail, you have to open the browser, go to the mail site ( , sign in, open inbox and reply (or compose). -Read more

How to set outgoing hotmail on androide

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Tips for Creating Inspiring Facebook Timeline

If you can not create any creative things yourself, probably it is better to hire a designer for a serious work. Here is short list of Tips for Creating Inspiring Facebook Timeline.
  • Getting an free opportunity to use a bigger banner like Facebook Timeline must be utilized.
  • As everyone says and saying since many years, the profile image, just like author profile must be either your candid portrait or the logo of your brand nicely post processed. It increases reliability.
  • The major problem of Facebook is, Ads on the right side and the old school blue colored navigation menu with Facebook white colored logo on left top. Both distracts the view. This is thoughtfully worked by Facebook to get more CTR. There is no padding within the bar and Facebook Timeline Profile.
  • If you use the same blue color (#3B5998) as your Timeline’s background, it will definitely draw the attention :
  • In case you are using #3B5998, there is no need to add the space, otherwise, add a transparent strip of about 10 pixel size or add the Facebook’s light background color.
  • For the first scenario, even just a white text will draw attraction.
  • For the second, that actually more will want, will give you a room to use colors and make it stand out.
  • The basic thing is all around the color composition of Facebook, because it is not white, it makes many colors unusable. To avoid this, you can use any color combination tool, use  #3B5998 as one color as simply its an undeniable graphical part of the webpage.
  • If you use your name or band name in a bigger font or as Strong Font Style, it will distract the visitor from looking the Facebook logo.
  • As usually, just like Photography, the points of attraction follows the age old golden rule of photography – “Centering every subject all the time is not very interesting. By using the Rule of Thirds, you can make your productions more appealing to watch. Divide your picture into thirds. Interesting elements of a picture should be placed on those lines or at their intersections.” (Greenwood, 2006)
  • Yes, the best thing is – your profile picture is actually in one of such point. Another points are -  Facebook Ads on the right side and the Facebook white colored logo on left top. Facebook deliberately has done it to follow  Rule of Thirds, so with adding a space on top and probably right hand side, makes the Facebook Timeline image a separate graphical element – visually.
  • I personally think, on the left side there should be the brand name or your name to override Facebook logo’s distraction.
  • Try to be minimalistic. Facebook users gets blind after viewing hundreds of Ads following all the rules to attract.
  • Composition is yours and should reflect your thoughts, use it as a brief introduction to the visitor.
  •  Refrain from changing your Profile photo too frequently, you can check, most successful bloggers are using quite older images.
  • There is an appropriate time of changing Facebook Timeline image if you want to attract in that way, its too individualized considering target audience, your work etc.
This ends the Tips for Creating Inspiring Facebook Timeline Profile Image. Some experts say, using a remarkable quote has special value as it reflects a personality. Pushing anything will fail if there is no real reason for attraction.
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Geocaching : What Geocaching is All About

Geocaching , also known as GPS scavenger hunt is a kind of electronic treasure hunt. Objects can be found with the help of a GPS receiver, like just a simple App. If you have limited idea about Global Positioning System or GPS, it is suggested to read our article on Global Positioning Systemto get the enjoyment of knowing about Geocaching.
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How to use Github as an User : Finding the Free Softwares

How to use Github as an User is often asked in comments by the users. Here is a very short guide on how to use Github as an user to use Open Source repositories. Almost all who develops Open Source Softwares uses GitHub as a free or paid repository. GitHub uses Git. - read more

Computer and Internet, Download Software

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How World Wide Web or WWW Works

World Wide Web or WWW or W3 is over the Internet retrievable system of electronic hypertext documents, through hyperlinks and about the HTTP or HTTPS protocols. To use the World Wide Web a Web browser needs ata from the Web server and fetches as screen display. The user can follow the links in the document that refer to other documents, whether they are stored on the same server or another. This results in a global network of websites. Tracking the hyperlink is often referred to as Internet surfing.
How World Wide Web or WWW Works
The WWW is in common usage, often synonymous with the Internet, although it is younger and only provides one of several possible uses of the Internet. There are other Internet services that are not integrated into the Web like IRC and telnet.  As said by  Tim Berners-Lee , the World Wide Web (W3) is a wide-area hypermedia information retrieval initiative aiming to give universal access to a large universe of documents.
World Wide Web is different from contemporary hypertext systems. World Wide Web requires only unidirectional links rather than bidirectional, making it possible to put a link to a resource without requiring intervention from its owner. Moreover, unlike other protocols, such as HyperCard or Gopher, World Wide Web is built in an way, which made ​​the development of servers and clients without the restrictions of licenses.
Operation of World Wide Web
The World Wide Web is based on three core standards, HTTP as a protocol by which the browser information from the web server may ask for, HTML as a document description language that defines how the information is structured and how the documents are linked ( hyperlinks ), URLs as a unique identifier of a resource in the links is used.
Other standards of World Wide Web (W3) were added later, like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to create the appearance of the elements of a website.
The World Wide Web / W3C and other initiatives are to drive the development, therefore, in the direction of XHTML / XML, and CSS forward to regain the advantages of HTML. The ongoing efforts by the accessibility of Internet sites support this trend.
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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

