Friday, 17 May 2013

Dog Photography : Get Prepared!

Dog Photography is not that easy ! Let us start to discover the tricks to get photos worthy of your furry companion. Here we are finally at the first article on Dog Photography. Dog tends to be very fast and unpredictable, therefore we will need to make sure that our DSLR camera is ready to capture the moment even faster. First we need set the camera in Aperture Priority mode to have a complete control over the depth of field. Now, we raise the ISO, making sure that the shutter speed never drops (to the extent possible) under 1/2000s of a second, this is extremely important to freeze the scene and get the right sharpness of the subject. Do not use very high ISO (800-1600) not only for dog photography but for any photography, it is certainly more difficult to recover with a minimum of a noise due to high ISO and remember that the worst photograph that …
Digital Photography, easy, properly
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