Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Control the speed of your Windows 7 computer’s fan speed and overheating

Control the speed manually:
It is possible that you want to control the speed of your fans for several reasons:
Cool your processor.
Reduce noise.
We must try to find the right balance for minimum noise and maximum cooling.
For this you can do it manually by opening your CPU and using the controller that is close to your fan. It will of course turn off your PC before handling.
Use Software: SpeedFan:
To remedy this there is a very useful software: SpeedFan . It allows the use of sensors available on your components to control directly from Windows. Its two functions: to know the temperature of the components and control the fan speed.
Once installed, you should see a window that displays the percentage left to the rotational speed of the fans and to the right temperature of various components like the CPU.
To change the speed, uncheck Automatic fan speed and change the percentage of good fan.
If you want to start at boot SpeedFan discretely, place a shortcut in the Startup folder located in the All Programs menu. For the software starts in the systray, click on Configure and then go to the Options tab and select the Start Minimized box.
If over heating remains, you might have to check or replace the fans or the casing itself.
To summarize:
You can adjust your fan manually or using software.
SpeedFan can control the speed and temperature of your components.
Do not get too low speed because the processor must remain at an acceptable temperature (otherwise it will reduce its life expectancy due to overheating).
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