Thursday, 13 June 2013

Open Source Pacemaker and Other Solutions : The Difficulties

Open Source Pacemaker and Other Solutions Has Difficulties neither from the developmental side nor from the users.The issue is the multinational companies. Open Source Pacemaker practically might be covered by my initiative for development and production of these components. But there are lot of issues, issues are not for being of inferior quality, indeed all production server runs on Open Source or fully Free Software Foundation’s GNU GPL labeled Linux operating system. Apple’s OS X is rarely used for consumer market by the service providers, UNIX derivatives like Free BSD, Open BSD are rarely used when compared with CentOS or Debian. With time Linux has been the standard, not anything less than UNIX; indeed more solid than UNIX if we consider some points. But, the situation is different in case of Open Source Pacemaker or other Hardwares or Softwares which are fully GNU GPL licensed and intended to used with Hardwares with Free Software components like the Firmware …

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