MacBook Note Widget for Windows PC

MacBook Note Widget for Windows PC is very nice looking Dock for Windows with function to write notes. This Elegant MacBook Note Widget will look great if you can use along with a good Wallpaper.

Infrared Data Association or IrDA

Infrared Data Association or IrDA defines a standard of wireless data transmission and reception though the technology which is based on light rays in the range of infrared spectrum. Infrared Data Association or IrDA was formed in 1993.
Basics on Infrared Data Association or IrDA
Infrared Data Association or IrDA standards support a wide range of electrical, computer and communications equipment, allowing bidirectional communication between two extremes at speeds ranging from 9600 bps to 4 Mbps. This technology was present in many laptops, mobile phones since 90s and early 2000s, especially in the devices from leading manufacturers such as Nokia and Ericsson, akthough they are still usually present but in usage has gradually replaced by technologies like wifi and bluetoth. VFIR has the theoretical speeds up to 16 Mbps.

Computer and Internet / Hardware / Cloud Computing  / Virtualization

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Transhumanism : Theory and Practice to Enhance Human Life

Transhumanism is much of a concept for intellectual movement that supports the use of new sciences and technologies to enhance the capabilities of human. Transhumanism not only targets to enhance normal mental and physical capabilities of a human or to correct the pathological condition of human being, such as pain, disease, aging or eventual death but also covers to enhance the new aspects which we never thought of, some of which has been reflected through Cyborg (suggested to read before continuing to read this article on Transhumanism).

Computer and Internet / Cloud Computing  / Virtualization

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Blog versus forum : Present versus history

Like Coke versus Pepsi, BMW versus Mercedes, another debate arising  now: Blog versus forum. We will discuss a brief history of both, present and possible future of both.
Blog : A shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies; “postings on a blog are usually in chronological order”. (Reference)
Forum : An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. (Reference)
Blog : The term “weblog” was coined by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997. The short form, “blog,” was coined by Peter Merholz, who jokingly broke the word weblog into the phrase we blog in the sidebar of his blog in April or May 1999. Shortly thereafter, Evan Williams at Pyra Labs used “blog” as both a noun and verb (“to blog,” meaning “to edit one’s weblog or to post to one’s weblog”) and devised the term “blogger” in connection with Pyra Labs’ Blogger product, leading to the popularization of the terms.
While the term “blog” was not coined until the late 1990s, the history of blogging starts with several digital precursors to it.
Forum: Forums perform a function similar to that of dial-up bulletin board systems and Usenet networks that were first created starting in the late 1970s. Early web-based forums date back as far as 1994, with the WIT project from W3 Consortium and starting from this time, many alternatives were created.
Justin Hall, recognized as one of the earliest pioneers in blog-like posting, first began publishing links from his Swarthmore College dorm room in 1994. He remembers the heady early days of online publishing, and notes that as entry barriers lessen, a new wave of microblogging is upon us. Thanks to blogs, zero technical know-how is required of today’s web publishers. All they need is an idea.
-By Jenna Wortham;
With both blogs and forums, users can post a comment and reply to other comments, thus developing discussions. In both cases, you can leave comments which may or may not be moderated and you may have to identify yourself with a name and email address.
In blogs post or the content is made by a single user, comments are minor part of it. It is more centralized, trusted individuals provide accounts of events and information.
In forums a discussion on a particular topic by allowing commenting of posts. Decentralized, needs other special group of users (Moderators, Administrators etc.) to control proper discipline.
(Adapted from Blogs vs Forums)
From Search engine optimization (SEO) point of view
Blog uses advanced technology which offers the writer to add various attributes, Trackback, RSS, Aggregation, Permalinking, Cross linking; whereas Forum uses typically relatively older technologies. Forum based on (basically) blogging platform, such as WordPress is used now, but not that popular.
From “getting information” point of view
To get a specific information; users generally searches the web by using a search engine and reaches either to a forum or a blog. However, to find  an information or to reach to a conclusion, user needs to waste much more time in a forum due to flooding of oneliner replies.
Blogs are more organized and informative. Infact, most of the popular website providing useful information to the users are blogs. Today, almost all know about Tutplus tutorials.
Social sites are killing forums
The necessity to communicate with like minded persons are now easily done via Facebook groups, Twitter or deviantArt (for artists, developers and users). Again, some of these social sites offers “blogs”, “notes”, “journals” etc.
When forum is more suitable for users
To solve a problem, users need a groups advice. Forums can serve the purpose easily. However, most of the bloggers are very active (though alone) and efficient, so this point blurs too.
Trend is rapidly shifting towards blog-reading and blog-writing. Almost all multi national companies (such as Google, Microsoft) involve employers to write blogs. More people are writing blog about the topic they know about. Definitely, it is creating a good source of information via internet, as a whole in a well organized manner.

