Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tools for Using Dropbox Cloud for Web Hosting Easily

Tools for Using Dropbox Cloud will help you for using Dropbox Cloud Storage easily for Web Hosting serving HTML webpages with Javascript, CSS or Bootstrap LESS. Dropbox is a Freemium Cloud Storage and basically HTML pages should not get rendered on HTTP GET request on browser due to absence of POST header. But for some reasons, Dropbox actually makes the POST header for index.html webpage inside any folder which in turn inside the public folder. We in case of Rackspace Cloud Files, have shown you how to modify the header to render it as HTML webpage. Although, Cloud Files should not be compared with dropbox, it is Jungle Disk which can be compared with Dropbox.  Tools for Using Dropbox Cloud will basically make the process easy, that is what it is. In other words, our previous tutorials for creating various things on Dropbox can be made easier with the usage of  these Tools for Using Dropbox Cloud.

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