WordPress and SEO , Blog versus forum

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Monday, 10 September 2012

What is a Cooperative Virtual Machine (CVP)

The concept of a Cooperative Virtual Machine  can be understood in this way – traditional virtualization solutions such as from VMware or Xen are unprivileged and therefore are under the complete control of the host system but in Cooperative Virtual Machine the core processes of both the operating systems independently run.
Advantage of this approach is to achieve a good performance with relatively less development time. The disadvantage is that, instabilities and vulnerabilities of the guest system to the host system. In case of crashes on traditional virtualization solution, from the host system it can be stopped and restarted. A Cooperative Virtual Machine can also crash the host system. Because of its deep integration in the host system Cooperative Virtual Machine run with administrator privileges and has also the probability of malicious softwares in the guest to get full access to the host system. - read more

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Friday, 7 September 2012

Elegant Blue Dock With Matching Icons : WinEight

Elegant Blue Dock With Matching Icons is very nice looking Dock for Windows with function to extend the shortcuts. Elegant Blue Dock With Matching Icons will look great if you can use along with the supplied Wallpaper.

To know more, please visit at: Elegant Blue Dock With Matching Icons : WinEight

Handy Guide to PuTTY : What is PuTTY ?

PuTTY is a client software for SSH, Telnet, rlogin and raw TCP and is free, comes with MIT license. Originally PuTTY was available only for Windows, is now available on several platforms, sometimes combined with SFTP softwares like WinSCP.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ubuntu with GUI on Rackspace Cloud Server as VNC Remote Desktop

Ubuntu with GUI on Rackspace Cloud Server as VNC Remote Desktop is a guide to install and work on powerful server with up to 48 GB of RAM and GUI from devices. Previously we published the preface to Linux Graphical Desktop on Rackspace Cloud, that article is quite important for the newbies. In this guide we will show you, how to Ubuntu with GUI on Rackspace Cloud Server as VNC Remote Desktop.

Linux Graphical Desktop on Rackspace Cloud : Preface

Linux Graphical Desktop on Rackspace Cloud needs some priming as most has very limited idea on VNC Remote Desktop and the tight integration with OpenCloud. Linux Graphical Desktop is a phrase used by common peoples, the right technical terminology is using a LXDE VNC desktop environment. In other word, you can actually use a fully functional Remote Computer via Internet Connection.

Desktop Virtualization with VMware View : Overview

Desktop virtualization generally describes the complete virtualization and relocation of the operating system in a data center. Thus the previously coherent system of hardware and software is divided and is shown separately. Only the image is displayed on the screen of thin clients or computer inputs from peripheral devices are forwarded to the data center for processing. This is achieved by different protocols of the various manufacturers.
The operating system, in this case, is represented by the virtualization software as it would run independently on a single physical machine. The virtualization software is the various hardware components, so that the operating system may appear to operate normally interact with the hardware. Thereby it is possible to execute the same number of virtual machines on a single physical machine.
Desktop virtualization for developed infrastructure systems are used to take the deployment and management of virtual desktops. They work with a variety of software and hardware components to deploy desktop virtualization.
Desktop virtualization is experiencing strong economic growth and is becoming more widespread in business. Analysts predict that the market for desktop virtualization in the business sector in the coming years is experiencing significant growth and more and more companies will use desktop virtualization.
Major competitors to VMware in desktop virtualization are Citrix and Microsoft. Other suppliers in the market with significantly lower market shares are still Oracle / Sun and Parallels.

Cooling Pad for Laptop : Chill your Machine

Cooling Pad for Laptop is an external external device for laptops. It helps in dissipation of heat emitted by the components of the machine due to intense load. For the desktops, there are several options for effective cooling like adding an additional cooling system for the processor, changing the cabinet etc. But for a laptop, the options to use cooling are practically limited. This problem is magnified when the laptop is used for prolonged period or high working load is given and can be solved by using a Cooling Pad for Laptop.

USB Micro Keyboard for Laptop as Replacement Keyboard

USB Micro Keyboard for Laptop can be a good option both for increasing the ergonomics or a cheaper Replacement Keyboard for non functioning Keyboard of Laptop. USB Micro Keyboard does not mean those Keyboard cum Leather Casing For Android Tablet we wrote about before, these have a full standard size USB connector.
USB Micro Keyboard for Laptop : Must Know Points Before Purchasing
One who uses a Mac / Macbook Pro knows very well, what is the difference between the tactile feel of Apple’s keyboard due to their good spacing, uniform flat size and surface of the keys and may be some quality factor. These points are important to understand as we will need a Keyboard that virtually can sit on your died keyboard of PC laptop. PC manufactures are well known for bad quality keyboards and can die / malfunction due to huge typing works, spillage of hot tea like me, etc.
Replacing a Laptop’s keyboard is not really very cheap option, especially if you are not within the warranty period or has violated the TOS. So, from the experiences of using a Mac’s keyboard we will find a USB micro keyboard that is cheap ($5 – $20) yet good.
USB Micro Keyboard for Laptop as Replacement Keyboard
You will find lot of USB Micro Keyboard those looks some what like Apple’s wireless keyboard but has an USB plug, they are mostly Chinese clones, you can guess the lack of quality control by unknown brands, but they actually solves the issue to find a perfect USB Micro Keyboard at cheaper price. You will find them in small computer parts selling shops, Ebay orAmazon. An advanced PC Laptop users must look for these points :
If you want to use the USB Micro Keyboard for Laptop as Replacement Keyboard, it must somehow sit on your Laptop’s keyboard – yes, they manufacturer them purposefully in an way so that you will find, it can actually sit !
USB Micro Keyboard for Laptop must have the Insert Key, Delete Key, Pause, Scroll and Home Keys. These are often not present from model to model. Insert Key is quite important if you use a Windows PC and use PuTTY like SSH/TelNet client. Probably due to the cloning process of designing of these USB Micro Keyboard, they forgets to add the Insert Key like Macs.
If you can not find a suitable USB Micro Keyboard for Laptop as Replacement Keyboard, but in a dangerous need, you can ask us, we on humanity can try to find one for you. I liked the Mac Keyboard clone at cheap rate after spilling a cup of tea over it.
Android, USB Micro Keyboard for Laptop

Monday, 3 September 2012

Example of Platform as a Service in Cloud Computing

Example of Platform as a Service in Cloud Computing can be Heroku Cloud which is Debian based platform supporting Ruby, Java, Node.js,Scala,Clojure, Python,PHP. Previously we published a detailed article on Platform as a Service (PaaS) and this article, Example of Platform as a Service in Cloud Computing can bridge the gap of theory and our practical guides on Heroko Cloud.

List of Open Source Wiki Softwares Based on PHP MySQL

Professional SEO Service

Professional SEO Service can leverage your website or can rip your wallet. It is not chance but various factors revolves for selecting Professional SEO Service. So here is a very detailed guideto help you to decide whether you will opt for a Professional SEO Service or only use Self SEO.

How to Use Any Web Font Within WordPress Posts With Inline CSS

You are probably aware that Google Fonts has big collection of free fonts. The process to load such fonts are known as WebFont loading. There are several ways to load external fonts, like using JavaScript, Ajax, traditional CSS. See this :

Desktop Virtualization with Oracle VirtualBox

Desktop Virtualization provides a complete work environment. Custom configured operating system of the guest systems are stored on the host systems. We wrote about Benefits of Desktop Virtualization for Business before. This is an overview of Desktop Virtualization with Oracle VirtualBox, this is not a guide but a theoretical approach.

Technical Details of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS is used in order for a fault in the mains to ensure the supply of electrical loads, provided it is for a short period. To differentiate, there is general replacement power supply (AEV) for higher requirements.

Emergency Power System (EPS)

Emergency Power System (EPS) is a bigger device which generates electricity to make networks independent and usually uses combustion engine and a generator. Previously we wrote about Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which is actually powered by battery and not for massive demand. The big box like metallic thing that you usually notice on the backyard of bigger offices, hospitals, shopping malls are actually these Emergency Power System (EPS).